Clixblue PTC Review – What Is It & Can It Make You Money?

By | April 4, 2016

Name: Clixblue PTCClixblue PTC Review


Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Rank: 70/100 – Legit, but not recommended!


What Is Clixblue PTC?

According to Clixblue, over $40,000 dollars have been paid out since its inception in 2014. PTC in short, stands for Paid To Click, which is a popular method used by marketers to both make money as well as to advertise their offers. But just because PTC’s are so popular and prevalent, does that mean it really is a good way to earn online?

In this review, I’m going to explain what Clixblue is all about and hopefully help you decide, whether this is something you want to venture into or not. I’m also going to try and explain to you the best way to make a legit income with this site, if you were to decide this is something for you.

Nevertheless, I should also note, that there are both strong advantages as well as drawbacks when using a website like Clixblue. So let’s quickly go over those first, before we dive deep into the services being offered here.


Pro’s Of Using Clixblue PTC:

  • Anyone can register and begin using Seven Dollar PTC to begin making money.
  • Solid referral program that allows you to earn by referring other individuals.
  • Members can request a withdrawal and get paid within 24 hours.
  • Ability to advertise your website and other offers at a very low cost.


Con’s Of Using Clixblue PTC:

  • The actual method of earning and clicking on ads include very low payouts and isn’t worth your time.
  • There’s always the chance Seven Dollar PTC can go out of business or can’t pay out – Happens all the time in the world of PTC’s.
  • The act of renting referrals is a scheme that should never be used.


Ways To Earn Money With Clixblue

One thing you may come to find with Clixblue is the huge variety of methods you can use to begin racking up those cents. From advertisement views to sign-up offers, ways of earning seem almost limitless. But don’t let this catch you off guard. If there is one thing all these methods have in common it’s the mere fact that the payouts and earnings are so minimal.

But there is one method of earning with Clixblue that stands out above the rest, and that would be through direct referrals. Don’t mistake this for renting referrals as that is something I recommend avoiding at all cost. But by gaining direct referrals to Clixblue you’ll find that there is nothing more advantageous then building up your downline and profiting passively by doing so.

Now in regards to renting referrals, this is something you’ll want to avoid for few reasons. First, it’s way to expensive, and the cost does not justify the means nor the risk. The potential for earning from referral rentals simply isn’t there. Those that do best with it earn no more than a measly few dollars a month, and most find that they’ve wasted most of their hard-earned money.

Simply said, renting referrals is more of a scam in itself than anything else. Only one person here can benefit from the service and that would be Clixblue and not the user.


Ways to Earn Include:

  • Viewing Advertisements
  • BlueGrid
  • Treasure Chest
  • Matomy
  • Adwork Media
  • Persona
  • Referral Market
  • Clix Wall
  • Minute Staff Wall
  • Virool Vids
  • PTC Wall
  • Traffic Exchange


Additional Offered Services By Clixblue

If there is one thing that Clixblue excels in is its advertising services, which I find often tends to be overlooked. The advertising services are so cheap, it could be worth giving it a try. These services can get you thousands of views at almost no cost.

What I would stay from however, is the advertising of your own personal website or blog, and the reason why you wouldn’t want to use it in that scenario is because it’ll put a nice dent into your organic traffic due to extremely high bounce rates and what not.

Moreover, if you have an affiliate offer you’re looking to promote, this can be a nice way for starting marketers to begin testing the waters and see what online marketing is all about.


List Of Advertising Services:

  • Paid to Click Ads – 1,000 ads which can be purchased for $1 with 10 second views each.
  • Full Day Ads – 16 second views for $1.80 per day.
  • Bluegrid Ads – 7 days for your advertisement offered on the Bluebird for $3.00.
  • Banner Ads – 5,000 banner ad credits for $.30 cents.
  • Paid To Sign-Up Offers – 10 guaranteed sign-ups for $1.25.

Tell me these aren’t some of the lowest advertising prices you’ve ever seen online? I guess however, that the biggest disadvantage of advertising on Clixblue would be the fact that the majority of its members are already so accustomed to seeing and viewing these ads that they might not be as inclined to join your offer or promotion.

Whereas if you were to advertise PPC with Google or Bing, you’d find a whole different kind of audience that might be easier to persuade. Nonetheless, the advertising prices here are so incredibly cheap, it could be worth a shot.


Can You Really Make Money With Clixblue?

You most absolutely can make money with Clixblue, but take in mind here, these guys have only paid out $40,000 in two years. So if you can just imagine for a second, that’s not a lot of money at all. With thousands of members in the program, that does not even come close nor equate to what a full-time income would look like.

This isn’t all that surprising given how low everything is on the side of earnings. The biggest potential for earning with Clixblue would be with gaining direct referrals. The renting referral service here is not even worth considering, nor is it with any other PTC site.

In my opinion, Clixblue is not a scam and can actually be a good way for starting online marketers to know more about the online marketing world. But in terms of earning a serious income, I believe we all can agree that neither Clixblue or even the more bigger popular PTC’s like Clixsense are not the answer.

That is unless, you are referring tons of individuals to these services everyday. The better way of earning money online would be through affiliate marketing.. Learning how to create your own website, business, and traffic. There is simply nothing more powerful than in your ability of doing that!

Thanks for checking out my Clixblue Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.



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