Dubli Network Review: MLM Gambling Scam Of The Decade

By | October 9, 2014
Product Name: Dubli Inc.
Owner: Michael Hansen
Website: dubli.com
Price: According to Membership Levels:
-$4.95 Monthly Fee
-$99 Onetime Fee
Overall Rank: Not Legit.

Dubli Network Overview: An MLM Downfall!

The Short Premise Of The Dubli Inc. Review:

Dubli is a global marketing company that go under the trademark name of DubLi.com. Dubli is a sales company that sells merchandise by the use of internet based auctions which now presently owns the following subsidiaries: BSP Rewards, Lenox Logistic, Dublicom Limited, CG Holdings, and Network Limited. Today DubLi is now one of the world’s largest operating e-commerce stores operating with over 5,000 stores worldwide. Some of the biggest complaints are that people especially in the U.S., who have signed up for DubLi can’t find any store operated by the company within their local area. The biggest attraction to DubLi is its cashback program, offering money back on a wide variety of services:





-Financial Services

The second biggest complaint being received however, by most DubLi affiliates are that they are not being compensated cashback, most-especially as soon as they have reached a certain quota, or limit. That is, it seems DubLi’s operation in regards to company profits have relied greatly on the cutting of members cashback and rewards. The incentive being that as a global company it would be very difficult to implement any legal type of action, given the MLM nature, and digital-type of the DubLi Company.

Reason For DubLi Membership Payments:

-$4.95 Monthly Fee/ $99 One-time Fee: Allows DubLi shoppers to elect for an additional 4 to 6% cash back by becoming a member.

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More On The Latest DubLi News:

The DubLi Network at first glance very much reminded me of Amway Global. Reason only being they both seemingly provide a global wide opportunity to create earnings in a similar manner; that is through the selling and purchasing of products and services that are being bought online everyday.dubli network scam 2014-10-14 12-52-59

That is that used to be the case, for Dubli at least, until the company decided to go public and literally began using some of the most immoral and unethical tactics in the book!

While Amway Global has proven to show some mixed reviews in terms of the overall experience, the main answer was that despite the company’s offering of very solid health and beauty products, the ability to earn compensation can indeed be extremely difficult. That is not to say Amway Global is by any means a scam.

As long as they have a legitimate business opportunity in place, are following the law, and promising both consumers and independent business owners what they claim they are, than it indeed can prove to be helpful. This has especially been proven in countries not including America, such as China, where the opportunities prevalence has grown evermore popular and is becoming loved by other various cultures.

Nonetheless, I realized in most cases that Amway’s own MLM earning opportunity proved that it can take months, if not years, to begin building a legitimate online income.

Given that Amway Global is an actual legitimate MLM opportunity, that does not rely on income produced by gambling, is it possible we could say the same about Dubli? 

I’m afraid not!

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Dubli’s Shopping & Gambling Earning Opportunities: Outright Wrong.

This was the main reason I decided to take a look into DubLi, as I’ve also found this network becoming more and more prevalent in the past months alone. Similar to Amway, Dubli Network similarly claims to offer a unique secondary income opportunity by means of using common everyday products that you could also find on Amazon and E-bay.

Unlike Amway Global however, one can immediately tell that Dubli is a much newer occupant within the global selling industry of various commodities and not only suffers from the reliable resources and mentorship Amway has, but upon discovery, shows Dubli Network has now relied on schemish promises (e.g. Free Grand Canyon Vacations).

dubli network shopping scam review 2014-10-14 12-51-37


While Amway Global was founded over 50-years ago, Dubli claims to have been founded as a global earning opportunity since only 2003. Its popularity seems to have risen in just the past few years; a result of increasing number of complaints and warnings by scammed Dubli business associates.

Dubli Network Review: Why So Many Complaints!

What’s the deal with Dubli, and why do I think this company will be falling out sooner than later?

First of all Dubli looks to be making many false promises in terms of their online earning opportunity. The first feeling you get is that as a Dubli “Business Associate,” you are easily able to make money utilizing Dubli’s online shopping mall and online auctions.

The Dubli Scam.


However, it seems Dubli’s main motive is to use these Business Associates for their own good. It becomes even easier to tell with the many complaints offered, that Dubli has been using its very own business associates as a means to produce company income instead of utilizing proper resources and funnels to help allow their business associates actually make money.

While Dubli’s shopping network may after all seem legitimate upon first view, that does not necessarily mean that the company’s earning opportunity can or should be trusted. After all, in order to implement a worldwide MLM network opportunity, requires more than just a few people at the top, but plenty of staff and proper customer service to be able to help with any business associates need at any given time. That is not shown to be the case here with Dubli!

Is Dubli really using their own Business Associates to make money?

It seems so. By using their business associates personal contact information to try and have them buy their own Dubli “Money Selling Kits.” Many people are consistently finding this to be a scam and are actually calling this type of endorsement as illegal on Dubli’s part.

