Copy Paste Ads Scam: Can You Make Money Processing Emails?

By | February 11, 2016

Name: Copy Paste AdsCopy Paste Ads Review


Type: “Email Processing”

Price: $25

Rank: 10/100 – Scam.


What Is It?

Copy Paste Ads is an online marketing product very similar to EPS Prosperity Hotline, which both promise you the very same thing – process these e-mails and get $25 for each one that you do.

They disguise this product as though it’s this database entry kind of job, when in reality, it is a lot harder than it looks and the furthest thing from a legitimate method of making money online. Unfortunately, Copy Paste Ads doesn’t even go into any detail or explanation of what you’ll really be doing before you cough up $25 to get started.

This site that was created in 2014 has scammed a lot of individuals out of their money and has led to individuals spamming both Facebook and Craigslist to get other individuals to join a product with no real value.


How Much Is It?

When you first purchase Copy Paste Ads, what you’ll find is that your only given access to a very basic training page. The price of this so-called training is $25. When you get other people to purchase Copy Paste Ads, you make back that $25.


How It Works?

What you also get is an exact replica of that includes Copy Paste Ads Reviewyour affiliate ID. Basically this is the primary product you are getting.

You then use that page to get other individuals to sign-up and buy copy paste ads. When they do, you make a $25 commission.

Thus despite the highly mis-informative homepage that leads us to believe we make $25 for each processed e-mail, we really only make money when an individual signs-up and buys Copy Paste Ads. You could send 1,000’s of e-mails with no sign-ups in return only to make $0 in the end.



Can You Really Make $3,750 Per Month?

Technically you could, but let me just tell you it would be extremely hard to accomplish with a program like Copy Paste Ads. For one, there is no value being given with this product. People are going to see right through what you’re Copy Paste Ads Reviewpromoting and not even take a second glance.

Any successful online marketer knows that success in online marketing isn’t build on some fast cash method to riches, but on helping other people.

If you can help other individuals make their dream a reality, you’ll find all the success in the world and that’s something that cannot be accomplished with a site like Copy Paste Ads.

There is just about zero support, no sense of community, and training that doesn’t even work. Who wants to go around on Facebook and Craigslist spamming other individuals to desperately try and get them to sign-up?

These methods are completely outdated. If you look at the online marketing world today, you’ll find that so many new and effective methods of becoming a successful online marketer have now replaced the old techniques that never really worked to begin with.


So What’s The Alternative?

The best alternative to Copy Paste Ads is to create your own site that you can use to create value for your visitors. You need to lure people into what you’re promoting rather than attempting to try and push a one-page site feeding them nothing more than a bunch of B.S.. People have grown resilient to the fact that they can’t make money “processing e-mails.” Nobody pays $25 to send an e-mail.

The only way to actually make $25 doing so is if the person on the other end pulls out their wallet, which their most-likely not going to do. Even if they were, how many individuals do you actually know you can e-mail this too? Even if you do have a 100,000 on your list, I can almost guarantee you that everyone of those e-mails goes straight into the spam folder. A lot of times I see people posting this in Facebook groups with the hopeless attempt of trying to make that next $25..

Let me just tell you, it is very difficult to do with a product that offers absolutely nothing in return. People want value and help, and that is something Copy Paste Ads does not provide. For something legitimate, check out my number #1 recommendation below and feel free to leave any comments, questions, and suggestions below.

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