Can You Become An Affiliate Marketer Without a Blog?

By | November 17, 2016

Building Trust As An AffiliateAffiliate Marketing Without a Blog

What’s the difference between affiliate marketing and blogging, and can you become one without the other? That’s the topic in focus today as I have been blogging for as long as I can remember.

At the same time, I’ve also earned money through these blogs with affiliate marketing. But can you become an affiliate marketer (without having to blog)? While you most-certainly can, it’s much harder to accomplish.

Building trust and a reputation online is at the core of affiliate marketing. It’s true that there are methods such as Pay-Per-Click and others that allow you to pay for traffic and promote advertisements and offers, but this not only costs money, but requires testing. In addition, you also either need a website or landing page so having a blog makes sense.


Why Blogging Makes Sense

In my opinion, blogging makes sense because the long-term rewards result in so much more than just trying to make a quick buck. Instead you are building raport online, as well as an audience in your niche who trusts you. The benefits are a two-way street.. You help them and in return you earn money from products you love and recommend.

At the same time, you’re also working on building up your social media channels and e-mail lists, which can become increasingly advantageous. It allows you to better inform your audience, resulting in more sales as an affiliate down the road.

Think of affiliate marketing as a way to support your blogging hobby, which many of the times can result on you relying it as your full-time income. I’ve seen many people become so interested in affiliate marketing but get turned off by having to blog.

They love the idea of making a passive income by helping others, but either don’t know where to start or simply don’t want to. My thoughts on that subject is that you either need to really love writing. Otherwise, it’s probably not meant to be.


The Love For Blogging!

Starting an amazon businessOn the other hand, I’ve seen so many individuals who become so interested in affiliate marketing that they’ll start a blog anyway and really find themselves growing into it. There is something that is just so rewarding of being able to help thousands of people visiting your site.

There is no better feeling than waking up to 10+ comments knowing that you’ve helped someone in some way. That is the power of having a blog, which tends to result into greater trust and an increase in affiliate commissions.

It’s no wonder that affiliate programs have become so prevalent in our day and age and is likely one of the major attributes that’s allowed sites like Amazon become one of the largest online global retailers. It’s because of affiliates like ourselves who enjoy using Amazon as a third-party affiliate and love being able to refer your traffic to product you absolutely love and enjoy.

While you can also become a blogger and not become an affiliate of any network, it doesn’t make any sense. After all, we as bloggers tend to put our heart, sweat, and tears in making content and a website people will love.

A lot goes on behind the scenes and it’s true that it’s similar to running a business in a way. But it’s also more important to look at it as a way of helping people with information that is useful, detailed, and as accurate as possible.


So back to our question.. Is blogging necessary to become an affiliate?

While the answer is still no, it is not necessary, it certainly is the most beneficial and the easiest way to start. It’s a learning process you might just grow into and love, but is also one that takes plenty of commitment. Any other way of trying to become an affiliate tends to result in very short-lasting success.

But there are most certainly other ways and one of the most effective alternatives is by being a fairly dominant figure on social media with a large following. No matter how you view it, you need traffic to become both a successful affiliate and blogger, which makes blogging very effective.

More importantly, it’s being able to help people through your words and information that makes it so effective. We go online for two things.. It’s either to communicate with others or to get in our daily dose of content. Whether that content be through media, videos, images, or writing, that’s what we as bloggers (and vloggers) are here for. That’s why Google and YouTube are one of the two most effective channels for bloggers and marketers today.


Have any questions about becoming a blogger or affiliate market? Please leave your comments down below!

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