BZTraffic Review: Is It The Right Opportunity?

By | October 30, 2015

Name: BZTrafficBZTraffic Scam Review
Type: Revenue Sharing and PTC
Price: Varies
Rank: 50/100

What Is It?

BZTraffic is a revenue sharing product, which I feel is much more oriented towards advertising than other similar products. The reason being is because it is more than just a revenue sharing service, but one that also offers PTC advertisements. The main attraction here however isn’t so much the advertising as it is the revenue sharing. It’s the advertising service that only makes this revenue sharing service legitimate in the first place.

With BZTraffic you can do more than just become a member but advertise your offers to other members through a variety of methods. In return for buying adpacks, you even get the added bonus of earning back what you spent with some added profit. Nonetheless, I found its compensation structure to be much more confusing than most other revenue sharing platforms, which is probably due to its multi-tiered affiliate structure. While this is an added bonus to those who are great at referring new members, it doesn’t necessarily mean that BZTraffic is a good marketing platform to get started with.

As nice as it is to be earning additional revenue on top of your own investment, it doesn’t always work out that way. I’ve found that within these types of opportunities there are plenty of risks involved.

How Much Is It?

But, before going over the kind of risks that are inevitable in this kind of opportunity, let me go over the various memberships and the pro’s and con’s of each.

BZTraffic Scam Review

The first membership is what they’ve titled as “Free,” even though you’re really required to pay $1 per each adpack you buy. Now this can be beneficial for those just getting started with BZTraffic as it will allow you to test out the product. The downside to this is how insanely low the return on investment is. With a 110% maturity, you’re looking at making only $1.10 back!

We then have the Starter and BZ Basic, which both have the same 130% return on investment (much better than the first “Free” option). Last but not least, we have the BZ Pro, which despite being the best deal of them all (with its 150% ROI) is as you will see, the most riskiest option.

Now lets go over the difference between the Starter and BZ Basic membership. They’re actually very similar and I’m not sure why they created them so equally and I’m not sure the large price difference can justify buying the BZ Basic over the starter. Basically the only difference here is you’re being given an additional $15 adpack. The difference in price is $12 monthly vs. $25 monthly, so you’re saving about $3 here. The only problem here is that they don’t even tell you the maturity of this additional matrix position.

Referral Compensation Structure

Here’s where things may get a little confusing, but BZTraffic really stands out from the revenue sharing crowd by offering this large company forced matrix. Rather than just earning from one referral you may have sponsored, you have the opportunity to earn down 21 levels deep. But this will vary according to your membership status.

It’s not surprising to see that Free members only earn down 1 level, whereas a starter or BZ Basic member earn down up to 8 levels. The BZ Pro members will earn down 21 levels. Overall, how well you do in regards to your referral compensation really depends on how many people you can consistently recruit into the program.

BZTraffic Scam Review

Now my biggest problem with BZTraffic’s compensation structure and probably the biggest problem of the opportunity as a whole is how insanely low their commission percentage is. There’s a point after you’ve reached the 5th level, you begin qualifying for 1% commissions. This makes me wonder just how worth it would be to actually put all that work into recruiting new people into the program. I understand it’s great for the sustainability of the program, but not so much for the individual.

It’s no wonder that even with 4,096 newly recruited paying members, you would only qualify for $2,867.20. In other words, your time could be much better spent elsewhere!

What’s The Risk?

Now let’s go over the risk of revenue sharing and what you stand to gain and/or possibly lose as a BZTraffic member. First off, it’s called “revenue sharing” for a reason. The way money is being made in this situation is simply by its newly paid members who are making new deposits. That is why there is potential profit to be made with each adpack. Note how I said how potential though.

Nothing is guaranteed in these situations. If for some reason, BZTraffic begins to lose members or isn’t receiving as many deposits as it once was, than the whole program will collapse.. Along with your earnings. This has happened to me many times within the revenue sharing industry and is specifically why I don’t use them anymore.

As a result, not only could you lose your whole investment, but all the hard work you may have put in to recruiting new individuals might as well all just go to waste. In addition, with BZTraffic I’ll tell you right now, that in order to make anything profitable you’ll need a large investment. Those $1 adpacks simply aren’t going to cut it. As nice as it is to earn money through some simple investing it truly remains to be one of the biggest risk-taking online opportunities.

Nonetheless, the program does seem to excel a bit with its incentivized 21 level forced matrix, hopefully allowing for a more consistent growth in the program.

Now in regards to its advertising, it’s probably the most ineffective form of advertising you can get. Just by taking a quick look at its ad page, it’s nothing more than a load of listed text ads with no images. The incentive for clicking on each one is only $.0005. I guess it’s a good thing that members are actually required to view 5 ads per day in order to qualify for adpack earnings!


– Opportunity to earn online
– 21 Level forced matrix
– Cheap $1 adpacks


– Earnings not guaranteed
– PayPal not accepted
– Advertising is ineffective
– Referral commissions are very low
– Too risky/Might not last

BZTraffic Overview

To conclude, I don’t find that the pro’s outweigh the con’s in this scenario. Despite giving you the opportunity to earn your first buck or two online, it just might not last very long.

Worst case scenario is you can lose your entire investment.. Or, the earnings become too low or too volatile. BZTraffic simply isn’t the kind of program that is made to last online, because too much of it depends heavily on how well the program grows in the future.

So far, I’ve found that even the total payouts is surprisingly very low (only $2,877 with 6,000 users) for a revenue sharing program. Despite the low earnings, it’s still a little too early to tell how well the program will perform and if it will last or not.

In my opinion, BZTraffic is just one more risky revenue sharing program to add to the mix!

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