CleverBux PTC Review: Not So Clever After All!

By | February 26, 2016

Name: CleverBuxCleverBux Review


Price: Free to Join

Type: PTC/Advertising

Rank: 40/100 – Scam!


What Is It?

Almost every other site I come across nowadays, I see something similar to the tagline “Get Paid Every 30 Seconds.” This is exactly what CleverBux tells us, but is it possible and is it a clever way of making money online? Despite not being a revenue sharing product or anything of the sorts, CleverBux still greatly depends on advertisements by its members.

In-fact that is the fuel behind this website. It’s what keeps it going and is what allows the majority of its members to get paid. If advertisements stop, there essentially is no money to pay out both free and upgraded members alike.

PTCs can usually be a solid method for new earners to see what online marketing is all about, but in the case of CleverBux, I see this PTC site as being a borderline scam. Inside the site, you’ll be able to experience some of the benefits involved with obtaining direct referrals, promoting your own offers and advertisements, and possibly even learn a bit within the CleverBux member forum. But due to reasons explained down below, CleverBux is definitely not my go to choice to be making money online. The reason behind that is because of the difficulty of trying to make a full-time income with the site.


How To Earn With CleverBux

As a member there are essentially a variety of ways one can earn money with CleverBux. But the problem is that the payouts tend to be very small, unless you’ve managed to achieve obtaining direct referrals to the site on a very consistent basis. Otherwise clicking on the PTC ads that normally only payout between $0.0001 and $0.01 will only get you so far. It’s hard to understand why people spend their time clicking on these ads in the first place, but other ways that can be used to make money with CleverBux is with the following:

  • PTC (Paid To Click) WallCleverBux PTC Wall
  • Clix Wall
  • Clevergrid
  • MinuteStaff
  • Paid-to-Signup
  • Survey Wall
  • Wannads Wall
  • PeanutLabs Wall

If you really want to make the best out of a website like CleverBux, your best bet of making money with this site is not by doing the tasks, but by spending your time productively and focusing on obtaining direct referrals. That way you can earn commissions on all the tasks that they complete.


Biggest Problem With CleverBux

The biggest issue I see with CleverBux is its use of rented referrals. In-fact it tends to be the biggest and most concerning issue I see on every PTC site. I find the rented referral system to be nothing more than a scam and believe that is what makes up the majority of the sites funds. It’s nearly impossible to achieve anything worthwhile with rented referrals.

In most cases, they end up losing you more money rather than the other way around. When it comes to renting referrals, its either you or the company who ends up winning and that always tends to be the company/website. Whatever you do, don’t get involved in renting referrals. Its unsure whether we can even tell if the people are real or not. The majority of those rented referrals end up leaving within days, not matter how many times you try and recycle them.


CleverBux Membership Options

The second biggest problem I see with CleverBux are its membership upgrade options. It kind of astounds me to see the price they’ll put on those memberships and the very minimal benefits given in return. As with every PTC, you’ll have your occasional free membership since they need a constant inflow of traffic in order to survive. The Clever membership (the next one up) isn’t so bad either and only costs $20 per year. I guess the biggest issue here is the fact there are no uCleverBux Membershipspgrade commissions on your own referrals (wow)!

The Golden membership, which costs $80 per years gets even worse. The value of the standard ad clicks on the PTC wall are the exact same as both the free and clever membership. Clever grid chances are exactly the same. Rental waiting days are also exactly the same and wait for it.. You only get a $2 upgrade commission on your referral. Tell me, how is anyone supposed to make an income with CleverBux?

I don’t even want to go into details of the next membership option, it’s so bad. But lets just say this – The Ultimate CleverBux membership goes for $700 a year and offers you an “astounding” $4 upgrade commission on your referrals. That means in order to make any kind of profit, you would first need to recruit nearly 200 upgraded members and we’re not even sure if that $4 upgrade is based on them also upgrading to the ultimate member or not.


CleverBux Overview – Not So Clever After All!

Regardless, CleverBux should be a labeled a scam in my opinion. The membership prices are way too high for what’s being offered. There is nearly no difference between the free and $700 yearly membership whatsoever. Add on top of that a completely broken rented referral system and advertisements that pay out $0.0001 on the penny, gives reason for both newbie and experienced online marketers to avoid CleverBux.

I usually have no oppositions or problems with PTC sites (given a few exceptions) and will even look away from the rented referral system here and there. But it is in my opinion that CleverBux has made it much more difficult then necessary to earn any kind of income and I think they’re paying the price. Just by taking a look at the view advertisements page, I currently see a total of 6 displayed advertisements. Where on a site like Clixsense, you’ll see nearly 50 to 100 ads at any given time. For this reason, I don’t believe CleverBux will be here for the long-run.

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