Dans Success Plan Review – Is It Legit?

By | January 18, 2015

Product: Dans Success Plan

Owner: Dan Webster

Website: danssuccessplan.com

Price: Free – With a Catch

Rank: 1/100

What Does Dans Success Plan Consist Of?

As shown on his main page, his claim of him not selling you anything, but the opportunity to making an online income each month is in-fact true! But, is there a catch? That’s what this review is going to find out, for you.

Heard Of Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Maybe you have, maybe not, regardless Dan Webster in this case is connecting his audience to himself, as he being the middle man between his consumers and this work at home product known as Coffee Shop Millionaire; a simply standard type of online marketing program training online marketing newbies.

The Secret Catch With Dans Success plan!

Although, he provides his system at absolutely no cost to you, the catch here is that by connecting you being his consumer to the Coffee Shop Millionaire platform, makes money being the affiliate.

Because Coffee Shop Millionaire is in-fact not a free online marketing training platform, every payment made through danssuccessplan.com, essentially will go to him as his commission for recruiting you.

Why Dans Success Plan Isn’t Worth It?

The simple fact here, is actually.. very simple!

Dans Success Plan provides nothing more than a website that works to traffic his free signed up registrars as being future potential affiliates to the product, Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Now, while Dans Success Plan may not seem completely unethical, in order to actually estimate the legitimacy of his overall plan, is by reviewing Coffee Shop Millionaire. Is it a truly good training platform for online marketers to learn from, is it so-so, or something to stay away form altogether?

Nevertheless, you should also take into account that once upon a time Dans Success Plan indeed did not offer a free membership, and only accepted paying consumers for members looking for assistance with help in creating, setting up, and maintaining their own personal website.

Since then however, it seems Dans Success Plan found a more lucrative, easier way to make money online by simply having you register for free while offering its consumers anywhere from $500 to $5,000 in monthly income. The mere fact Dan Webster misrepresents this offered membership as something completely free calls out for such skepticism.

Dans Success Plan Overview

I know this looked to be a much shorter and more concise review than usually provided here on Affiliate-Sale, the simple fact is Dans Success Plan once fairly legit product of helping out members in creating and maintaining their own websites, to now simply forwarding them to an opportunity that could take care of all the potentially true hard-work, while he gets paid sounds immoral, nonetheless overall schemish!

My Verdict: Not Legit!

Rank: 1/100!

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