Cash Surfing Network Review: A PTC Scam?

By | May 3, 2015

Name: Cash Surfing Network
Cash Surfing Network 2015Website:
Price: Free
Rank: 52/100 – Borderline Legit.

What Is It?

Cash Surfing Network looks like an interesting and semi-promising site at first. However, after registering with the network, you’ll quickly come to find that it is nothing more, than another typical PTC (Paid-To-Click) network.

There are a large number of websites and programs like the Cash Surfing Network, and whether you can make an optimal income with this program is the primary purpose of this review.

How Much Is Cash Surfing Network?

Signing up with Cash Surfing Network is actually free. And though there is no cost, one thing you might come to find, is it being a complete waste of time.

How It Works?

Cash Surfing Network first requires you to register. Afterwards, you can do one of two things:

– Use it to begin advertising and driving traffic to your website or promoted offer, which will cost you money.


– Become a Cash Surfing Network consumer, and begin clicking on advertisements to make up to $.01 in return.

Thus, Paid-To-Click websites really is not the most optimal way of making money online. It takes a very, very long time to begin adding up those cents to earn anything near a dollar, and the benefits are little.

The first Paid-To-Click website to ever open its doors was Clixsense. After that, one after the next began coming out with its own brandable type of online earning product. However, signing up for the majority of them really won’t do anything, and earning an income, is much harder than it looks.

How To Earn Using Cash Surfing Network?

The real money comes in when you begin referring other individuals to the network. The more referrals you can lure into Cash Surfing Network, the more money you will tend to make.

There’s still an issue though.

I actually used to use Clixsense personally, when I really didn’t know any better, and my online marketing skills were still at its very low. However, I was able to manage a new referral or so everyday, but the problem remained. The majority of these individuals ended up leaving or ignoring this make money program, after only a couple weeks.

As a result, it took me months on end just to make my first $10.

Nonetheless, its very important to understand that using Cash Surfing Network is no different. While it may be free, there are so many other better products you can use to spend your highly valuable time on. Even though the majority of today’s online marketers will absolutely not make money over night, it is surely possible to manage, within your first month.

However, it is vital to have the proper coaching, tools, and mentorship in place, before going about this venture.

I can tell you first-handedly that not joining Wealthy Affiliate was the biggest mistake I ever made as an online marketer. This program holds the true and most legitimate secrets to making money online, and I can’t recommend enough, getting started today.

Thanks for reading this review on Cash Surfing Network. Have a great day!


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4 thoughts on “Cash Surfing Network Review: A PTC Scam?

  1. huriya

    very misguiding csn admins
    they say earn 12 signup but no surf more thn 4000 sites to earn a usd., anf if u
    dnt complete in a day u ll go back to zero ,.,.,lol
    then start surfing again pages 555
    promote ur site is ok but paid to click are verrrrryyy few ., i hate it ., not usefulll to me i wasted my money upgrading

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Appreciate you sharing your experience with Cash Surfing Network. I was never a big fan of Paid To Click anyway. Earnings are too small and takes up too much time. For something more legitimate, check out Wealthy Affiliate or Traffic Monsoon.


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