CashTravel PTC Review – Pros vs. Cons

By | December 21, 2016

Cash Travel PTC ReviewProduct: Cash Travel

Type: PTC/Paid to Click

Price: Free to join

Rank: 45/100 – Not Recommended.


What Is Cash Travel?

Cash Travel is a PTC website that started back in 2012 and currently has over 60,000 members! This is a site that allows you earn & advertise at the same time. If you’ve ever heard of sites like Clixsense or Neobux, this is exactly what it is. It’s an opportunity that allows you to click on and view ads for money. While earning on a site like Cash Travel might sound easy, it’s actually a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Paid to click sites were one of the first ways I ever attempted to make money online. But with each and every attempt, it was one failure after the next. And it’s not necessarily because those sites were trying to scam me, but was due to many of the same issues faced by most PTC sites. These are issues we’ll be going over in just a minute. But first, lets put our attention on the benefits of using a site like Cash Travel.

Pros & Benefits of Using Cash Travel

#1. Free to use – That’s right! With sites like Cash Travel, Clixsense, and Neobux, you don’t need to pay anything to get started, unless you upgrade. But I always recommend not paying anything until you test out the site and see what it’s like. Is it something you can see yourself using? If not, there’s no reason to become an upgraded or premium member.

#2. Cheap & Cost-effective Advertising – Although, advertising on PTC sites isn’t something I’ve personally had luck with, others might depending on what kind of offers you have to promote. The good thing about PTC sites is normally these advertising rates are very low so you can test out different offers. They also normally send a ton of visitors to your site at a very low cost. The majority of Cash Travels advertising rates start at $2.36 and go up from there.

Ways to advertise include:

  • Paid to Signups
  • Paid to Click Credits
  • Traffic Exchange Credits
  • Paid Email Credits
  • Paid To Read Credits
  • Featured Ad Impressions
  • Banner Ad Impressions

#3. Started In 2012 – Why is this a benefit of using Cash Travel? Well the fact it started back in 2012 is advantageous because many PTC’s these days don’t survive or last long enough due to low payments coming into the site. It’s also a sign that (hopefully) the websites admins are trustworthy and pay out on time. But that might not always be the case.. Let me give you an example with a PTC called Oojoo, which has thousands of members. This was one of the first PTC’s I got involved with and after spending $100’s on “rented referrals,” they never honored my withdrawals or cashouts. This just comes to show that you can’t always trust the admins of just any PTC site.

#4. Easy Way to Make a Couple $’s – Now there’s a reason I only said ‘couple.’ You see, the thing with PTC sites like Cash Travel is you can never expect to make a lot of money with these kinds of sites. They’re simply there to view the advertisements of other members and make a couple bucks over a couple of weeks. To give you an example, Cash Travel has only paid out a total of $18,000 to date to its member since its inception in 2012 and we’re talking about a member-base with over 60,000 members. This is nothing more than an indication of how small the earnings are on this site. Nevertheless, you can use it to make a dollar or two here and there.


Cons & Drawbacks Of Using Cash Travel

Now onto the drawbacks of using Cash Travels PTC website, some of which I previously mentioned above.

#1. LOW Earnings – OK, the biggest drawback of using any PTC similar to Cash Travel is low earnings. Even with the rented and direct referral system, you can never expect to make a ton of money using any PTC. If you look at the majority of ads you click on, you’re earning maybe $.0001, a fraction of a penny at most. Yes, there are some, but a very limited number of ads that might pay you up to a $.01. Even in that case though, how much can you actually earn in a month? Without a ton of direct and active referrals it will be difficult to earn anything substantial. Here’s an example of a list of payment proofs with CashTravel’s PTC.

#2. Payment Delays – What I found to be more interesting though was the fact that many of the payments seemed to be put off or delayed by a few months. If we take a look at this page here, we can see many payment requests being made in August of 2016 and were just paid this month (December, 2016). While it’s good to see this site has this kind of transparency, it’s not a good sign or indication that these payments are being made months later. In some cases, you’ll see payments being made 6 to 10 months after they’ve been requested!

#3. Not Always Trustworthy – Simply put, you can’t just walk into any ‘PTC store,’ and trust that the owners or admins will always abide by even their own rules. There will be many cases where you either don’t get your payment on time or even have trouble trying to request that payment. In some cases, you may even have trouble just trying to get a response from the admin. While this isn’t necessarily the case with Cash Travel, these issues come up all the time in the PTC world.


Cash Travel Summary

Is Cash Travel worth using? Not in my opinion. It’s nice to test out the waters with and view different ads and promotions and in seeing how things work in general. But in terms of actually trying to earn a legit income, you definitely shouldn’t expect much with Cash Travel, or any other PTC for that matter.

The thing that bothers me most though is that many of these will actually try and sell you direct or rented referrals. In that case, I’d say don’t even bother. Now that we’ve outweighed Cash Travels Pro’s and Con’s together, I must say that the most prevalent one of them all is its low earnings. Unless you have some other kind of reason to use a PTC like advertising at low cost rates, I don’t see any other reason why you should be using PTC’s!

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