Does LexiAdz Provide a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

By | February 5, 2016

Name: LexiAdzLexiadz Review


Type: PTC (Paid To Click)

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 70/100 – Legit.

What Is It?

LexiAdz is a PTC or paid to click service that pays you for completing a variety of tasks. As a LexiAdz member you can decide to become a regular member, advertiser, or both. LexiAdz therefore, not only allows you to earn from home, but even reach thousands of other potential consumers by advertising your offers or promotions.

However, despite the many potential benefits involved in this PTC, it still faces many of the same downfalls that confront the majority of other paid to click services out there. This includes but aren’t only limited to low average payouts, a somewhat unfair rented referral system, and advertising that isn’t always so effective.

Nevertheless, LexiAdz is a legitimate PTC service that can provide you some benefits., but is not something I recommend for the person who is looking to earn a full-time income.


Membership Options

There are four membership options within LexiAdz which you can choose to pay on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Lexiadz ReviewStandard Membership: Free

Golden Membership: $15 per month,  $90 every 6 months, or $150 per year

VIP Membership: $35 per month, $210 every 6 months, or $350 per year

Ultimate Membership: $99 per month, $550 every 6 months, or $950 per year

The main differences between LexiAdz membership options mainly deal with the amount of commissions based off the clicks of your referrals as well as the maximum number of direct and rented referrals you can have. If you’re a standard member for example, you’ll only earn 50% of the click value where as an ultimate member gets 100% in commissions.

There are some other benefits to having a higher membership as well, but I only recommend doing so if your obtaining referrals on a normal basis. A standard member is only allowed 200 maximum referrals whereas an Ultimate member can have up to 4,000. It can also be beneficial if you’re renting referrals, but it isn’t something I recommend getting involved with regardless.


Renting Referrals

Renting referrals shouldn’t just be considered as risky business in this case, but almost a near guarantee loss. Every person I’ve spoken too always deal with some type of loss after renting referrals. This is becoming a popular strategy within PTC’s these days and actually isn’t something I see as a strategy at all. It’s really only there to help the PTC service profit off its members. In this case, only one person or service here can profit from it and that is LexiAdz. It simply cannot go both ways.

Many individuals tend to think that if they get the higher membership option or rent more referrals on a daily basis or have a certain way of recycling their referrals that they can come out on top. But to be honest, there is no way around this and it ends up in a lost 99% of the time. Even if you were to end out on top, the profit is so minimal that it is not worth investing your money or time into.


Direct Referrals

Direct referrals on the other hand is a much smarter method of leveraging your income within the service, as you don’t need to pay anything to maintain them. If I were to use LexiAdz for one purpose, it would be to obtain direct referrals and nothing else. I wouldn’t even bother clicking on its ads that pay… What is it? $.0001 per click, yeah no thanks.

But by obtaining a good amount of direct referrals, you can eventually begin to earn a pretty decent income with the site. However, in order to do that you need to get traffic and you need to come up with a good strategy to funnel individuals into LexiAdz. On the upside, getting new individuals is easy since it is free to join and use after all. Plus you can emphasize on the fact that they can begin earning money right away. One place that’s great to learn how to do that is Wealthy Affiliate!



One of the nice features about LexiAdz or any PTC for that matter deals with the various ways you can choose to advertise if you wish. There is no limit to the number of ways you can choose to advertise to other members, but the biggest drawback here is the fact that all these members are expose to advertisements all day from being on the site. So, some could argue that the advertising is somewhat ineffective, but it’s very cheap so it can be a good way to start.

  • Paid To Click Ads: Cheap method of advertising, somewhat ineffective, but very cosLexiadz Reviewt affordable. PTC Ads are based on the number of credits you wish to purchase. 1,000 credits is equivalent to 1,000 clicks and can be purchased for only $1.00.
  • Fixed PTC Advertisements: Very similar to Paid To Click Ads with the only difference being in the fact that rather than being shown a specific number of times its shown over a duration. More expensive, but your ad will be fixed in a certain position for a period of time.
  • Banner Ads: More ineffective way of advertising, but is more cost-affordable and can get your offer more exposure than paid to click ads. Also, people aren’t getting paid to view your ads as they are with PTC ads, which can be seen as good or bad..
  • Paid To Sign Up Offers: Involves you paying to get other members to sign up for an offer. More effective, but also more expensive and is questionable given the fact you’re enticing these members to sign-up. There’s no say as to whether or not they take any action afterwards.
  • Login Ads: Very effective method of advertising, but also more expensive and allows members to see your advertisement as soon as they login.


LexiAdz Overview

When it comes to earning with LexiAdz, there really is no limit as to the number of ways you can earn. You can begin viewing on ads right as soon as you enter the site, but it will only earn you pennies if that. There are other ways you can begin to earn as well such as signing up for free trials, possible surveys you can fill out, and other small tasks like watching videos.

The biggest downside to all this though is how small the earnings constantly are. The best way you can benefit from LexiAdz is by getting more direct referrals to the site and to avoid using rented referrals at any and all costs!

As previously stated, LexiAdz is indeed a legitimate and paying PTC service. It’s also important to note however, that not all Paid To Click sites actually last in the long-run. So there is always the chance that they may not end up paying out, but typically that usually isn’t the case. When all is said and done, using the service to simply click on and view ads is not something I recommend. Same goes with renting referrals, which almost always ends up in a loss.

I really don’t believe LexiAdz is a good way to earn a legitimate full-time income, but it does have its other uses. If you’re looking to advertise a certain offer or promotion, this can be a good way to test out the waters at a very cheap cost.



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3 thoughts on “Does LexiAdz Provide a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

  1. Farajalla

    @Dan Smith , do you have any proof of what you are saying?
    please provide me with your username to check what happened exactly in your case.

  2. Dan Smith

    Be careful. The owner of lexiadz that is the same as UltimateClixx, LexiAdz, ClixBlue, and AdzBazar is deleting accounts when they reach and ask for payout. I was deleted too once I reached payout without any reason at all. All the 4 sites are having the same complaints. The owner is a scammer and pay just the big investors.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Dan. PTC’s tend to do this a lot, so I’m not too surprised, but definitely some valuable information you’ve provided for us here!!


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