Copy Paste Income Scam Review

By | February 17, 2015

Name: Copy Paste Incomecopy paste income scam review

Owner: Ewen Chia


Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $37

Rank: 0/100

Copy Paste Income Scam Review

If you’re wondering why I’m saying this off the bat might be due to the fact, this is my third review done on a product made by Ewen Chia alone… that is, since January 2015!

So, is it all just one big coincidence Ewen Chia is literally pushing out one affiliate product after the next for his own pure selfish greed?

I believe the answer.. yes!

Unfortunately, as duty calls I can’t let this product off the hook, title this a scam, and move on in life, without giving it my fair affiliate review..

So lets see whether or not, Copy Paste Income by Ewen Chia has any legitimacy to it whatsoever!

What Is Copy Paste Income?

A product by Ewen Chia that makes some ludicrously unfair claims. In his recent Copy Paste Income release, the apparent claims is that by purchasing his system, you can begin to easily make money online by the mere act of copying and pasting.. (sorry, for being biased in anyway)..

But yes, the very same thing that they would refer to back in high school, as plagiarism!

And although, you won’t necessarily get caught for doing anything illegal or get “expelled from the internet,” you won’t find yourself making any money with, and, or from Copy Paste Income either – (given one possible exception, that is you being an established online marketer who knows what you’re doing!)

The mere and simple fact we are being given this claim by this renounced popular author of “How I Made My First Million On The Internet,” says a lot..

1) He’s desperate for more attention and more money.


2) He simply has no care for you and will go miles and miles away to do whatever he must in order to make a profit from you.

While in most scenarios, making a great online profit is truly a wonderful endeavor and one I don’t in anyway advise against, unless your sole intentions are to provide individuals with no real value in exchange!copy paste income scam review

Just like any honest business model out there in the real world, the internet is no exception to the rule.

In order to become a profitable online marketer, it is inevitable you provide some proper value..

In the case of Ewen Chia, his carelessness of doing so gives reason to why he releases the same product on a repetitive basis, yet simply titled under different names.

And while this may fool the majority of starting online marketers, I’ve written this review in a sole attempt to change this unacceptable act.

Ewen Chia apparently is a man who after so many years of effort still has not come to the simple realization, affiliate marketing is in-fact a legitimately real $4.6 billion and rising annual industry.

As a result, he continually takes advantage of online marketing newbies by the exploiting of fake wondrous secrets, and non-existent loopholes into todays realm of online marketing itself.

Copy Paste Income Product Includes..?

Not that it truly matters, but includes the very basic, promotional e-mails and squeeze pages!

– Copying and Pasting Of E-mails
– Copied and Pasted Squeeze Pages
– Copied and Pasted Autoresponding Messages.

Hence, despite the well-played making and development of the overall outer appearance and figure of Copy Paste Income, Ewen Chia’s end-resulting product literally has no substance, at all.

Brief example: Say I’m in Ewen Chia’s shoes, my routine looks like this – I go out and hire some freelancers to write me a set of e-mail messages for my buyers, I then hire another freelancer to create a very fancy sales page (approx. a $500+ investment), and then go out and spend five minutes creating a squeeze page for my consumers to use.

Is It Legit?

Essentially, for $37 that is all you are getting.

It is because of such lousy and awful products people begin to turn to other means of online income making methods, resorting to multi-level marketing in a possibly desperate attempt to make money.

By the end of this review however, I would very much like you to know, this is not your last resort!

I was once in a position of hopping from one product to the next and would have never claimed it all to be worth it, if it wasn’t for finding the one product that could offer the most value for such little cost in exchange.

How Copy Paste Income Works?

It works too simply actually, and unless you have your own developed and established website, online business, or even a youtube channel with a ton of traffic, you’ll might have some luck promoting the product… I guess..

How Much Is It?

When it comes to price, here’s a nice little secret I would like to let the “Ewen Chia” product crowd in on.. Why pay, when you can get it all for free!

Odd how Ewen Chia’s very own affiliate marketing product has its own loophole within. All that is required is for you to click on the “affiliate” link down below on the bottom of the page.

This should take you right away to all the essentials that are all already offered with Copy Paste Income.. That’s right, I’m talking about all the banners, the e-mail messages, autoresponder messages, and so forth.

I take that back!

Since Ewen Chia’s latest release it seems the man has come to his senses and realized how terrible of a loophole this was. As a result Copy Paste Income does not provide these resources, but if you were to check out this product by Ewen Chia, you should see what I mean!

More importantly, you will know exactly what you’ll be getting in return for your money – zilch!

Copy Paste Income Overview

Unfortunately, Ewen Chia has gotten into a habit of promoting his same old product over and over. It’s actually immensely repetitive and overboard boring.. But for an easy and simple explanation, the products he offers are all 100% meant to give you and/or anyone else the same tools so that you can promote his Copy Paste Income product to the masses.

That’s it!

Thus, by simply utilizing your own (free) affiliate link, by registration through Clickbank, you can obtain and promote all of what Copy Paste Income already sells without even having to buy it. So, if that’s what you’re looking for in order to make money online, there you have it!

The Better Alternative?

Forget Copy Paste Income, in-fact forget Ewen Chia, and every similar online marketing guru tactic. Eventually, if and when you decide to become more knowledgable in affiliate marketing, you’ll start to find guys using some of the slyest techniques to get you. They’re products make them look like snakes not caring to give you any value, as long as you’re giving “him” or “her” money in exchange.

Therefore, I bring to you the one product that allowed me to get out the ash heap, completely get me off my bum, and start producing real and actual measurable results..

A product that provides all the lessons, support, resources, tools, and the great sense of necessary trust you’ll need to help you become the new founder of your online affiliate business!

So, if this sounds like you, check out my review and get started here today!

And whatever you do, make sure to never get caught up in any online marketing scam, especially the ones promising you to “get rich by the end of this week.. through easy (but actually the most complicated) copy paste scam techniques!”

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, leave them for me below!

4 thoughts on “Copy Paste Income Scam Review

  1. Andrew

    I too looked deep into these products from Ewen Chia and it seems to all blend into copy and pasting mayhem. Thanks for the review, Regards

  2. Corinne

    Would just like to say I purchased Copy Paste Income, and was a complete waste of time.

    This system is nothing but a scam! I recommend staying far away from this product.

    Thanks for the review,



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