Domain Affiliate Engine Review – Scam or Legit?

By | March 6, 2015

Name: Domain Affiliate EngineDomain Affiliate Engine Scam Or Legit?


Owner/Creator: Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain

Price: $37

Rank: Legit – 83/100

What Is Domain Affiliate Engine?

This is a very new product recently developed by Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain that works as a WordPress plugin. It is therefore, a software meant for affiliate marketers to turn any one of their websites into an actual Domain Checker. Upon first sight, my feeling was there was really nothing Domain Affiliate Engine could help or benefit me.

Upon further investigation, Domain Affiliate Engine had proved to be much more unique in nature and could prove useful to the millions of worldwide affiliate marketers out there, especially those who focus on blogging, content creation, and attaining traffic.

How Domain Affiliate Engine Works?

After purchasing a copy of Domain Affiliate EnginDomain Affiliate Engine Register Reviewe, you will have a license to the WordPress Plugin, which will enable you to use the unique software for your everyday visitors and traffic.

This can easily boost your personal reputation and credibility as a marketer by giving your visitors a tool that could be very helpful in their ability to search out and find a new domain name to register.

Problems With Domain Affiliate Engine?

The only problems I’ve ran in with Domain Affiliate Engine include:

#1 – Really slowing down your websites loading time. Because the plugin will take up and consume a lot of space and memory on your hosting server, you may want to look into purchase an extra dedicated server, to help speed things up.

#2 – In addition, while the product does make a few over-exaggerated claims, its not so bad! For example, Domain Affiliate Engine is definitely not a type of plugin I’d want to be using on say a gaming niche website, or anything along those lines. In order to really benefit from Domain Affiliate Engine, you’ll really want to have a specific niche, where your audience will already have a potential interest in seeking out and purchasing a domain. Otherwise, you’re likely to find it pointless.

#3 – The last problem I’ve found, concerns with the actual home page and what’s being stated.. For example, Domain Affiliate Engine claims you only need 30 daily visitors to make a great income with it. In my opinion, you’ll need well above that.
In addition, the owners behind the software claim you can profit from the product without any blogging, content creation, or even any traffic. I’ve found this to be way too much of an over-exaggeration.

Just because you have a unique and cool plugin on your website doesn’t mean much without the proper and right amount of targeted traffic, other content, and simple overall engagement!

Without traffic, you really have nothing, making it all the more important to work on content creation, building long-term trust with your targeted audience and traffic.

What I Like About Domain Affiliate Engine?

#1 – The price tag is fairly low, at only $37.00. In addition, I really like the guarantees which are made right on the homepage, and because it’s being offered by JVzoo is a 60 day guarantee which you can count on!Domain Affiliate Engine Registrars

#2 – It is a legitimate wordpress plugin that can truly help leverage your daily income.

However, it is important your niche is targeted enough to the right audience and people, otherwise you may not see many sales come your way.

#3 – Lastly, what I love most is the actual plugin itself! Your ability to simply enter in your affiliate ID into each one of the 7 domain registrars is something I find very cool and unique, allowing your audience to really browse and compare through the various pricing.

In addition, your ability to build up a list of e-mails and consumers makes list building look like a breeze; a very cool add-on, which though didn’t seem necessary for the owners to add at first is nice.

Domain Affiliate Engine Overview

To conclude, this is one product I could feel good recommending to others. I believe with the right niche, audience, and traffic, is something that could be used to build up a nice secondary income from just your blog alone!

It is definitely unique and seems to have some great benefits and the purpose of it is an ingenious idea.

With plenty of affiliate marketers offering the same old Go Daddy or Name Cheap reviews and affiliate links, Domain Affiliate Engine does a great job at taking the “bait” here, by offering a plugin that is cheap, unique, and specific to affiliate looking to make a nice hefty commission.

The use of adding seven various search engines therefore, makes this a worthwhile tool, not to mention the list building services alone, which will truly only work to boost your income in the long-term!

Interested In Affiliate Marketing?

Have you had a unique interest in affiliate marketing.. Well I’m not surprised! It is truly one of the highest paying occupations out there today, and would be dumb to miss out on.

Nevertheless, like most things in life, we can have a hard time getting started by ourselves without any proper sense of direction.

So check out this #1 affiliate marketing recommendation. Do me one favor, check it out and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave them below.

Thank you for reading.

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