Commission Money Machine Review – Why It’s a Scam

By | February 5, 2015

commission money machine scam reviewProduct: Commission Money Machine

Owner: Ewen Chia


Price: $17 one-time payment

Rank: 10/100

What Is Commission Money Machine?

This is a product that is offered for Clickbank Affiliates to promote and sell. It is another one of Ewen Chia’s products actually, and if you don’t know who Ewen Chia is, he’s really nothing but the epitome of a complete internet marketing guru.

I had recently written a review on another one of his products, you are more than welcome to read. As soon as I came across his latest product Commission Money Machine, I was even more surprised to see him still going at it, and figured I’d be doing more good than anything by helping expose what this product truly seems to accomplish.

Thus, the following review will cover in-depth what is offered by Commission Money Machine, why it is not worth your time, money, or even the slightest attention for that matter.

I do have good news though, and that is get ready to be offered with a much more highly legitimate alternative that will allow you to inherently compare the two products side by side, while showing you why you may want to go ahead with the latter!


Price To Join Commission Money Machine?

Ewen Chia offers this product for a simple one-time $17 payment, which as you’ll see on the bottom is processed through and by ClickBank.

You’ll also get a 60-day money back guarantee in case Commission Money Machine isn’t helping you in your mission of making money online.


Commission Money Machine a Scam Or Legit?

That is what we will shortly be finding out. First lets go into the claims being made by Commission Money Machine and Ewen Chia.


Ewen Chia Commission Money Machine Claims:

#1 – Claims you can be making money on autopilot 24/7

#2 – Claims to show you how to set up your very own “money machines” to earn you endless sales

#3 – Claims to show you the simplest way to be making your own “money-magnet websites” to produce cash for you as fast as possible.


Problems With Commission Money Machine?

While Ewen Chia’s intentions at first sight may seem and sound all well and good, there are certainly some major problems with his claims that I will help reveal to you next.

Ewen Chia’s Commission Money Machine product is one that’s been developed solely to help individuals like ourselves earn continuous revenue online, as fast as we possibly can.

One of the problems is the man fails to reveal the truth about this product, the same truth that happens to be the same for so many other similar online products..

While it is true any one person can and is able to build a website from scratch while eventually, over-time earning “income on autopilot, does not happen to be the case with Commission Money Machine.

Hence, the reason for his 60-day Money Back Guarantee, as I am sure Ewen Chia is more than aware you won’t be making a dime within your first month, and most-likely with the methods being used, not even in your second, or third for that matter.

Moreover, Ewen Chia merely provides us with nothing more than a useless E-book that helps to explain these following simple processes (take in mind the lack of support as well):

#1 – How to start building a list using capture pages.

#2 – How to begin advertising to that list using e-mails in order to sell to your audience.

#3 – How to create several “money-magnet” websites to make you money.

While using these three techniques can inevitably become highly-effective, only works over the long-run, and must be executed correctly.

The biggest problem, despite a somewhat drastic improvement from Ewen Chia’s last product development, is item #3 – “creating several money magnet websites…”

While this may have gotten your attention, you shouldn’t let this false promise get to you, as the methods being used are unrealistic, and will immediately give every cause for Google to penalize your sites.

In addition, in order to attain traffic to any new website will take months, which is why Ewen Chia inevitably introduces the use of PPC, a method of traffic people utilize to make money. At the same time, he fails to mention those same people also spend easily an upwards of $500 per month doing so!

Ewen Chia’s product here, just like every other one he has produced in the past uses this main attraction of “how to get rich as quickly as possible,” instead of showing you the more legitimate routes and methods.

It’s because of his sly techniques that his carelessness used in the creation of his own products turn out to almost always be extremely inneffective, especially for internet marketing individuals who are just getting started out.

Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Method

Rather than going through the ropes, and really taking the effort of showing you from A to Z how to CREATE a website, and TARGET your traffic and audience, utilizes this method that involves “the copying and pasting of websites,” in which he calls to be incredible.

On the contrary, these copy and past websites, seen in such products time and time again, fail repeatedly and cause too many internet marketers to give up after seeing and witnessing little to no traffic, and ultimately, almost zero conversions.

Ewan Chia Product Reputation

In Ewen Chia’s latest product, he made an attempt of creating a product that he could both sell and offer for free to any affiliate.. The product would allow any internet marketer to promote his product using the affiliate tools within the back-office.

Now the irony of this all, was that the free affiliate tools used to promote Ewen Chia’s product, is exactly what he was selling, and not to mention at a very steep price of $67.. Point being, the charge would be completely unnecessary, as all the individual would have to do is sign-up as a free affiliate to get all the resources, tools, and resources they needed!!

Nevertheless, this just comes to show how Ewen Chia’s reputation truly preceeds him.

Not only that, but shows how his proof of reputation involved in his Commission Money Machine product is simply over-board and being utilized for nothing but the strongest possible persuasion. Regardless of whether or not Ewen Chia has been titled once as a “#1 International Bestselling Author” is truly irrelevant to where he stands today, how he now promotes himself today, as he’s been doing this for many years.

And truth be told, this is the kind of man ready to go as far as necessary with as little work to be done, as possible, just to make sale, after sale; Sales for a product that offers little to no value whatsoever.

Overview Of Commission Money Machine


Commission Money Machine, is without doubt, a scam!


There is no legitimacy to it at all, and one of its major priorities of the product itself is to help you become an affiliate just to sell the product for him.

Verdict: Scam!

Commission Money Machine Scam

Rank: 10/100


Methods that typically aren’t very ethical nor ones that even work to begin with.

Can you STILL make money on autopilot?!

While that may sound a little over-exaggerate and overboard, sure you can. But do companies who do that, like Amazon, or say even the smallest of brand names who solely function online for income and profit, simply slap up a website on Google being copy and pasted by 100’s of other internet marketing newbies? Heck to the no! :)

Unique content is what will give you the ability to make money on autopilot. That income will depend on the best proper training, support, and mentorship.. All factors that are simply not included within this Commission Money Machine product!

Thus, that brings me to my #1 alternative and recommendation. Despite the lengthy review, I know you’ll come to love it, as you will be bound to making an endless amount of income, in a highly legitimate manner that involves work, passion, commitment, and dedication!

Thanks for reading my review on Commission Money Machine!

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