Domain Cost Club Review: Legit or Scam?

By | February 2, 2015

Product: Domain Cost Club (aka DCC)Domain Cost Club Scam Review


Price: $99 Basic ; $499 Premium

Rank: 17/100

In this review I’ll be covering Domain Cost Club from two different perspectives; one of the buyer and from the seller, or affiliate’s point of view. While Domain Cost Club, in a way operates similar to bigger-named companies like Godday, HostGator, NameCheap, to name a few, one of the primary differences I’d like to cover today, is the home-based opportunity itself.

So, if you’re contemplating on becoming a Domain Cost Club affiliate, or even a wholesale purchaser, I recommend you first read through this DCC review.

What Is Domain Cost Club?

Domain CostClub is a company very similar to big corporations that we better well-know today as GoDaddy.

More importantly is its precise similarity with and to Global Domains International, otherwise known as G.D.I – a company founded back in 2000. While there are a few minor differences at play, they both offer an affiliate and Multi-Level Marketing opportunity.

Cost To Join Domain Cost Club?

In order to become a member of Domain Cost Club, you’re required to pay one of two fee’s:Domain Cost Club MLM Scam Or Legit?

1st – $99 multi-level marketing fee; a DCC standard member package that determines your resulting compensation from your recruitment efforts of other individuals.

2nd – $499 multi-level marketing fee; a DCC charter member package allowing for increased compensation by your recruiting.

Difference Between Domain Cost Club and GoDaddy?

I believe what you’ll find to be unique with Domain Cost Club are its extensive features and offers in regards to domain names. As a result of its attempt to stand over and above the crowd of bigger domain corporations, is why you’ll also come to notice some highly unusual domain extensions.

These extensions are better known as TLDs, and the likeliness of you having come across or seeing any one of these TLD’s listed on Google’s SERPs is literally slim to none.

In-fact, it’s important to become aware of the fact, that in-regards to the general population, “.com” is by far the most favored extension when it comes to getting your website indexed.

Unlike GoDaddy and it’s affiliate opportunity which offers the much more favorable, original top-level domains, GDI & DCC have come to offer 1,000’s of various and highly-randomized domain extensions; extensions that may in-fact look to be attractive at first-sight, but unfortunately are  unrealistic when it comes to creating a legitimized branded website. And thus, is likely best to be avoided altogether, as both a potential affiliate, network marketer, and consumer!

“Newest” Domain Cost Club TLD Examples:

Domain cost club TLDs Review– .RIP











Why TLD’s Are Ineffective & Useless?

I did this to help make you aware of the motive behind DCC. Although, Domain Cost Club doesn’t seem to have an actual represented owner, or co-founder to vouch for the products legitimacy, gives reason to why the company itself (given their specialty in the purchasing of domain names) are aware of the fact that these TLD domains, are useless.

Is Use Of TLD’s a Good Idea?

Yes, it may look like a truly good idea, yet regardless of the actual idea comes down to the simple fact in question, if there is anyway this could work out. Imagine…

How confusing it would become if Google were to begin indexing 100’s of newly made up TLD/Domain Extensions?

It would cause a LARGE number of issues if Google were to ever decide in changing its algorithmic policies when it comes to proper SEO and ranking.

Another problem that comes to mind is the mere fact, no one would be able to remember specific websites anymore. People would be going crazy over the fact just trying to remember if they entered the right extension or not.

Hence, while this TLD/domain extension has been brought up for quite awhile now, has made such a minimal impact in the world of domain purchasing!

Let’s get into the affiliate opportunity regarding Domain Cost Club…

Becoming a Domain Cost Club Affiliate?

One thing I’d like to point out, is Domain Cost Club’s very own Home Page. The first thing you’ll come to notice is not only the large-spelled words of “Become an Affiliate,” but even a whole DCC affiliate video besides it.

In my opinion this immediately shows me more about the entire motive behind company, which is made to simply leverage its own affiliate AND MLM Networking opportunity – A true call for skepticism!

Domain Cost Club Overview:

After thoroughly reviewing Domain Cost Club, its high-price to join an opportunity, which can be done for free at GoDaddy, for an opportunity, product, and service that only seems to be losing more popularity tells me the opportunity has implemented one too many features to ever become a success; both in-terms of the company and every one of its affiliates.

Furthermore, it’s easy to reason why Domain Cost Club has taken measures to implement their own MLM opportunity.domain cost club MLM scam review

While the affiliate marketing home-based opportunity makes plenty of sense, adding a whole new marketing level scheme to it, that requires payment solidifies proof that the creation of this product and website was nothing more than for mere profit.

The fact GDI has also been using this same technique, minus the use of TLD’s, also brings another factor into place… That is, both these companies have taken the Domain Industry and utilized its legitimate products to create their own multi-marketing scheme behind everything else.

There’s a reason for the legitimacy of GoDaddy and that’s the result of offering the right consumer products without any in-your-face type MLM advertising!

Domain Cost Club Scam Or Legit?

To conclude, Domain Cost Club and Global Domains International are not just very hard-sells, but are also costing you a fortune to get into an opportunity where you must be required to sell this opportunity and product to others.

While the opportunities may not be scams entirely in themselves, the required fee and payment to join is completely unnecessary and the reason to why I believe is utilized only since the products themselves, aren’t actually selling!

Try selling such TLD extensions to the online community before paying any fee simply to see how well it would work! Or, why not simply go with the better alternative and start and create your own website. Become an affiliate for a whole wide number of legitimate products and services out there, without being charged hundreds of dollars!

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