Additionally, Dubli Business Associates are offered Dubli Credits.

What are Dubli Credits?

Essentially, they are a similar form of money per say, but more like tokens that can be used and played within Dubli Auctions (in other words, a form of gambling) to help Business Associates win certain items and earning opportunities, which seems to be one of the biggest ultimate causes in proving Dubli as a non-legitimate means to gain a secondary income.

Thus, there have been a rising number of complaints here as well, saying that Dubli has effectively been changing the auction rules after purchasing Dubli Credits. What’s worse is that the Dubli Auctions itself are suddenly disappearing or not able to be used at all.

Regardless of the number of positive reviews you will see on Dubli, just be aware.

They are merely being used to leverage the company’s own reputation. Just by seeing the large gap in legitimate comments vs. comments claiming the company is a total scam, any person can tell that this company should not be trusted in the slightest!

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Not only has this company been recorded as the top 5th failed MLM company in the world, but the mere use of taking advantage of gambling techniques with Dubli tokens alone shows highly immoral techniques as a way to so-called help their own employees earn income.

The company has furthermore shown repeatedly to get people to consistently invest thousands of dollars to help increase earning opportunities, which has shown to fail everytime.

I found that the worst technique being used by Dubli’s corporate owners are the fact they are randomly charging various Business Associate credit cards without any prior authorization. In addition, business associates by Dubli are finding this opportunity to be one of the most highly mistrusted corporations they could have ever decided to work for.

When Did Dubli Decide To Start Ripping Off Its Own Business Associates?

dubli network scam 2014-10-14 12-54-46It seems since 2008 the company has decidingly become more corrupt within its highly-illegal decisions.

The fact the DubLi Network has gone global seems to make it even harder to prove these accusations to be true. The year 2008 is also when Dubli had decided to have its company go public, thus giving those at the top of the corporate ladder all the more reason to be more greedy within its own tactics.

Since that time, the companies own MLM opportunity, turned into the worse possible pyramid scheme. For those who are unaware, there are certainly proper ways of implementing MLM and network marketing techniques to producing income. The difference here being that business associates are being almost forced to comply with certain gambling tactics as their only chance and way of making any money whatsoever.

Dubli Network Overview: Total Scam!

Nonetheless, Dubli’s network has become nothing but a total and complete scam, you’ll want to stay as far away from as possible. Especially if they continue to decide in using their wrongful revenues as means to advertise the company on a larger scale. Hence, the more exposure Dubli Network gets, the more people will get scammed without being able to do anything about it!

The importance of doing the proper research when it concerns online marketing research is and should always be second to none.

DubLi Review Verdict:

Online Scams

DubLi Inc. Rank:


33 thoughts on “Dubli Network Review: MLM Gambling Scam Of The Decade

  1. Arif

    Thanks all for sharing these valuable information on Dubli . I was almost going to invest at Dubli, received few offers to sign up with this site from different people, until I realized this was a scam.

  2. Riley

    Really appreciate your insight on DubLi.. Your review couldn’t be more spot-on bro, their cashback program is a complete scam just to get you to buy more products and refer more people. I have yet to earn a dime from them!

  3. Adriaan de Rijk

    Thank you very much for writing your review on Dubli.
    I have started in Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago.
    Someone told me about Dubli and I wached their
    presentation video. I didn’t know what to think of it.

    Now I do! Thanks to you.
    I realize it is really ease to judge an internet marketing
    oportunity if you compare it with WA.

    So I learned something valuable.
    Have a nice day

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Oh wow Adriaan that’s completely awesome! I am so happy to hear this type of news, I am also glad you took the time to stop by my website and leave a comment with your experience on “DubLi,” A.K.A The Most Hyped Up Scam Of Today!

      I honestly know exactly what you mean, the DubLi presentation is full of everything except legitimate information! Almost as though the company’s sole purpose is to fool the world into paying for some cashback scam, a bargain, which the company is barely holding up on. You are absolutely right Adriaan and I’m very happy to see your newfound ability in distinguishing Legitimate Online Earning Products versus 100% Online Scams.

  4. Dano

    I loved reading your review on this Dubli “rip-off” Opportunity.

    Thanks for the help!


  5. Kenny

    Hello, thanks for this DubLi review.

    I was also scammed by DubLi in a way. I’d like to tell you more about it, but I’m kind of in a hurry at the moment. Anyway your Dubli review is on point, for the most part. In comparison to the many Dubli advocates out there you actually stated a lot of truth about the backbone with this company. One thing though that you might want to fix is the pricing. You stated it was $99 monthly V.I.P membership, rather it’s just a one-time $99 fee.

    Just thought I’d chime in and let you know.

    1. Pete

      Appreciate you for pointing this out. I just modified the post. Sorry for the small error there!

    2. Rob K

      It is $99 for a business licence to promote Dubli and receive income from others joining that your refer to the company. You also can earn income from the purchases people make with the real businesses such as Apple that are part of the Dubli shopping mall. The business payment is a one time payment.

