Daniel Rosenberg’s Auto Money App Scam Review

By | March 8, 2015


Name: Auto Money Appauto money app scam review

Website: www.automoneyapp.com

Owner: Daniel Rosenberg

Price: “Free” (Minimum $250 Deposit)

Rank: 0/100 – Not Recommended!

What Is Auto Money App by Daniel Rosenberg?

It is just another binary option trading application very similar in nature to the Secret Millionaire Society and its provided “Safe Trader App.”

Is It Really Free?

No! That’s the biggest catch behind Auto Money App and other similar binary option trading scams.

Despite Auto Money App’s initial claim that it is a free downloadable software that can be retrieved through some kind of unique invitation link is completely false.

Moreover, another big claim made by Auto Money App is in its ability of minimizing risks within the binary trading option market, essentially allowing you to make even greater gains in return.

But the true fact is, there is not a single unique characteristic about Auto Money App that should make it worth your time.

How Auto Money App Works?

The way this fake software works is in-fact very simple and literally does absolutely nothing but lure you in to making your own individual deposits in order to make some calls in the binary option market.

What this does, is it gives, the apparent owner, ‘Daniel Rosenberg’ all the binary affiliate claim to a percentage of the commissions that you win.

Therefore, the only use behind Auto Money App is to get you investing your money, for the selfish profit and greed of Daniel Rosenberg!

How Much Is Auto Money App?

Daniel Rosenberg claims the software is absolutely free with no catches, but you will be required to invest a minimum of $250.

This initial investment is then used towards a certain or specific binary option trade, which you are able to personally choose.

Chances Of Winning?

Just like any gamble, you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

Therefore, there is no special predictable trait behind the Auto Money App. There is no such thing as some kind or type of smart app that can essentially
foretell the signals within the binary option market in order to help minimize your chances of losing and increase your gains – essentially what all the false buzz is about these days!

Auto Money App Overview

Regardless of whether or not you have taken part in the binary option trading market previous to this review, I suggest completely forgoing this way of attempting to make money online.. With or without the use of Auto Money App.

In my experience, these applications only seem to worsen your chances of winning by having you continually make one deposit after another. Thus, the minute you lose it all, there is no chance in getting your money back!

Moreover, what Daniel Rosenberg and other similar online marketers are attempting to do in exploiting this type of online binary option trading crowd is completely wrong, immoral, and possibly one of the most unethical ways of making money.

The point of this review is to help you see that and to hold onto your wallets before going anywhere near the Auto Money App.

For a much more better recommended solution to help make your first online income, please see here for more details on my #1 recommendation!

Thank you for reading.. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below and I will get back to you!

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