Covert Commissions Review – Scam Or Legit?

By | March 31, 2015

Name: Covert CommissionsCovert Commissions Review - Scam Or Legit?


Owner: Soren Jordansen, John Merrick, and Cindy Battye

Price: $27 Including Up-sells.

Rank: 30/100 – Scam

What Is It?

Covert Commissions is a newly released affiliate marketing system by three well-known online marketing ‘gurus’: Soren Jordansen, John Merrick, and Cindy Battye, from IM Wealth Builders.

The fact Covert Commissions is in no way the first product released by these people immediately raised my suspicision and skepticism of this product. Thus, I thought it best to provide you all with my honest take in this following review.

The product is offered on both Clickbank and JVZoo, and mainly consists of pre-made lead capture pages. Covert Commissions additionally claims you can easily begin to make $1,000 per week online with its simple to use system.

Concisely stated, Covert Commissions can be summarized as a small affiliate marketing suite, with various tools and resources needed to build your own list, and start making sales.

Whether or not Covert Commissions can truly assist you or I in earning an income, is what this product review is all about!

Price – How Much Is Covert Commissions?

Given the many far-fetched claims like:

[Top Secret: For Your Eyes Online!] Definitely not the first time I’ve seen or read this line!

Or, how about its main, very lengthy, tag-line:

“Instantly Deploy This Extremely Powerful Weapons System To Break Open The Bank Vault & Sneak Away With A Massive Heist Of Unlimited, Evergreen Affiliate Commissions On Complete Auto Pilot!”Wow, what a real eye-opener!

Thus, I personally find the aspect of price, to be very important when going ahead with this review. As we are likely to face a number of upsells and cheap-selling, low blow affiliate marketing tactics!

It’s almost impossible to find the price on the front-page alone, with everything that’s going on. Nevertheless, it’s a one-time $27 fee to “lock your spot in.”

By doing so, they claim you can now simply “Turn the key and start up your massive autopilot online income.”

I’ve learned to always subconsciously respond to these type of “autopilot or automatic” income making statements and situations, in a very skeptical manner, and for good cause!

Since starting online marketing two years ago, I have come to learn the importance of holding this attitude, knowing that not a single product out there on the market, can help me create income on autopilot, other than myself and the proper mentorship and coaching.

How Covert Commission Works?

Despite the many literal outrageous far-fetched claims, we unfortunately find that our immediate cause for curiosity is raised. Many times, it feels there’s nothing we can do about it, other than research it beforehand, or simply go ahead and purchase the product.

This is why Internet Marketing Guru’s like Soren Jordansen, who have been doing this for years and years, is why he knows the manner in which the majority of individuals will react, and their actions they take from there.

Thus, the sales page of Covert Commissions was created with nothing but the buying consumer in mind, even showing you your own Cover Commission money-making license for heavens sake!

It’s beyond unbelievable how far certain people will now go just to make as many sales as they can when releasing their new product, not to mention.. the $200,000 income claims and “proofs.”

Here Is What Covert Commissions Provides:

#1 – Ready-Made Affiliate Marketing Funnel.
#2 – Credits To Choose/Pick Your “Missions” – Aha! Looks as though we already found the first up-sell. Covert Commissions will give you just 5 credits upon joining. From there you use them to purchase a pack, which in reality, are nothing but simple products that you choose for your niche. Once you’ve selected your “mission” (niche), you are given a variety of promotional tools.
#3 – Promotional Tools – Including pre-written E-mails, Tweets, PPC Campaigns, Articles, Signature Ads, and Banners.
#4 – Squeeze Page Links – Using the available promo tools, to then send your traffic to your squeeze page links.

Alleged Result: “This is where the magic kicks in and we automatically convert your traffic into long-term, auto pilot income for you.” – Good one!

Now we have all the information we need to really conclude everything related to this product! Everything else includes examples, some fancy autoresponders, and nothing of importance, etc.

Covert Commissions Disadvantages!

Now we are getting to the good part and the one major reason (along with its annoying upsells) why I consider Covert Commissions to be a scam. In-fact the large portion of today’s online marketing products result in being a scam, because of its inability to live up to consumer expectation and all the hype it unnecessarily seems to cause.

This tends to result in products created with over-lengthened sales pages, too much talk from those who can’t do the ‘walk,’ non-sense upsells, and pretty much anything to get you spending money.

Thus, the one thing Covert Commissions is missing, and knows its missing, is actual TRAFFIC!

I believe that many individuals will be going into this product expecting to spend more and more credits, only because their previous ‘niche attempt’ failed, without the proper understanding as to why. Without the necessary amount of daily traffic and visitors, without the proper audience needed to see that offer, will ultimately render all your tools, effort, and work, useless.

This would happen to me all the time when I started out as an internet marketer. I didn’t know at the time, how important and vital traffic would play as a role. As frustrating as it was, it taught me a lot.

Because 99% of internet marketing products, and more, tend to shrug this off, because of all the work that resultantly goes into teaching you in how to attain it, they intentionally leave it out. Another reason is it immediately calls out their so-called “secret” as useless, and not much of a secret any more.

Thus, it won’t matter how awesome or fancy looking your autoresponder is, or the wide number and range of capture pages that you have, or even the bundle of autoresponder messages pre-written for you, because no matter what, without a proper plan in place, either nobody is going to see it, or you simply won’t have the proper audience viewing it.

Therefore, you as an online marketer, must consider traffic, as your very first plan of attack. Once you’ve obtained traffic, everything else follows – unquestionably so!

Personally, I would rather have a crappy sales pitch, a crappy and bland looking capture page, and some mediocre images in front of a much larger crowd, than no crowd at all. I’d also much rather be able to tell my audience the genuine truth, than to have to lie to them to make money.

That’s what legitimate online marketing is.

Unfortunately too many individuals have resorted to this constant way of scamming others, as though they gain some kind of satisfaction out of it. Tell me, would you go this route, or would anyone, if their legitimate place of business was in-fact not online, but in a concrete brick building..? I think not, or else nobody would go back!

Moreover, unless you intend on obtaining your traffic through the mere use of PPC campaigns (causing you to spend hundreds of dollars, just to make a few sales), then maybe Covert Commissions may be able to fit a few of your needs.

But, for the most part, I believe that the greater majority of those who purchase Covert Commissions as a way for them to start making money online, just won’t work. Here is what will!

Covert Commissions Overview

I know my reasoning may sound a bit far-fetched itself, but it is the concrete truth, and if I was unable to learn this using the proper approach and from the proper sources, I’d be left like a deer lost roaming in the wild. I’d continually be buying these worthless Clickbank products, without much to show for.

Thankfully, I was able to get the proper advice, training, and resources, and have been successful in my online marketing journey. And is why I will un-hesitantly recommend this to any one of my friends, family, and visitors!

Anyway, I hope you have taken some valuable advice here with you today, knowing you’re better than Covert Commissions and that you can do much better. If you want to learn more on my gradual but quickly growing success, feel free to visit and see My #1 Recommended Product Review!

Otherwise, feel free to leave me a comment or question below, and I will make sure to get back to you. Thanks, and have a great day!

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