ClipJacker Review – YouTube Alternative?

By | July 19, 2015

Name: Clip Jacker
Owner: McCaffrey
Price: Free Version; $17 Upgrade
Rank: 70/100 – Legit

What Is ClipJacker?

My first thought when it came to ClipJacker was it was nothing more than a scam. The headline “FREE Software Hijacks YouTube & Injects Any Video With Your Affiliate Links – 100% Legally!” wasn’t very appealing to me. After taking a deeper look and giving ClipJacker a try, the idea being implemented was actually good.

ClipJacker lets you take any video or content from YouTube and then upload that to ClipJacker’s member area. What a great idea! A potential way of earning online for sharing video’s that could potentially go viral. Of course, there are some drawbacks that need to be mentioned here. But after giving this product a shot, ClipJacker proved to be worth something.

How Much Is It?

One of the things I liked best about ClipJacker is the fact they give you the chance to try it out for free. This immediately gave me a much better first impression than I may have had otherwise. If it works, great.. Go for the $17 upgrade. If not, stick with the free version and see how it goes.

How It Works?

The way ClipJacker works is actually very simple. I was even surprised to see how simple getting registered and the setup process was. The whole idea revolves around finding great content and then re-sharing that solely onto ClipJacker.

These video’s can then be monetized through the use of Google Adsense Ads and Clickbank products. Meaning every video page you have is basically surrounded by Google Ads and products from Clickbank. In order for this to properly work, you’ll want to make sure that the Clickbank Ads are highly relevant to the video.

One of the biggest cons I did find here was the fact the only way you would make money through your Clickbank Ads is by having the visitors actually purchase the content after clicking that ad. This makes it all the more important to provide video’s that are very relevant to what’s being promoted. Otherwise, I don’t see it really working out.

The other option, which I think would work out better, is using Google Adsense. This requires more traffic in order to earn anything substantial, which leads me to my next point.. Traffic!

Getting Traffic

Let’s say we are using ClipJacker and so far we enjoy the process of uploading video’s. What next? How can we get individuals to see our uploaded videos, and get them to share it as well?

Well, as stated on the ClipJacker sales page itself, what we would want to do from there, is sign-up to relevant forums. We would then want to provide some useful comments which link back to the video. Any action we can take to publicize our ClipJacker page, should be taken. Otherwise no one will see it and it won’t get shared.

ClipJacker Overview

I’ve always liked the idea of making money through viral content! I mean how awesome would that be to find and upload a video that can get 100,000 hits, or even 1,000,000 hits. In a way, it’s almost like hitting the jackpot.. I’m not kidding. These types of videos can make you an income for many years to come and that is the beauty of sharing content that goes viral.

But, no one said it was easy, which is why I was surprised to come across ClipJacker and this amazing idea. This is something I could not categorize as a scam, even if it didn’t work out, because the idea alone is fantastic. I am almost sure if you used ClipJacker and twisted the idea a bit, you could make a bit of money from it.

The most important aspect however, is finding that traffic. Also, it might be a little more difficult given the fact you are using ClipJacker and not YouTube, which has much much less prevalence in the online media world. Nevertheless, you are given pages filled with ads that all belong to you. The other amazing benefit is the fact you can re-share video’s without a problem. I’ve always wanted to do this using YouTube, but of course this isn’t allowed. Otherwise everyone would be doing it!

With ClipJacker, you can re-share videos, make money through a variety of ads (not just adsense), and even make money when those visitors come to your link and upgrade. I see a lot of potential with ClipJacker, but I also see a few problems getting in the way. I am sure there is a way to make this work though and would love to hear any experiences people have had with ClipJacker!

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