Clixten Review: Can It Earn You a Legit Income?

By | January 26, 2016

Name: ClixtenClixten Review


Price: Free to Join

Type: Paid to Click

Rank: 65/100 – Not Recommended


What Is It?

Clixten is a PTC website that can pay you to view advertisements and accomplish other tasks like signing up for other products. They are a trusted pay to click website that has been around since 2012. But, is Clixten a site that can earn you a legit income?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to Pay to Clicks aren’t only the low payouts that are offered, but also the low commissions. There are really no high ticketed commission products with these sites so earning a good deal of money can end up being a tough task.

For the most part, the most you can earn by clicking on these ads is between $.0005 (fraction of a penny) and $.02. You rarely find advertisements paying more than that and the most you can earn in a month is around $10, which is why I would suggest working on obtaining direct referrals instead of wasting your time clicking on these ads.

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Membership Options

As a Clixten member, you can either decide to join and remain a free member, or you may upgrade your membership to a Silver, Golden, Elite, or Ultimate Member.

Silver Membership – $20

Golden Membership – $75

Elite Membership – $500

Ultimate Membership – $700


Buying & Renting Referrals

In addition to these somewhat over-priced membership options, you can also buy & rent referrals to try and earn more commissions. A package of 100 referrals however, will cost you $150 and there is no say how well these referrals are going to perform. More importantly, I have found that the renting referral feature never seems to work out in your favor.

This is the same feature and strategy that has been used by Neobux where you are basically paying to rent these referrals and decide whether you want to recycle them or extend their rental period.

But the truth is that there is no true strategy behind renting referrals and almost 99% of the time you’ll find you end up losing more money than you’ve spent, regardless of your strategy. The reason is it’s nothing more than a way for these guys to make more money off its members. If it wasn’t profitable for them, you can bet on the fact that this option wouldn’t be available in the first place.

When it comes to Clixten, the best features of the site as a whole are the advertising options, which can allow you to get more referrals and make more commissions by its cheap advertising option to other members.

These include:

  • Paid-To-Click Ads: Cheap and somewhat effective advertisement option that requires the user to click and view your ad between 10 seconds to a minute long, depending on the amount of money you want to spend.
  • Fixed Ads Advertising: Very similar to Paid To Click ads and gives you a fixed advertisement within the PTC section. A very affordable option, but the advertisement is only shown for 5 seconds at a time.
  • Traffic Exchange: Same price as advertising within the PTC section and is based on the number of credits you’re looking to purchase. The alternative to paying to advertise in the traffic exchange section is viewing these ads to obtain credits.
  • Paid To Sign Up: More expensive form of advertising that can allow you to get guaranteed sign-ups to your offers or promotions. The only issue with Paid To Sign Ups is the fact you’re paying them to register so there’s a good chance you might not see them take any further action.
  • Login Ads: Another more expensive form of advertising that presents members your advertisement right upon login. Also more effective than using Paid To Click advertisements.
  • Banner Ads: An ineffective and cheaper method of advertising that doesn’t usually bring about great results. Reason being that we’re so exposed to these banners already and the fact that these members are given any incentive to click on your banner. Nevertheless, it is one of the cheapest options on the site allowing you to purchase 300,000 credits for just $10, so it may be worth a second look.
  • ClixGrid Advertising: Most ineffective method of advertising in my opinion, but another cheap method nonetheless. For $3 you can have your advertisement posted within the ClixGrid section for an entire month.

The best way to begin using these advertising methods are probably by using a variety of them and seeing which one works out the best for your offers and promotions. But, there is really no say how well your advertisement will perform and whether you’ll end up making a higher return on your investment.

Most importantly though, the last thing you want to do is waste any time clicking on these ads for money. As you already know, earning a legitimate monthly income with a site like Clixten is already very difficult and clicking on these ads really isn’t going to help boost your income.

Your best to make money with a PTC site like Clixten is to focus on obtaining your own direct referrals which can make you a passive income for a long-time to come. Instead of using your time to click on these $.005 cent ads, you’d be better off letting your referrals do that for you and earning 100% commissions on whatever tasks they complete. An even better option however, for you to make money online however, would be to find a higher paying affiliate product to use over these low paying commissions.

Thanks for checking out my Clixten PTC Scam Review. Please leave any comments or questions you have below!

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