BuxP.org Review: Are There Better Alternatives Out There?

By | January 14, 2016

Name: BuxPBuxP Review

Website: www.buxp.org


Price: Free to Join

Rank: 70/100 – Legit.

What Is It?

Buxp.org is a website where you can get paid to complete tasks, offers, and even for simply clicking ads. They’ve been around since 2008 and is very similar to other well-known PTC sites like Clixsense and Neobux. Within BuxP you can decide to begin earning by viewing ads or by becoming an advertiser and begin promoting your various offers.

BUXP Tutorial

In addition, they offer a fairly attractive compensation plan for getting referrals into the program. BuxP is nevertheless a legitimate paid to click website that can pay you to complete fairly simple tasks.. Question is, is this the best way to begin earning online? That’s what we’ll try to answer in the following review.

Website Advertisements

There are essentially 7 different ways in which you can begin to earn with BuxP.org. The first one is by browsing website ads. Within this section you will find tons of ads to begin clicking on. Each ad has a 10 to 30 second timer and requires you to input a captcha.

Once you’ve completed that task a very small amount of money gets added to your account (usually only $.001). For this reason, viewing advertisements within BuxP is usually something I don’t recommend wasting any time on. The most you can earn doing this is probably $5 to $10 a month.

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Video Offers

The second way you can begin earning is by browsing the video ads. Again, it doesn’t pay out very much, but if you don’t mind browsing through online videos, it can be a good way to earn a few extra bucks in your spare time. This can actually be a great option on the other hand, for those looking to advertise within the BuxP network, especially if you’re trying to build up your own established YouTube channel. If you take a look at the video below for example, you’ll see it has almost 100,000 views and nearly 500 likes. This can be a good chance for you to make a video go viral!

Dear Mom by Michael Medoway and Dean Chapman - Foot Locker x Asics Real Lives. Real Runners. Browse Tasks

This is probably the more preferable option to earning some kind of money with BuxP. The reason being that the payouts here are much higher than that of viewing both video and website advertisements. This is also the “Get Paid To” section of the website, where basically you’re getting paid to complete certain tasks. Tasks here can range anywhere from $.01 to $1.00 and are usually simple to complete. They could consist of you sharing your opinion, visiting a forum, submitting your e-mail address, or liking a Facebook page. If I were to try and make money with BuxP, it would be by focusing my time in this section of the site.


Browse Offer Wall

Another way you can earn money with BuxP is by viewing the offer wall. This offer wall consists of bigger more well-known companies where you might be asked to enter in your e-mail to enter a sweepstakes. Sometimes it’ll be to complete or fill-out a small survey.

BUXP Review

I personally don’t recommend wasting any time in this section because most of these companies end up asking you for all this personal information. Last thing you want is to begin receiving all these offers in your e-mail and things being sent to your home mailing address. It’s definitely not worth the small payout in my opinion!

BuxP Affiliate Program

Now this is probably my favorite part about BuxP and the area which I think you should most-definitely spend all your time on. The BuxP.org affiliate program allows you to earn by simply referring new members into the program. By doing so you can earn a commission and even passive income by the purchases and actions that they take.

For example, if someone upgrades to a premium BuxP membership, you earn a commission. If someone completes a task or views an ad, you also make a commission. So imagine even just referring a few individuals who like to advertise within the network. This can earn you a nice passive income.

If you’re a premium member you earn 7.5% in commissions and only 2.5% commissions for standard members. Something to note here is given that BuxP is a PTC and GTP website, the commissions here are much smaller than a lot of other better affiliate programs out there.

Traffic Exchange Ads

Last way to make money with BuxP is through the traffic exchange. However, there really isn’t a whole lot of activity going on here and I wouldn’t recommend using BuxP for this purpose. If you were to use this, I should also note you won’t be earning any money, but BuxP credits you can use in exchange to promote your own offers.

BuxP.org Overview: Is It Legit?

BuxP as you can see, provides a wide variety of methods to make money online. The biggest problem when it comes to sites like BuxP, Clixsense, or Neobux is the fact that these payouts tend to be very small. In most cases, clicking and viewing on these ads aren’t really worth your time. Your time could be much better spent working on obtaining your own direct referrals and/or advertising your own offers within the network.

I am personally not a fan of PTC’s and GPT’s. I never usually see any big money earners so-to-speak within these programs, despite the fact that there are a few. Those who earn the most tend to get referrals everyday within these networks. On the other hand, the retention rate with these programs is so low that it might not even be worth your time. Instead, the best thing you can to do to begin making money online is to find other more profitable affiliate networks. PTC’s have never been all that great and are really more beneficial to individuals looking to promote and advertise their various offers.




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