Can You Really Get Paid To Watch Movies? Here’s My Review!

By | March 18, 2015

Name: Paid To Watch MoviesGet Paid To Watch Movies 2015


Type: GPT (“Get Paid To..”)

Rank: Scam Or Legit?

What Is Paid To Watch Movies?

Besides having learned of 3 great methods of learning how to get paid for watching videos and movies, which I will share with you in just a moment, I would like to first cover a new source, titled In doing so I’d like to point out some of its benefits, as well as misconceptions, and other drawbacks. Nevertheless, by sticking around to the end of this review, you may just learn quite a few new cool tricks to begin earning yourself extra pocket money!

Paid To Watch Movies is a newly released Clickbank product being heavily promoted by affiliates for a commission.

The purpose of this following review is to give you a better, more honest, comprehensive review of how this method of earning works, as well as its legitimacy.

Paid To Watch Movies furthermore, seems to be a popular growing way for online users to begin making an extra income, but whether or not this idea actually works has been put into question.

As a result of todays vastly growing online marketing world, we must therefore, be cautiously aware of any accidental run-ins we may have with product creators who may be attempting to exploit this target market for profit.

How It Works?

As shown in the summary above, Paid To Watch Movies is a type of GPT, or “Get Paid To” do a certain task, and are usually very simple in nature.. In other words, GPT is almost exactly like a PTC website. PTC stands for “Paid-To-Click”. An example, would be todays prevalent Clixsense.

You can read my review on that over here.

With this type of GPT however, we are looking at something a bit more different by having you complete specific tasks that this very company claims could actually seem to be both legitimate and potentially high-paying as the result of the nature of this work.

Not everybody can or will attempt to write, both summaries and opinions, so for you to help fill this gap may provide some demand for this kind of work.

About Paid To Watch Movies

This product moreover, was created to simply teach you where to start with this endeavour, telling and showing you where and how to begin, the type of payments you can expect, and how it all works.

Thus, it does not help by giving you any potential jobs as it may initially seem.

GPT (Get Paid To..)

In addition, the introduction to starts off with a simple presentation that claims after having finished writing your review, all you need to do is submit the movie review to the website you are currently working with, choose the appropriate movie category, and accept your payment.

However, it isn’t as easy as they claim the process to be, and will require a bit more leg-work than that.

Also, this isn’t the type of work or job you can expect to be making a full-time living from.. Well, atleast not how this certain service and product claims when teaching you.

How You Get Paid?

In order to properly get paid when using Paid To Watch Movies, you’ll be required to search out and look for a legitimate and honest online company to work with.

Chances are, you won’t need to fill out a resume or do anything usually required by todays outside real-world professional workforce. Hence, for the most part, these tend to be the type of websites you get compensated from just by clicking certain advertisements, or doing very little, unimportant tedious tasks!

Nonetheless, one of the biggest misconceptions upon entering is the mere fact you don’t need to write anything upon watching the specific movie.

The presentation video speaks otherwise.

Getting Paid Watching Videos

Here is a summary of the three main ways you can earn by watching online videos & movies:

#1. As previously stated by GPT websites- This is likely the most simplest form and method of all and can be used by absolutely anybody. To get paid with get-paid-to websites, all you need to do is watch a simple short clip, which usually involves some sort of advertisement or method of marketing.

In exchange, you will get paid somewhere along the lines of $.001 to $.02 depending on the length of the clip.

#2. Watching Movies and Writing Reviews Online – This is another legitimate method of earning by watching online movies and writing reviews and is also a more practical way in a sense of earning some kind of income. The way this works is you watch the movie, you write on your opinion within the reviews, and then you submit that written review to a certain type of website.

In order for this to work, you must have a free Google Adsense account.

If you are unsure on how to properly open one, please see Wealthy Affiliate for more details. After having done so, you must wait for the approval of your article, and for it to be submitted online. The way you earn is through people clicking on the Google advertisements that are placed around your review. Hence, it is not the actual review that is making you money, but moreso the amount of traffic and visitors who are coming to that review. So it is almost like renting out a page (for free), or a space to some established authoritative online review site, which allows you to in-turn, get paid by your writing efforts.

Pretty cool, right?!

#3. Smartphone Apps – Now the last way you can start getting paid by watching short clips and movies, is by using your phone. By using smartphone apps like say Viggle for example, you can essentially use your phone to begin recording the number of minutes for a specific movie or tv show.

In exchange, rather than earning money, you earn some kind of reward.

Though in this case, your not exactly earning real money, can still be a great way to legitimately spend your time when you’re not doing anything. These types of rewards are usually in the form of gift cards, making this the best alternative to cash being the monetary exchange. In addition, you really don’t even need to watch the show to earn points, but can just leave it running.

To earn $1 in the form of points, you must obtain 1,800 points.

Paid To Watch Movies Recap!

I know that this review was really supposed to go further into the Clickbank product, but realized there isn’t much to be taught here, and by joining you’re really just wasting time and money. Given the potential compensation of this endeavour I find this product better to be put off to the side. That’s just my opinion!

I further believe, there isn’t much outside of this review, to be taught on Paid To Watch Movies CB service.


Here is a quick recap however, of the GPT, Review Sites, and Apps you can begin using to earn some extra pocket money with:


– Quick Rewards Network

– Clixsense

Movie Review Sites:

– Review Stream

– Epinions

– Shared Reviews

TIP: Open up a Google Adsense account previous to joining any one of these movie review sites!

Click here to learn how.

Smartphone App(s):

– Viggle

A Great Money-Making Alternative

Moreover, if you are looking to make a full-time online income, please visit Wealthy Affiliate for more details!

By joining this opportunity, you have an unlimited earning potential, dependent on your effort and time you put in, and will gather all the proper and necessary information needed.

There will be plenty of work and effort to be done using this method and will require you to write your own reviews on any subject, passion, or niche that you desire.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them below!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful prosperous day!

5 thoughts on “Can You Really Get Paid To Watch Movies? Here’s My Review!

  1. Teboho

    Hello my name is Teboho and as much as I love spending a lot of time watching movies, I don’t believe that this site can offer you a legit income. Most of these advertisers will pay you such a small amount, it’s almost most impossible to make any actual money watching videos online.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I completely agree with you and I think that’s one of the major issues with todays “Get Paid To” sites. They only offer you such a small amount (sometimes just pennies), that making an income by watching movies or videos just isn’t feasible. Thanks for your input Teboho. You make a good point!


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