Clik Delivery Review – Can It Deliver The “Clicks”?

By | August 31, 2016

Product: Clik DeliveryClik Delivery Review


Type: Revenue Sharing

Price: $5 – $40 adpacks

Rank: 10/100 – Not a fan!


If we’re looking for a way to earn money or advertise our business online, Clik Delivery is not the first thing to come to mind. This highly risky endeavor launched on April 27th, 2016, is not among the first of its kind. Year after year, we see a new HYIP rise, while the others simply disappear as though they’ve never existed. Individuals rush to them hoping to earn a dollar or two before its gone for good.

Click Delivery is otherwise known as a High Yield Investment Program disguising itself as a way to promote your business. While it claims to have paid out $621,719, what hasn’t been considered is the number of actual deposits. It’s important not to take this number too serious. Even so, if you’re to make a deposit today, there is no guarantee you’ll ever be seeing that money again.


Can You Make Money With Clik Delivery?

Yes, in fact you can and yet, there are so many great reasons to want to stay away from this scheme. While some might argue that Clik Delivery isn’t a scheme at all, I have to persist in disagreeing. I’ve seen a few HYIPs in my day and they all end the same way. This is not a means for any of us to provide a legitimate full-time income.

If we’re lucky, maybe will make a couple hundred or two before it inevitably shuts-down. I’m personally a little surprised to see they have been able last since April of 2016. Then again, I’ve seen HYIPs last for years and only pay out measly pennies on each ad pack resulting in nearly no earnings at all.


How Does Clik Delivery Work?

The way Clik Delivery works is simple really. You purchase an adpack and wait for the money on that adpack to accumulate. This money is circulated from the deposits of other members, which slowly gets added on to your various packs.

Let’s say however, that members were to stop joining or deposits were slowing down, then Clik Delivery would not be able to hold up to its promise of paying members out, resulting in a loss for everyone.

Revenue sharing is thus, one of the worst possible business models to ever be created. In the end, you are almost always bound to lose, especially if you join the wrong one. The only reason Clik Delivery might be deemed as “legal” in the first place is because it provides a service, which is allowing you to promote your offer or business on the site.


How Is Money Earned With Clik Delivery?

In order to earn money with Clik Delivery, you first need to purchase some adpacks, which can add up in cost pretty fast. The main starting adpacks with the site are start at $5, $10, and $40. Once you have a minimum of 100 packs in your account, you can work your way up to some more costly packs.

Keep in mind that in order for these ad packs to earn, you need to click on a minimum of 10 advertisements daily so that they accumulate revenue. This needs to be done once per day before the clock expires.

The second way to earn with Clik delivery is by obtaining referrals to the site. By getting referrals to Clik Delivery, you can in-turn earn up to 10% on each of their purchases.

Last but not least, and by far the worst way of earning with Clik Delivery, is by clicking on their PTC ads. These ads usually don’t pay out more than $.01 each and most-likely is not worth any of our time.


Is Clik Delivery a Scam?

Clik Delivery claims that it is not an investment opportunity since they don’t give us a “fixed income plan,” nor tell us how much money can be made with each ad pack. In my opinion, Clik Delivery is most definitely an investment opportunity where you essentially are required to put money into the system in order to make a return.

Any kind of business model that tries to provide a way of earning with your own money is considered an investment opportunity, regardless of whether there is a guarantee or not.

Click Delivery is most definitely not a legitimate business opportunity in my book and one that we won’t be seeing any time next year. So many things tend to go wrong with them; the main one being that funds dry up overtime and its the people who invest the most or at the wrong time who tend to lose out the most.

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