Click 4 Surveys Scam – Get Paid For Surveys Review

By | January 2, 2015

Product: Click 4 Surveysclick 4 surveys scam review affiliate-sale
Type: Getting Paid For Surveys
Owner: Daniel Cooper
Rank: SCAM!

Click 4 Surveys Scam Review: What Is It?


Basically, it’s an online earning opportunity to help individuals earn money by offering their own take and perspective by the completion of online surveys. The motive of this review however, negs the question of whether this is a product that can truly help by completing surveys for money?

How Much Does Click 4 Surveys Cost?

Kinda’ Funny, huh!

First in order to get paid for your efforts, the company forces you into paying them, to join and potentially earn money.

Here is the price breakdown for

-$19 Membership Fee
-$34 Membership Fee
– 97$ Membership Fee

Apparently there are various levels, not only that, but Click 4 Surveys will also bombard your efforts with additional pricey upsells!

3 Reasons Why Click 4 Surveys Is A Scam!

 click 4 surveys scam review

#1) The product claims that you can make earnings of anywhere from $5 to $75 for each survey. The reality here is it’s simply false! No survey will ever pay you that much money for you simple and mere opinion.. Make sense?

Not only that, but realize that Click 4 Surveys is really just a middle man between honest and legitimate survey companies and yourself.

Nonetheless, in order to even qualify for a survey, you are fully required to disclose completely every true piece of information about you – where you live, your age, your marital status, demographics, gender, everything! And it’s all going to a company that you are both paying and can in no way trust.

#2) Click 4 Surveys only pays out consumers who are actually affiliated with this product.

Therefore, the reason you might see reviews and people who are claiming how much crazy money they are earning from the comfort from their home is all apart of their own devious tactic to gain worldwide attention and even more, a constant amount of traffic.

Thus, the more people who sign-up for Click 4 Surveys will not only end up paying for their incorporated registration fee’s, but will even find themselves buying into their more devious tactiful upsells!

#3) Click 4 Surveys income claims clearly yell out “SCAM!”

They are continually promoting this so-called “secret” of how you can earn up to $3,500 a month, simply by taking paid surveys. This is a huge red flag that I’m sure you can by now see.

#1 Reason As To Why You MUST Stay Away!

The biggest and most important reason of all for staying absent from these very promotional type of online survey scams is a mere result of past reputation and consumer complaints, concerning other very similar products.

One good example of this is with “Get Cash For Surveys.” I actually have a review on them as well, which you can click above to read if you like!

This has become one of the most notorious and borderline highly illegal online scamming product for surveys all over the world.

Why Is This?

Here is what Get Cash For Surveys does:

They simply get you to sign-up, sometimes not even have you pay to join because regardless of whether or not you would qualify for the survey has no regard for their primary intention, that is, by the actual collection and utilization of your very own personal data!

This data is then used to be sold to other third party organizations that we are unaware of, who exploit it by using you as a potentially new lead for a product or service, to send you e-mails of SPAM in your inbox, even leave you telephone messages, and going as far as to send you promotional material in your own MAILBOX.

Keeping a Safer Reputation!

Point being, by joining such companies dealing with surveys, you must realize you’re not merely exposing your name, your e-mail, and other irrelevant personal information.

But information, that could truly jeopardize your life! Maybe even your reputation! God forbid, let us hope not that as being the case, but lets also not cross out any possible alternative.. Keep your life, and information, protected and safe, by abstaining from falsely misled claims made by companies like Click 4 Surveys and Get Cash For Surveys.. Also, notice the high-similarity between the two names. Almost as though they are going ahead with the same objectives in mind, to make money, for themselves.. Not for you!

Hence, you must take great caution when looking for online opportunities to make sure they are legitimate. Nevertheless, I have never found online surveys to be even a remotely decent way to earn online.

I’ve never found, seen, or spoken with anyone who’s sole income relies upon taking surveys.. Have you?

Even for the bigger more legitimate corporate survey companies who you can potentially trust, aren’t very legit in my eyes neither. They bombard you with e-mails and notify you repetitively of surveys that take you 30-45 minutes just to get half-way only to get notified by the end with a notice similar to:

“Sorry but we cannot qualify you for this survey.. Try again!”

Something along those lines…

Anyway I hope you gained some good knowledge from these examples and understand why Click 4 Surveys is not a good product for any consumer.. Sure, it may be helpful to the affiliates who promote it as being legit, but at the end of the day, is promoting something you really not only have no care for, but know you are truly against, as any good?!

Let me show you how I’ve been able to make a consistent income and living online!

This way you can take comfort in knowing that making an online income is still POSSIBLE! But once again, be aware of what you are getting into beforehand. Make sure there is some kind of free trial just so you can use your better judgement.

Thanks for reading my review on Click 4 Surveys.

You are welcome to leave me any comments, questions, or suggestions down below!

6 thoughts on “Click 4 Surveys Scam – Get Paid For Surveys Review

  1. Dintle Montle

    Wow, I was ready to join this scam, not knowing that they are reaping people this is so sad, I thank God for opening my eyes before is too late to read through the review that Robert shared , thank you guys for sharing the truth about this scam

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Robert. It’s good to hear someone has finally taken some legitimate action against Click 4 Surveys. As you say, it’s very true, both Clickbank and Click 4 Surveys are potentially making millions off consumers from this scheme. I’m not so sure I’d call Clickbank a scheme however, though they are in league with Click 4 Surveys. Hopefully they’ll do something about it, one day.

    2. Ali

      I was just promoting that product with my affiliate account on click bank till I found that’s scam and also figured out that when I clicked on my Click4surveys link there was not my name on that promote link so they scamming both sides first is the affiliater who promote that and second is naive people who purchased that product . It’s absolutely disgusting I felt so sad who purchases it hope no one will

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Hey Ali, a lot of times when you click on your Click bank link it won’t show the referral in the actual URL, but will still be cached into the users computer. Just letting you know for future reference. But either way, I wouldn’t want to promote something like Click 4 Surveys to my visitors!


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