ClixUnion PTC Review – How Reputable Is It?

By | November 22, 2016

Product: ClixUnionClixUnion Scam Review

Official Website:

Type: PTC – “Paid To Click”

Price: Free to join (with upgradeable options)

Golden Upgrade – $21 for 30 days

Diamond Upgrade – $100 for 180 days

Rating: 65/100 – Not Recommended

Introduction To ClixUnion PTC

ClixUnion is another PTC site to join the mix, boasting a nice dashboard and user interface with over 15,000 members to date. This is one of the more appealing PTC’s I have joined as of lately. Things went very smoothly after testing out the system and was glad to see that it didn’t take long for earnings to begin to accumulate in my account. There were aspects of the system I also didn’t like as I’ll mention below, such as its “rented referral” system.

As usual, ClixUnion doesn’t really offer anything we haven’t seen already and still lacks from the typical low earnings seen in just about every other PTC. On the upside, the site is currently paying and members have even seen small withdrawals coming in from their efforts.

Keep in mind, that PTC’s don’t tend to payout a whole lot. It takes a lot of effort, work, and time especially to make anything happen with a PTC like ClixUnion. Similar to most other paid to click sites out there, earnings can be as small as $.0002 per viewed advertisement. What I was impressed by was the overall interface, dashboard, and how easy it was to begin viewing advertisements.


How To Earn With ClixUnion?

Similar to many other paid to click sites, ClixUnion offers a nice variety of ways in which you can earn. It’s nice to see how they have the typical daily tasks you can do on other sites like filling out surveys or doing offers or tasks like you can with Clixsense.

Ways to earn:

#1. Viewing Advertisements – Similar to NeoBux, ClixUnion offers a variety in the kinds and types of advertisements that they present with some clicks being worth more than others. They are as follows:

  • Nano Advertisements (15 second ads) – Earn $.0002 + 1 point per click
  • Mini Advertisements (5 second ads) – Earn $.0005 + 1 point per click
  • Standard Advertisements (15 second ads) – Earn $.0025 + 1 point per click
  • Macro Advertisements (25 second ads) – Earn $.005 + 1 point per click
  • Fixed Advertisements (15 second ads) – Earn $.001 + 1 point per click

#2. ClixGrid – Also known as the “UnionGrid,” the game is pretty simple. Pick a location on the image and click it in hopes of earning some money. The problem with the ClixGrid, which is a popular game in the world of PTC’s are that there are so many different boxes to choose from.

More importantly is that the earnings from the ClixGrid are minimal. In-fact, this is the kind of thing that annoys me most with PTCs. After 20 or so tries and waiting 15 seconds for each click to go through, the result was $.00 in earnings! I wouldn’t waste your time with this one!

#3. PTC Wall – The PTC wall is very similar to the “View Advertisements” wall, but with even smaller earnings and an extremely long 60 second wait time for your clicks to go through. Average earnings here are between $.0001 and $.0002.

#4. CPA Lead Wall – This wall is filled with offers that allow you to earn by downloading various apps and games on your phone. This is one of the higher paying walls in ClixUnion with some offers going up to almost $.90 for one install.

#5. Wannads – Consists of surveys and offers you can do in exchange for earning some money. This consists of taking surveys, entering personal information for various sweepstakes, and signing up for other offers. This kind of thing isn’t my cup of tea, since most of it requires you filling out personal details such as giving out your cell phone, e-mail, or home address.

#6. Offers4All – Consists of more advertisements you can click on for $.0001 in earnings. The timer goes much faster with these, but again, low earnings!

There are a few other ways to earn as well, but these tend to be the bread and butter of the ClixUnion PTC. The biggest problem ClixUnion and other similar PTCs face, are the extremely low payouts, which is a result of low-cost advertising. This is another way you can earn with ClixUnion. But unlike the earlier methods, advertising costs money and doesn’t always pan out into the results you want.


ClixUnion Advertising Methods:

  • Paid To Click Ads – 1,000 credits for $1
  • Fixed Advertisements – 15 second ads for $1.25
  • Paid to Sign-Up Offers – 10 credits for $2
  • Startup Ads – 1 day for $1.50
  • Featured Link Ads – 1 Month for $4.00
  • Banner Ads – 2500 credits for $1
  • Featured Text Links – 150,000 credits for $1

If you’re looking for a cheap and inexpensive way to get more exposure to your site or offer, this might not be a bad way to test that out. Overall though, keep in mind that the site is already filled with advertisements and banners.


What I Didn’t Like About ClixUnion

#1. Low Earnings – This shouldn’t come as a surprise. No matter how many clicks or ads you view a day, there is only so much you can earn, especially with those earnings being equal to only fractions of a penny. While getting direct referrals to the site is usually the best way to increase earnings, many of those referrals tend to leave as a result.

#2. Rented Referral System – I never trust the rented referral systems when it comes to PTCs. It always feels like a scheme that I never recommend getting involved with. When it comes to renting referrals, only one person can come out on top. It’s either the website or the person renting the referrals, and 99% of the time its the site that takes all the earnings, while leaving you out to dry.

#3. Unreliable – Most importantly is the fact that PTCs are always unreliable. Some of them don’t pay out after a while and others shut-down. This can be especially discouraging if you’ve put in a lot of time and effort into that specific PTC.


ClixUnion PTC Overview

Overall, ClixUnion doesn’t look bad for a PTC site, that is. But when it comes to actually trying to earn money, I don’t believe ClixUnion can be of much help. While you can earn a few dollars here and there, you’ll still risk losing if the site goes out of business. It’s important to ask whether the earnings you make from the site justify the amount of time you’re putting into it.

Will ClixUnion become a reputable PTC site like Clixsense or will it go down the tanks like many others before it? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. But for now, don’t go into this site expecting a whole lot. While it’s nice to see some small earnings accumulate into your account, you can’t expect to actually earn a living with ClixUnion. No one usually does.

Thanks for checking out this ClixUnion Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, leave them below!

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