Copy Paste Business Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | April 1, 2015

Name: Copy Paste scam review 2015


Owner: Ankur Shukla

Price: $17 Or “$18.63”

Rank: 28/100 – Scam!

Really!! So it was around 3 pm when I decided I was finished working for the day. See I’m allowed and privlidged to do so, because of Wealthy Affiliate. However, because a great part of my job deals with seperating the scammers from those legitimate I couldn’t pass up writing my next review on Copy Paste Business.

It can really annoy me, when individuals either try and convince, or get people to believe, there is some kind of involved online marketing secret dealing with this act of copy and pasting.

But there isn’t, and likely never will be!

What Is It?

Copy Paste Business is a top-selling product on JVZoo, that claims to help you setup your own “Cash-Generating IM Business In 60 Seconds Flat.” Don’t get me wrong, setting up your own SEO business is an excellent way to get started online, and is a very helpful and useful asset that can be used to help both individuals and business around the world.

But is Copy Paste Business trying to get the best of us, or is Ankur Shukla really trying to help us?

I guess I’ve come to the sense that any business trying to get me to believe a 60 second done for you money-making software, immediately raises my suspicion. I’ve bought many products in the past, particularily from sites like Clickbank and JVZoo, but have yet to see any fast cash product go to work as they say.

3-Step Process

Copy Paste Business works through a software that uses a very simple 3-step process:

Step #1: Download Copy Paste Business

Step #2: Upload It To Your Website

Step #3: Launch In 60 Seconds and Begin To Profit

What Copy Paste Business Includes?

#1 – Guaranteed Converter – Transforms a blank website containing SEO services and PayPal integration.

#2 – Fully Responsive Design – Usability on both desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

#3 – Built-In SEO – For good website rankings.

#4 – Copy Paste Business Training – Covering traffic methods, becoming a vendor, and how to outsource parts of your business.

#5 – Web App – Easing website design and customization.

#6 – Services Including – SEO, Content, Social Media, and Digital Products.

How Does It Work?

Copy Paste Business works by helping you to create your own SEO optimized, mobile-ready, website and offer and sell outsourced products and services.

Given the purpose of trying to give the consumer as much leeway and ease, the product does not come without its own many underlying difficulties and problems.

Copy Paste Business Disadvantages

#1 – Traffic! – I believe this to be the biggest underlying difficulty and factor of all, which is why Copy Paste Business wouldn’t dare to not come out with atleast some type of training on how to attain traffic. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work at all. Nevertheless, the mere fact it relies solely on PPC (Pay Per Click) methods, makes this an even bigger problem.

#2 – SEO Of The Website Itself – Here is the next biggest underlying problem. As claimed on the sales page itself “So you need content, keywords, backlinks & more to get #1 rankings… Except getting everything done is time-consuming.”

Personally, I couldn’t agree more!

Thus, if you believe that Copy Paste Business is able to solve this issue, wrong! It will only aggravate and worsen it, even more. By copying and pasting completely duplicated content, services, and even images, to thousands of purchased members already, you can bet on it that Google will recognize your “new awesome 60-second made” website, as a complete copied and duplicated site.

What happens then?

Your website will get pushed back and farther and farther, because it knows what’s up, and will penalize you simply for the lack of properly written unique content.

#3 – Backlinks – Even the softwares automatic backlinking is a big no-no, which when found out by Google, will ensure your new website doesn’t get a single visit.

Traffic For Success!

Here is what you really need to focus on to succeed online – Traffic!

It’s really the only focus your mind should be on.

Any experienced and successful online marketer will know this.

Thus, it does not matter what you are offering in services, how high in demand it’s in, the beauty of your very own website, or how amazing your content is, if everything is being copied and duplicated!

Many individuals will simply buy into this product because they believe what they’re being told is the truth, but the only genuine idea and product being offered here is possibly a decent website design, and a bit of training. Everything else, including the potential results, simply won’t occur!

Verdict: Scam!
Rank: 28/100

You need traffic, your own unique website, with your own offered services and products to make this happen. It’s almost a rule of internet marketing that Copy Paste Business attempts to surpass on its own for its own selfish profit.

Thank you for reading this Copy Paste Business Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below!

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  1. Laura

    Have you found a way to literally make money online? If you did please let me know. Without any scams, I need a blueprint step by step. Thanks


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