Blogging To Make Money Online!

By | April 21, 2015

Blogging To Make Money Online!

Earning money from a blog is truly no ordinary outcome. Its very origins have shown the act of blogging to be more of a mere hobby than anything else.

Maybe that once was the case, because somehow, individuals over the world have managed to create millions of dollars in income from blogging alone. Think I’m over-exaggerating? It’s possible, but the straight forward fact is this:

Blogging to make an online income works!

Blogging To Make an Online Income

In this following post, I am going to share with you what it will take for you to begin earning yourself a modest income, just by starting up your own blog.

#1. Learning:

If there is any important attribute when it comes to tackling the art of blogging, it must be learning. Just like any business requires experience, so does this. The more you learn, the more you will come to understand the importance of focusing on a highly specific niche, gaining the proper traffic, and most importantly, the ability to create your own killer content.

#2. Patience:

If there is one big mistake when it comes to blogging, it must be, the act of giving up..Too many people believe that just because it’s the internet, making money from a blog, will either happen right away, or not at all. In-fact it’s the exact opposite. The lesson – Give your blog a minimum of 6 months to begin making you income and treat it like a business!

#3. Consistency:

One other very important attribute when it comes to blogging, and possibly over-looked, must be consistency. This likely follows #2 – Just because you aren’t reaping any of the short-term rewards should not compromise your effort over the long-term. As with any successful business owner, if you can stick to a consistent schedule, even if its part-time, you are creating a very viable income for yourself.

Blogging To Make Money Online

The Benefits Of Blogging For Business!

Blogging is important for a myriad of reasons. Not only for blogs either, but even those creating any kind of website. Blogging is in-fact, what gets you found on Google in the first place. It isn’t the actual creation of a new website that gets you found, but the creation of new, fresh, appealing content. 

How Making Money From a Blog Works:

Little do most know, making money with a blog is beyond possible and can be done in many ways. After having created your content, and getting successfully ranked in Google, it is time to focus on how you intend on making money.

Here are a few ways this is possible:

Method #1. Becoming an Amazon Affiliate – Get Started Here!

Essentially, there are two ways a consumer can begin making money with Amazon. While one requires selling physical products itself, the other only requires referring a specific product. Personally, I prefer the latter! Sure, the pay might be lower, but there are so many greater advantages to this if you can pull it off. As an Amazon Affiliate, you can simply use your website to make all the sales for you. Therefore, you don’t need to buy and ship inventory, or deal with all that hassle.

By becoming an Amazon Affiliate, and creating your own specific niche website, you can earn up to a 10% commission on each and every sale. Not only that, but as long as the visitor or consumer clicks on say a banner or link, you get a 10% commission on absolutely anything that they buy. Thus, you can only imagine how your Amazon commissions will pile up over-time and has respectively become one of the most popular methods of making money online with a blog!

Method #2. Google Adsense

While Google Adsense may add a nice little alternative to those who maybe have a blog, but don’t really understand how affiliate marketing works, is not something I would recommend to you. The reason will become clear and obvious after learning why – Drastically lower payouts! Unlike an Amazon affiliate, where you are getting properly compensated for every sale your website makes, here you are getting paid per click. Therefore, payouts greatly range, and tend to be much higher for the more dominant websites.

Alternatively, Google Adsense can be beneficial to websites who really need it. Example: Rotten Tomatoes, a website that reviews t.v. shows and movies uses a similar Google Adsense alternative as its primary way of monetizing its website. Nevertheless, this comes to show how important it is to pick a niche for your blog that will compensate you correctly!

Method #3. Any Affiliate Network – See My #1 Recommendation!

Referring to what was previously stated, using the proper affiliate network for your blog, can make all the difference. While some people will even use a combination of the three to try and maximize earnings, I find it more beneficial to really just focus on one. This way you can centralize your blogging efforts around one technique. In addition, the use of too many advertisements can really weaken your blog, even with Google rankings.

Furthermore, looking for an affiliate network is actually a lot easier than you may think. There are many in number, which offer high payouts, commissions, and even recurring monthly payouts, allowing for an ever-growing income.

Blogging Benefits Overview

To recap, blogging is beneficial for a number of reasons.

It helps websites rank successfully, which in-turn will allow you to reach and experience hundreds of daily new visitors everyday. But, is even more beneficial, as it allows individuals worldwide make an online income. Many wonder what the best way to make money from home or online is.

The answerBlogging! 

Your blog will not only last for a lifetime, but grow more and more in value. Overtime you will be seen as an authority figure in your niche, and as a result, will be able to capitalize on each and every visitor who visits your website.

For every new and repeated visitor, you can earn more money.

However, getting started as a blogger isn’t always easy. There are a few things required in place, before reaching success, like setting up your foundation, and creating new content. 

That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a top-notch way in helping you get started. The training will not only ease the process, but get you immersed in a community of many like-minded individuals who are now on their way to online success!

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