Commission Miner Review – Yeeehaw!

By | July 2, 2015

Name: Commission MinerCommission Miner Review 2015


Owner: Bryan Winters

Price: Free To Try!

Rank: 85/100 – Legit

What Is It?

Excuse me for coming right off the bat to say this – but Commission Miner is a product that surprised me.

Unlike other products by Bryan Winter that did not live up to my expectations in the past (like 5 Figure Days), Commission Miner is a well-put together product that offers something we rarely ever see in the world of online marketing.

Instead of just promoting the same old “affiliate products,” Commission Miner puts a twist on this idea by creating this into an “affiliate income opportunity.” While the difference in name is subtle, its the compensation structure is what makes this opportunity attractive to say the least.

How Much Is It?

I’m not one to say no to a free online marketing opportunity.

In this case, despite having taken down my PayPal information, the ability to check out what was inside Commission Miner before even having to pay a penny was a promising sign.

What’s more is this isn’t even all that’s being offered. In order to help individuals make more money, Bryan Winters went the extra mile by offering a CMC rotator. This is an upsell we’ll all have to pay eventually but as you’ll see works for our benefit.

This will get us right into the members co-op!

That way even if we’re not making money from our own efforts money will spill-over from other members. It’s true, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to up-sells but for a product that focuses on making money as a team, this one is a must.

Commission Miner Co-Op

I’m very excited to finally be apart of Commission Miner. Besides all the offered training, one thing that caught my eye is the fact we get to build our own team of affiliates. The more people we recruit and promote, the bigger the Commission Miner opportunity will inevitably grow for us all.

This is a result of being a two-tier affiliate income opportunity and is the main reason I joined. This means that not only do we get compensated for the people we refer on a one-time basis, but for every person our recruits refer. On-top of that we are getting 50% commissions on both levels!

Therefore, the more we can promote this opportunity to others and the more eyes we can get to see the value in this opportunity, the more our income will snowball over-time.

Commission Miner Overview

Commission Miner has everything you need to succeed all in one place. This two-tier affiliate program has attracted flocks of online marketers and given the free price tag you really have nothing to lose. I personally decided to check this out because of your ability to get paid multiple ways. This allows for a continuous passive income. If this is what you’re looking for, then I recommend you check out Commission Miner.




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2 thoughts on “Commission Miner Review – Yeeehaw!

  1. Partnerwithjoe

    Commission miner does work but you need to put some efforts in promoting the funnels they give you.

    I recently joined and have been making some nice commissions instant paypal commissions and wad able to re inject those commissions into my advertising.

    I would recommend this product. However if you join and sit back without promoting don’t expect to make money.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good stuff man. I agree that you definitely need to put in some work to get business going. Glad to hear you’ve been having some success with Commission Miner. Re-investing your profits does sound like a wise choice!


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