Digadz Paid-To-Click Review – What Is It?

By | January 22, 2015

Product: Digadz

Type: PTC/Revenue Sharing

Website: www.digadz.com

Rank: Legit – 70/100

What Is DigAdz?

DigAdz.com is one of the latest most popular growing website platforms that can benefit both publishers and advertisers. The website at first sight looks professional and while it may seem a bit confusing at first, DigAdz may be worth your time depending on how you intend on using it.

While many seem to use DigAdz merely for the Pay-To-Click (PTC) benefits there are other aspects that I feel are important to review.

Whether or not you can make a decent amount of online income using DigAdz is really dependent upon how you intend to use it and other potential online assets you may have in place.

Lastly, DigAdz does over a Revenue Sharing service as well. But like the majority of HYIP opportunities out there, becomes something you may want to be careful with.

How Does DigAdz.com Work?

As mentioned this is an advertising platform a bit similar to Clixsense in a sense however, offers more than your everyday Pay-To-Click services.

For those who are unaware of what a PTC is and how it works is fairly simple to understand.

In most cases while it seems to benefit both parties (that is, the advertiser and DigAdz User), you will find that your ability to earn when using PTC solely is greatly diminished and usually not worth the time.

Nevertheless, the way that it works is the advertiser will pay DigAdz.com to promote their website, product, or service. In return, DigAdz members will click on these advertisements and watch either a video or something along the lines and get paid around $0.01 at best in most cases. These advertisements usually will take up 30 seconds to a minute of your time.

DigAdz PTC System Using Points:

Unlike most conventional PTC systems online today, DigAdz differentiates itself and services by offering you redeemable points in exchange rather than the occasional fraction of a penny when you earn.

The reason for this is a result of a newer attempted system they are implementing. With DigAdz the more advertisements you watch, the more points you get in return.

DigAdz members who receive the most points are in exchange better rewarded by the company by offering you a higher payout along with more available advertisements to watch.

In a sense, this is a better and newer method in the world of PTC’s as it ultimately allows those who better invest most of their time within the platform are able to earn more than others.

Withdrawal Amount Minimum:

Although I am usually no advocate for anything PTC related, even Clixsense in that case, the one thing I really like about DigAdz is its very low minimum withdrawal amount, at just $5.00.

One thing to take note of however, is this could truly take you weeks just to get to that amount and as you can see is in no way a reliable online income earning method..

However, say I was in highschool, even in a college class for that matter, would I spend my time ignoring my professor and utilizing DigAdz to get a few extra bucks for a six-pack after class?


Unfortunately, it’s too late for that. But the good part is, I’m still in online marketing, which is a truly fascinating world in itself!

So Is DigAdz a Reliable Online Earning Method?

You got it, NO! Of course not.. Not even close.

Matter of the fact is, DigAdz will have no problem whatsoever in its ability to continually recruit more people into its platform as a result of everyday new online marketing newbies looking for a way to get started!

Unfortunately, most of DigAdz members will find themselves getting potentially and obsessively caught up with the ability to recruit and refer as many possible members as they can!

Why Refer?

Because, didn’t I mention, DigAdz just like most other PTC services out there today will offer you a residual income from the members you refer.

Therefore, for each member you refer to DigAdz you get a portion of their earnings. Whether it be a penny for each advertisement they watch or what not, the simple fact here is, you can ACTUALLY make some good money if you have the RIGHT methods and marketing plan in place to continually refer 3-5 people every single day.

This is where the real money comes in with DigAdz, and if you truly want to make a nice, very legitimate income I would not shy away from it completely. But I would make sure I would have my own website in place (of course..!) and a presence where people can continually find me advertising and promoting DigAdz.

So How Do You Get Started?

Simple, really.. Yes, it may take a bit of time and learning, but just as most things do these days, your mere ability to promote whatever you like and be seen hundreds of times a day is an invaluable feat which I know you wouldn’t want to pass up on.. Right!

Get Started Here!

Thanks for reading this review on Digadz and if you have any comments or questions leave them below.

2 thoughts on “Digadz Paid-To-Click Review – What Is It?

  1. Waters

    Are the members required to invest at Digadz in order to withdraw money?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Waters,

      Yes, as a Digadz member, you would be required to invest in their HYIP program. In order to do so, you must purchase a set amount of adpacks to begin earning.

      I personally don’t recommend it.. Earnings are extremely volatile and similar to many other HYIP’s out there today, could run out of business at anytime. Earnings are dependent on total sales of daily adpacks. Thus, the day those purchases stop being made, the day people will stop getting paid.

      Thanks for your inquiry,



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