Brooks Blueprint Review – Why It’s a Binary Trading Scam!

By | October 5, 2016

When you go with a binary option, most forms of investments include thBrooks Blueprint Scam Reviewe purchasing of an asset and the value of the profit and loss is solely grounded on the changing value of that asset. These assets mainly include stocks, indices, currencies and commodities like gold, silver etc.

If the investor sells the asset after purchasing when its value increases in the market, then they’re making profit. However, money is lost when they sell the asset back to the market during when market value is low.

Certain investments involve a lot of stress as investors are constantly worried about the market value of their assets. At times, they also end up losing every penny they have due to the market’s volatility and incorrect forecasts that are made at times.

Many sites offer trading platforms and some even promise controlled risk, big profits if you guess right, low costs and ease of use. You can easily trade from the comfort of your home by setting up an account using your credit card.

Some sites also provide you with free signals, in the form of a market analysis done by experts. For instance, what currency is most likely to rise in next few hours or days and which ones can drain your account if you buy them, because their value is most likely to deteriorate.

These signals are mostly quite accurate. Some websites operate on an automated system where trading is done by the system on behalf of the investors. They make claims regarding guaranteed profits, negligible loss or no loss at all; all you need to do is deposit money and enjoy profits even if you don’t know a thing about trading. Sounds good, but it’s almost impossible. They’re nothing more than spammers who only know how to put a drain on your cash flow without giving you anything in return.

Let’s have a look at a similar binary trading scam named


Too Good to be True

If you haven’t seen one yet then it may be difficult to tell when you get targeted by a spam email or come across a video associated with, where you can see Steven Brooks in a luxury car claiming that he is a multi-millionaire. He says being the owner of Brooks Blueprint Company, he is living the life he’s always dreamed of, and that it’s a company that allegedly developed an automated software with simply ‘No loss trade’. He persuades you by revealing his anger towards how unfair the economy is and disclosing his desire that he wants everyone to make money, even promising that you can earn nearly $148,216 every week!

During this presentation, he further adds that Brooks Blueprint has the ability to scan financial data worth billions of bytes from around the world and uses trader sentiment, corporate information, historical data, news items and other factors for 100% accuracy in analysis. He also goes as far as to promise that you’ll get the best possible opportunities as the program has never lost a single trade!

The biggest lie here is that no company exists under the Brookes Blueprint name! Look it up on Google and you’ll only find scam reviews all over the first three pages. No matter how hard you search, you won’t find any licensed or registered company under that name. Steven Brooks is also a paid actor trying to promote the scam and other supporting characters in the video are also actors; this is no binary option video. You may also find some of them promoting other online scammers like ‘Mark Doherty’ on Vimeo.

Additionally, if you’ve been into trading, you know very well that there is no such thing as earning millions overnight with an automated robot that works on your behalf. It’s completely misleading information and a plain lie at best.


Brooks Blueprint Shamelessly Tries to Hook Everyone

The Brookes Blueprint software is smartly represented by Mr. Brooks who owns the company apparently. While explaining how the binary trading software works, he uses a simple analogy that is highly relatable. He says he doesn’t know how his smartphone works but he can still make calls through it. That was a pretty neat way to ignore a significant issue and get people believing that whatever he is offering, will make them tonnes of money even if they don’t understand the basic fundamentals.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that any genuine binary trading system that’s worth investing in, will thoroughly explain how it works, using facts and figures grounded on historical performance. Brookes explains that the program analyses historic trends in great detail while monitoring live trades, yet infallibly wins every single time! Putting all this into qualitative context is nothing more than a vague claim.

This is clearly impossible as it cannot be done easily. The biggest investment and trading companies around the world invest millions of dollar a year to improve their software’s accuracy by a mere 0.1% accuracy. How can the Blueprint Brookes Company, who doesn’t present even a single solid piece of evidence, even say that it exists and can do so otherwise?

Although Mr Brookes sounded genuinely concerned and put up a pretty good act when venting his anger associated with the economy, you won’t make any money after investing in Brookes Blueprint.

Here are some other red flags that you’ll notice while using the system;

In the FAQs section, they mentioned that existing users are earning anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 per week. If we divide it down to a daily amount, that’s around $7000 – $28,000 each day. This is a blatant lie as no binary option software makes that much money for you, especially when you are only depositing $250.

They also show that Brooks Blueprint was featured on a number of websites. However, after looking it up on any well known search engine, you’ll know that’s also another lie.


Added Brooks BluePrint Bonus Traps & Tricks!

If you make your way up to the member’s area, you can notice a casual remark offering a special bonus to those who take instant action or instantly feed them with deposits. They intentionally didn’t disclose any vital details that investors must know about those features, so you can’t make any claims later that you were misinformed.

Bonuses are provided by almost all firms but these offerings have certain conditions; i.e. traders are required to trade high volumes before having access to bonus withdrawals and this option is mostly for experienced traders, because beginners are not able to fulfill the basic requirements.


So, Should You Forego This Chance to Become a Millionaire?

If you look closely, you can see nothing but hot air and smoke coming from this scam artist (Steve Brooks). While using the software, you’ll see no transparency, zero professionalism and you won’t have any real proof of winning trades from an actual trader’s trading account history. The customer support staff though is really friendly and responsive, and all your questions will be answered regarding funding accounts, but you may not see any of them when it comes to cashing out your winnings.

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