Click Track Profit Review: Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

By | January 7, 2016

Name: Click Track Profit


Price: $47 Yearly with Upsells & Downsells!

Type: Affiliate Marketing/Promoting Traffic Exchanges

Rank: 25/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

ClickTrackProfit in my opinion, is not a great way to get started with online marketing. At first glance, it seems like there’s a lot of quality information and training to go through. However, after going through the process myself, I felt that the sole purpose of ClickTrackProfit was to get me to sign-up to every traffic exchange out there under their affiliate links.

Not to mention being bombarded with one upsell after the next. Making money with traffic exchanges is not that great a way of making money online period. However, that’s not to say it can’t be beneficial for racking up some credits and promoting your offers.

But, I can confidently say that Click Track Profit was not helpful or beneficial to me in anyway with my online marketing efforts. The training was lackluster. The “goodies” section was simply filled with more upsells. And the only thing being focused on was traffic and safe list exchanges, which are not good money makers!

How Much Is It?

The first thing that bothered me with this platform was how I was immediately being sold to upon entering the system. I was told to upgrade to a $47 yearly membership and when I declined the offer, was downsold to a $6 monthly membership.

ClickTrackProfit Review

This was the first sign that I knew I shouldn’t trust them. But I resumed anyway and entered into the platform. The first thing I noticed was that it was owned and created by timtech who’ve been known to create many PTC’s in the past; many of them which failed and a few I even lost money with.

Click Track Profit Training Area

Nonetheless, I was immediately interested by all the training options within the platform. I liked how the only way you could unlock the training was by finishing them in order. But I was immediately disappointed to see that there was absolutely no quality information within any of these trainings. Each one was literally no more than a minute long and all they were asking me to do was to sign-up for a new or different traffic exchange under their referral link.

ClickTrackProfit Review

I tried to look past this and moved onto the next training course titled “Build My List.” I figured there would have to be something of value here. But to my surprise, it was the same exact thing. The only difference here was they wanted me to sign-up for a bunch of their different recommended autoresponders.

ClickTrackProfit Review

Unfortunately I couldn’t move forward onto the “Certification” or “Expert” courses, without signing up for their 20 or so recommended programs. But, I really didn’t want to either as this training easily became tiring, boring, and completely ineffective.

Click Track Profit Overview

When all is said and done, Click Track Profit is a total waste of time. It is a platform that is filled with a bunch of upsells, a bunch of ineffective traffic exchanges, and the most worthless training. If you want to save your time, avoid Click Track Profit and focus on building a stable and legitimate business.

While these guys do try to make online marketing look and seem fun, I found that kind of hard when all their trying to do is sell to you. They’re not providing any value and I really can’t see how Click Track Profit could make any improvements in our online marketing efforts.


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Hi I'm Peter. I'm 27 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

4 thoughts on “Click Track Profit Review: Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

  1. Mike

    Thanks bro. I was about to sign for this program. I basically saved a lot of money by not joining.

  2. C.C. Silsbee

    I can’t say how much I appreciate your input here- I just started a blog and I am building traffic at a slower pace then I would like…I was briefly aquainted with someone who was WAY into traffic exchanges, especially the sensationalized Click Track Profit – you might be too young to be familiar with the Beatles tune “Nowhere Man” but that is how it looked.

    This individual seemed to go around in obsessive compulsive circles, for hours and hours and it didn’t seem healthy at all. Out of morbid curiosity, I considered test driving a traffic exchange or two to promote my blog and if nothing else have material for an article. Sounds like you did this already. Thank you. I look forward to reading more of your articles about affiliate marketing, which is rapidly changing and I have yet to reap any success with it…:(

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks a lot C.C. and don’t worry it took me months of trial and error, before I began making money with affiliate marketing. One thing I’ve come to learn is that creating content is possibly the most important aspect of making money online. Whether that means, creating videos on Youtube or writing your own articles. That’s how you attract visitors and promote your offers as an affiliate marketer.

      Traffic exchanges will only likely hurt your website and rankings within organic search due to increasing your bounce rate and reducing the amount of time spent on your website. So definitely stay away from those, plus the traffic isn’t all that great since it’s not targeted. Don’t worry if you’re still not receiving traffic with your site. It takes time, but I hope this gives you some direction. Focus on researching keywords with lower competition and a decent amount of traffic and always try and be consistent when posting on your site!


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