Bring The Bacon Home Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 26, 2015

Name: Bring The Bacon Home (BTBH Review)Bring The Bacon Home Scam Review BTBH 2015


Type: HYIP & Revenue Sharing

Price: $40 AdPacks

Rank: 27/100

What Is It?

Bring The Bacon Home (Or BTBH) is an an online marketing and advertising platform and system that’s supposed to help members advertise their online businesses or referral links. Essentially, they are an HYIP program (or High Yield Investment Program) that works by the cycling of newly and existing purchased Subscription Packs, claiming to be otherwise.

Thus, while Bring The Bacon Home claims to not be an investment type program, is probably due to legality issues.

For example, if the company claimed to only sell and cycle its Ad Packs, their operation would be completely illegal. Hence, they do not claim themselves to be an HYIP, or potential Ponzi scheme, which usually is the case with these types of cycler programs.

Instead, they are simply meneuvering or going its way around the law for its own profit!

As a result, what you’re really purchasing in this scenario, is the chance to promote your own business, and not the income-earning opportunity it really is.

As is claimed: “Earnings are just a bonus to our valued members.”

Therefore, becoming a member of Bring The Bacon Home, should be considered a highly risky venture.

How Bring The Bacon Home Works?

After becoming a member, you would need to purchase a number of SubscriptiBring The Bacon Home Scam Review BTBH 2015on Packs (or adpacks) that cost $40 each. For each Subscription Pack, you get 12 Positions into the cycler, and a $4 Upfront Referral Bonus, for each referred individual.

Therefore, it is highly ironic for Bring The Bacon Home to claim it is not an investment program, when literally, that’s exactly what it is!

Nevertheless, your Bring The Bacon downline goes 2 levels down and are paid accordingly:

1st Level – $2.80

2nd Level – $1.20

What this means is for every directly referred person gains you $2.80 and for every person that person refers will gain you $1.20.

You can choose from any one of the following payment processors to make a withdrawal:

Perfect Money, Payza, Solid Trust Pay (STP), Payeer.

Bring The Bacon Home Products & Advertising

When purchasing your Subscription Packs, you are really purchasing Ad Credits to advertise your online business or referral link with. Every $40 Subscription Pack gives you 1800 Ad Credits, which is the same as 1800 potential views to your website.

Bring The Bacon Home Income & Earnings

The cycling speed is furthermore, highly volatile and varies on the number of sales being made. Thus, this is not fixiated in anyway. Total number of cycling positions you can buy are up to 25 subscriptions in total.


The main disadvantages of trying to earn an income with Bring The Bacon Home is the fact you are literally gambling your money. You really have no idea when the system might go out of business. It could be in a month from now, or right away.

Thing is, because of the volatile nature involved within this type of business, NOTHING is guaranteed.

I am almost always extremely skeptical with these types of online marketing methods and have personally been scammed by a number of these guys. They have undoubtedly taken a toll in the internet marketing world and yet, are still pursuading individuals to be highly legitimate.

I have therefore, written this review to simply warn and inform you of the risks involved.

For example, take a look at these reviews to get a better understanding and see the comments placed by real individuals.. Many of whom genuinely thought that these businesses were at first legitimate, only to see themselves scammed in the end:

#1 – Lets Have Cash

#2 – Automatic Mobile Cash

#3 – AdHitProfits

And that’s not all!

Every one of these products work exactly the same as Bring The Bacon Home, so if these products once worked, only to go out of business by the end, I don’t see why this product should even be an exception to the rule. Moreover, if you are genuinely interested in using this product to put your business’ name out there I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Although, the cost to advertise in this situation.. is really high!Bring The Bacon Home Scam Review BTBH 2015

In addition, it’s important to be aware, that all of your earnings brought to you by Bring The Bacon Home greatly depend on how many Subscription Packs you intend on purchasing. In my personal experience, you will need as many as possible, to earn even slightly enough to be anywhere near satisfied with your earnings.

At the end of the day, it really isn’t worth it!

Bring The Bacon Home Overview

I hope this review has helped you in deciding whether Bring The Bacon Home is right for you or not and better insight as to how it works, and what it should be used for. I hope other consumer reviews on this website will inform you even more of this companies potential legitimacy.

Furthermore, if you are genuinely interested in earning money online, and becoming a legitimate online marketer, I highly recommend visiting My #1 Product Review!

To conclude, fact remains, that yes you can make money with Bring The Bacon Home. Is it reliable? No.. Is it ethical? Not so much! Reason being, all these earnings are coming from and being produce by individuals, as similar to yourself. This immediately proves it to be operating on the foundation of a Ponzi scheme. You can bet that if this company was not selling “Advertising,” they would not be in operation.

As a result, it is borderline legitimate, but leaning more towards being a scam that can go out of business at any moment, or even drastically reduce or minimize the amount of profit you’re currently are used to!

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