Can Magic Submitter Hurt Your Website?

By | June 28, 2016

Before we kick off  we don’t consider the Magic Submitter Tool aMagic Submitters spam. We believe it’s a legitimate tool and there are several companies taking advantage of it.

What we do want to bring to your attention are the dangers that come with its usage. For example, backlinking will see your  rankings nose-diving on search engines.

Content should not be spinned and the marketing strategies should be based on organic content. Let’s have a detailed look at what Magic Submitter does and the problems associated with it.


What is Magic Submitter

It’s a software that generates backlinks for your content and propagates it throughout the web on various platforms. The links will then lead back to your website and thus, technically speaking, you get higher rankings on search engines. In comparison to other tools, Magic Submitter is known to be more effective, though it’s worth taking a deeper look into how it works at its core.


The Problem

Granted that Magic Submitter comes with a plethora of tools and perks, the fact remains: backlinking is not something that search engines consider organic. There are a lot of SEO tactics like the Black Hat SEO tactic, and if combined with backlinking, is not a good long term strategy at all.

You might get a big bump in ratings in your website traffic and you’ll give sites like Magic Submitter a good review for sure, but after a while, you will see your rankings sink. That’s because search engines have specific algorithms to weed out such tactics, in fact, they are programmed to eliminate  such tactics altogether.

Backlinking is not always bad though, and it depends on how you use it to your advantage. For example, if you’ve made something yourself, a video or an article, and it’s linking back to your website, it’s considered “legit” by search engines; they consider it organic content and push it up the index. However, tools like Magic Submitter spam your articles or videos all over the Internet while interlinking them with your website; this is when you’re swimming in dangerous waters.

No matter how smart Magic Submitter is, the technology behind it can’t efficiently interlink your content with relevant websites on the Internet. Search engines are designed to filter out irrelevant links, break them up and then tag sites as ‘undesirable’ where need be. So while you see traffic levels rising impressively for a few days, it backfires in a week or so at the most. This kind of gamble is not recommended at all. Penalties and restrictions from search engines are very real problems and can see your website getting banned for good; don’t wait around to find out if you’re getting busted .

Ever heard of the term Google Slap? This is when Google catches the ‘Internet rebels’ and downgrades their rankings or downright restrict their sites altogether. You must be wondering how we live in a free world, we have rights and everything, but the fact is, when we use Google, we use it on their terms only. Marketing strategies require early investments, and in most cases, the return comes after a certain timeframe. If you’ve got a similar plan in place, then Magic Submitter is not the tool for you.

Often people come to know of the Magic Submitter platform through a program called “OMG Machines”. However, success rates haven’t been very impressive; scores of SEO data generated from the OMG machine application were not great and that’s because they use the same methodology as Magic Submitter.

Similarly, another program known as Bring The Fresh also uses the same SEO tactics. You ought to know that Magic Submitter isn’t a revolutionary SEO development tool. On the contrary, it’s an obsolete one because the same tactics have been used by many different softwares dating back to 2012 and earlier.

Times have changed and search engines have really evolved. That’s a good thing because search engines are filtering out relevant and organic material so that the sites who have worked hard to optimize themselves accordingly enjoy higher rating. You don’t need fancy gimmicks to get on the Internet map anymore; search engines do that for you if you are clicking the right buttons.


Features of Magic Submitter

Let’s take a look into Magic Submitter features so that our readers can make their decision with full knowledge. This tool offers to create more than hundred accounts automatically, it also verifies these accounts. It can spin your content so that it becomes original, whether the spinned version has good quality is still a question mark.

Your content will be sent to more than 2000 websites all over the internet, your links will get pinged and bookmarked as well. They claim that you’ll get thousands of backlinks as marketing scheduling will be automatic and active round the clock. Magic Submitter offers professional reporting for the customers of its clients. They claim that no matter what your needs are they will be fulfilled.


Cost, Payment Method And Guarantee

Magic Submitter offers you all the above mentioned services along with a software suite, monthly updates, live coaching, access to their online marketing training vault and a support desk in $4.95 dollars the first month as a trial and $67 dollars each month after that.

According to their policy they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results in 30 days. They also offer an early bird discount of $330 if you go for an annual membership. You can pay the fees online through Mastercard, visa, discover or amex. They use the 2checkout portal for their payment.


Pros and Cons of Magic Submitter and Backlinking:

We’ve associated the two because Magic Submitter aggressively uses backlinking and black hat SEO tactics. Using it initially may result in instant gratification but that’s about it. You won’t get to enjoy it for long.. The decline is inevitable and down the road, you are more likely to get restricted or worse yet, penalized by Google. Spammy backlinks are the remnant of the past and they do not hold the same value as they did a few years before.

Pros of Magic Submitter Cons of Magic Submitter
Short term success Long term dangers of downgraded rankings
You’ll have access to hundreds of tools Irrelevant and spammy backlinking might cause penalties and restrictions by Google


Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is considered to be an aggressive search engine optimization tactic and the Internet is plagued with it. The idea revolves around getting more hits and outreach through manipulating search engine rules. These tactics are deployed without tying  actual people into the equation.

White Hat SEO” is the opposite of this terminology and it has more long term advantages than its distant cousin. Search engines, for example Google, has a set of algorithms attached to servers, therefore, it catalogues everything. This means once you break a rule, you’ll get indexed and trust dissipates, permanently.

People often buy tools like Magic Submitter to do the optimization for them. It promises you lots of traffic and you get it too, but is that traffic relevant in the long run? We don’t think Google is doing anything wrong in terms of putting certain restrictions, because people using their search engine require relevant results.

Companies that offer SEO through shady tactics are not going to survive for long; as this is a rather short-sighted business focusing on immediate gratification, rather than real and tangible long-term benefits, one that generates recurring customers.



We want to clarify again that we haven’t labelled Magic Submitter as a scam. Instead, we have explained how their methods simply do not pay off in the long run. We want our readers to use tactics which will give them business satisfaction in the long haul, rather than getting a rude awakening one day that their website has been taken off Google’s index. This is precisely why we believe using Magic Submitter is a bad idea.


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