Cliquesteria Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

By | November 28, 2016

Product: CliquesteriaCliquesteria Review

Type: PTC – Paid to Click

Official Website:

Price To Join: Free + Upgrade Options

Rating: 49/100 – Not Recommended


Introduction To Cliquesteria Media PTC

Everywhere we look nowadays, we tend to come across a new paid to click website. Following the footsteps of larger, more reputable PTC’s like Clixsense and Neobux, Cliquesteria is the latest one to hit the web. Otherwise known as Cliquesteria Media, the site has garnered over 100,000+ members and has made over $15,000 in payments to date.

But is Cliquesteria your answer to earning an online profit? Despite offering a fair variety in the number of ways to make money, those earnings rarely add up to a substantial amount and when they do, it’s usually the result of having attained many referrals. Even when that occurs you still face the inherent risk of something happening to the site.


Possible things that can occur:

  • account getting banned.
  • not getting paid out.
  • site going out of business/shutting down.

Even though this doesn’t always happen, that risk is definitely still there and it is important for you to be aware of. More importantly is the fact that paid to clicks are notorious for paying out extremely low amounts of cash. A quick look at the PTC wall for example will show you payments in the tune of $0.0005 to $.001.

So is Cliquesteria another PTC scam? I’m not sure what you might want to categorize it as, but a more appropriate label would be “a waste of time”. You might even be better off taking surveys. Paid to click sites are in my opinion a somewhat childish attempt at earning money. While there are most-certainly better ways of earning money online, let’s look at some of the benefits in using Cliquesteria and try and see it for what it is.


Ways To Earn Money With Cliquesteria

#1. Cheap Advertising – If there is one thing and one thing only I like about paid to click sites, it has to be their extremely cheap advertising services. Just like most other PTC’s, they offer the usual PTC Ads, Fixed PTC Ads, Login Ads, Paid To Signup Offers, Featured Text Ads, Banner Ads, Featured Text Links, and other special packages. They key in getting this right is finding an offer that appeals to their member base.

#2. Ton Of Offerwalls – The Offerwalls can be used to earn money by completing various tasks and offers. It’s similar to the PTC ad wall, except that some of these offers might pay out a bit more.

#3. PTC Advertisements – PTC ads are basically the bread and butter of the service, offering you up to hundreds of ads each day for you to click on. The problem with these PTC ads are two-fold. First off, you can only view so many ads in an hour. Keep in mind that each advertisements has an allotted time in which you need to view these ads for. Secondly, they pay out so incredible little. We’re not even talking in cents here, but fractions of a penny for each viewed ad.


So how do you really make money with a site like Cliquesteria?

That’s a tough nut to crack, but the best way is by obtaining direct referrals. Always make sure to avoid renting referrals as well because this usually tends to be a scheme. Even when you do obtain direct referrals however, you’ll always run into the same problem of seeing a lot of those referrals leave or become inactive simply due to the lack of opportunity provided within Cliquesteria.

On the other hand, the site does have a minimum $5 withdrawal threshold, so if you need to make a quick buck fast, this could work. Otherwise, I don’t recommend using Cliquesteria as a way of earning money online. It’s just not reliable enough and the earnings are way too small to justify your time spent on this site.

The only time I’ll recommend a site like this is if it’s something you really enjoy using. It certainly does have an outward appealing aspect to it. I know some individuals just like that PTC vibe and enjoy getting referrals to the site and watching the gradual growth in their earnings and there is absolutely no problem with that. But if you’re here, looking to make a full-time income, this definitely is not your answer.

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