CBProAds Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | April 4, 2015

Name: CBProAdsCBProAds Review: Scam Or Legit?

Website: www.cbproads.com

Price: Varies On Membership

Rank: 33/100 – Scam

What Is It?

CBProAds is a membership based website that tries helping individuals earn ClickBank commissions.

Unfortunately, it does this by attempting to provide us with a simple and easy, duplicate-looking storefront, rather than a proper step-by-step marketing plan. Thus, it provides you with your own personal Clickbank niche specific storefronts that can be used on your own personal blog or business website.

And is more of an addition to Clickbank that helps individuals to ‘better’ monetize their websites through use of Clickbank banner ads and text links, mainly intended to be used as an Adsense alternative. The effectiveness of this although, has been debatable, and questioned given the wide range of consumer complaints.

This review will go over CBProAds features, claims, benefits, and disadvantages to give you a better understanding of whether using it can be a good addition to your online marketing efforts.

How Much Is It?

CBProAds functions as a membership based website that offers two different memberships. The first is a simple basic membership that greatly limits your functionality, but is offered for free.

However, one of the primary benefits of this is as a free member you can use it on your own, before making any decisions in moving forward as a paid CBProAds member.

The drawback here is free members who display Clickbank ads on their websites and receive a commission are split with the CBProAds website itself.

As a paid member, you receive 100% of the profits.

CBProAds Features

One of the biggest primary CBProAd features are that you are provided with is your own Clickbank storefront. This is used to link out to a wide number of various Clickbank product or service sales pages.

The main benefit of this is in its ability to assist members increase the exposure of their promoted Clickbank affiliate advertisements.

CBProAds furthermore, offers a variety of methods to help show off these products including:

– Banner Advertisements

– Contextual Advertisements

– Promotional Widget Ads

– Sliding Box Ads

– Carousel Image Ads

– Scroll Ads

– List Image Ads

– Block Image Ads

In addition, the program does a fairly good job in making these images look almost in a way as sponsored Adsense like advertisements.

CBProAd Products

Clickbank Product Ad Rotators – It claims this to be an “extremely lucrative” product alternative to Google CBProAds Review: Scam Or Legit?Adsense, but I must digress. The chances of an individual making an immediate sale from a banner image ad is not likely, no matter how much traffic you are getting.

Affiliate Storefronts & Niche Storefronts – Possibly the only benefit of this product, allowing you to forgo having to create the design of your niche website itself. However, that won’t cut it for your success as an affiliate marketer. Monetization is the easy part, but traffic and user engagement, is a more difficult and patient process.

Simple Clickbank Plugins – Used to properly display your advertisements, seemingly everywhere! The use of too many Clickbank advertisements, in my opinion, will only worsen the effectiveness of your website, and potentially reduce both user engagement, and number of daily sales and repeat traffic.

CBProAd Benefits

Here are a few benefits by CBProAds:

#1 – You have access to thousands of various participating products and service publishers you can use for your CBProAds digital storefront.

#2 – Facilitates the advertising of affiliate products and increases exposure to your visitors.

#3 – Helps you funnel more traffic directly to the product sales page.

#4 – You can try out CBProAds for free, before making any decision on becoming a paid member.

#5 – Ability to generate many and different types of ads directly on your website.

#6 – Lastly, CBProAds offers a generous affiliate program you can use to recruit others, and earn a commission every time a referral decides to upgrade.

CBProAds Disadvantages

Personally, I find despite the mentioned benefits and its intentions in helping you to create your own Clickbank storefront, that CBProAds is really nothing special and is very limited in its ability to help.

Many individuals believe that by becoming a member of this product they can increase their chances of earning more commissions as a Clickbank affiliate. And while Clickbank is truly a notorious paying affiliate network system, that has been of increasing benefit to many online marketers out there today, there are many fallbacks withCBProAds.CBProAds Review: Scam Or Legit?

Thus, just for joining and becoming a member of CBProAds, will not improve your chances of success.. Unlike when joining Wealthy Affiliate!

There is a big difference when you as a website owner are looking to create a successful website versus being able to successfully monetize your website. The latter part, for the most part, is much simpler, and is why it comes to no surprise CBProAds offers a free membership without much value.

Furthermore, CBProAds is right when telling us that the earning potential with Clickbank is virtually limitless, but that because it depends on one factor; a factor in which, it will take much more than simply signing up for this product, that can allow you to make this happen.

That factor first starts out with, traffic!

CBProAds offers no insight or training on how to achieve this. Therefore, we can better consider CBProAds more along the lines of being nothing but a simple WordPress plugin, that I personally would not pay a dime to use.

That’s a result of having taken a look at various live CBProAd storefront examples, and how badly I just wanted to leave the website, and not because of the way it looked so much. But more along the lines of its never-ending offers of one Clickbank product and service after another. This made me feel that the content was very irrelevant as one of the main aspects to the website, and was only there to sell me something.

People can’t stand these types of websites and are usually there to find a solution to a problem. If you can help them with that, just like giving an honest take in a personal review of a product, and telling them how it may or may not help them, you’re much more likely to increase your number of daily sales.

I can also tell you, even when getting 1,000 visitors to your websites a day, that your banner ads listed on the sidebar will rarely get clicked on as a product or service people will just purchase on the spot.

Another disadvantage I find with this and when using CBProAds are how willing people are to go lengths way just to start listing various random banner ads all over the place.

Most successful websites in your niche, won’t list more than three. It’s also important to know that the more affiliate links and banners you begin to put everywhere, the less likely your website will receive good solid rankings; the necessary rankings it will need to make you a success story as an affiliate marketer.

As you can see, I only have one banner on my sidebar, and even that links right out to one of my reviews. That’s because in my experience I have come to learn the importance in feeding my visitors content of value, and not just any random product or service to purchase. I have tried that and the conversion rate for doing so becomes as low as .01 percent!

Thus, the main disadvantage when using CBProAds is the fact you won’t be able to effectively monetize your website and in my opinion is a fairly poor strategy that the majority of advanced and seasoned marketers will have no problem ignoring.

CBProAds Overview & Alternative

To conclude, I understand how difficult it can be when trying to make a solid iCBProAds Review: Scam Or Legit?ncome and/or living with Clickbank. But eventually I found out, that it really only requires a few things. Unfortunately CB Pro Ads comes very short in its ability to help us.

These factors include – unique content, a website, traffic, and a proper monetization plan.

In my years of online marketing I only found only one place that would be able to help with that, and follows a strategy I’ve found anyone can use to earn an income online. Click here to learn more!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my CB Pro Ads scam review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below!

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