      As a customer you can join for free and get the cashback. People however have the option to upgrade to VIP which is an annual payment of $99 if there is a shopping mall in the country you live in. It is about $45 to be a VIP in you live in a country without a local shopping mall.

      VIP members can also earn money by referring people, but get a one off payment for each person who joins as a VIP customer.

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Wow great additional information here on DubLi Rob. Many thanks for sharing this!

        I believe one of the biggest underlying problems with DubLi however, is that a lot of the products tend to be offered at an increased cost due to the amount of cash back, and many people have a problem with not having a local DubLi shopping mall near them.

        Another issue is you tend to have to refer many individuals into DubLi in order to make any solid income with it.

        Thanks again!

  6. Jeremy

    Great to see that you have judged Dubli against the biggest (and best) brand in this niche, Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate set the standard and so a comparison such as this really highlights the failings of Dubli. It’s like my father always told me… “to get a true measure of yourself, you should compare yourself to the best.”

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yes Jeremy, as much as I dislike writing reviews with a somewhat biased tone it can be a bit difficult to properly persuade people the legitimate truth of the scam with what’s really going on behind the opportunity. I do realize the very real attraction behind it. I mean who wouldn’t love to obsess themselves working for a company promoting various shopping mall opportunities, including its latest biggest cashback feature, which I have recently found and spoken with a few Dubli Representatives that they have yet to attain any cash at all from Dubli.

      I’ve even seen them go as far as to shutting people’s accounts because their cashback resulting in being too high of a payout..!! Though that’s not the first company I’ve seen do that. That and the fact of the immensely increase in growth of the company as a result of its “attractiveness” will most-likely result in shutting down if they continue with these awful tactics – promises that the company has no means to fulfill once reached at a certain point.

      I think you wrote an excellent comment by the way Jeremy and truly resonates with Dubli and who they are. When correctly measured against Wealthy Affiliate, the comparison is as equivalent as putting Mike Tyson in a ring versus any Junior Lightweight.

      W.A is the Mike Tyson of online marketing, better yet Muhammed Ali! :)

  7. Paul

    I’m glad I read this. I heard of Dubli for the first time only a few weeks ago actually but I didn’t know very much about it. I try hard not to get suckered into the next big thing or more biz opps. I never really know what to think of opportunities because I don’t do diligent research on them for the most part. It is SO important to do proper research before joining anything. Thanks for this.

    1. Pete

      Yes Paul, that’s completely correct.

      Due diligence and proper research before joining anything that concerns online marketing is so important.

      This truly cannot be over-emphasized!

      Glad you enjoyed my Dubli Review and hoped you took some good information away from it.


  8. Jared

    I had never heard of Dubli before but I will make sure to avoid them if I ever come across the company. Thanks for the heads up

  9. Michelle

    Hi Pete. It is amazing that there are businesses like this that are still operating when they are truly at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe they began in a good place, but now it appears that they are operating like a pyramid. Been through enough of those horrible things! I hadn’t heard of Dubli until your review, and I appreciate you taking the time to let people know the truth and hopefully save people from this pathetic scam.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      I sincerely thank you for your input and glad that my review is doing some good in the world :)
      Pathetic would be the accurate term! Anyway thanks for taking the time to leave a comment
      on my Dubli review.


  10. Nichola

    Thanks for all of your info. I was invited today to sign up and something just did not seem right? Glad Iistened to my gut feelings. If I were to invest in this company it would be the stock. You buy in before black friday and the tuesday after cyber monday you sell all of it.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Nichola, you bet!

      I am relieved to hear this. Even saving just one innocent worker from the plagues of todays awful marketing scams getting you to pay for things without a fair trial, seems to me as unjust.

      Thank you for informing me of how this post purposely created for visitors like yourself, could help sway you from making unregrettable choices and decisions.

      Also appreciate your input on the company stock and black friday, but as you already know, Dubli will find a way, and anyway to not let you profit by simply doing so. As far as I am aware this is very relative and in part to what I previously referred to with Dubli’s gambling use. Though its not being said explicitly as gambling, for legal purposes, this is just one of many Dubli Network scamming tactics.

      In-terms of Dubli’s owner, his reputation is pretty awful. He is the primary guy who’s now in charge and co-ordinates all aspects of Dubli. There is no board of directories of course, nor anything reliable in the case of Dubli Network.

      I’m so satisfied you listened to your own gut feelings. Nothing proves stronger than following ones ordinary instincts and making a proper decision upon them.

      Thanks once again for your helpful insight and comment Nichola, and if you are ever looking for a true and legitimate online business, don’t hesitate in taking a look and reading over my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

      This on the contrary, is the ONE online earning product I can fully back-up, and speak nothing but great things about. Even as an experienced online marketer, I found myself unable to succeed before registering with them :)

  11. Carla Ives

    This one sounds like one of the ones I describe as “Run like hell!!!” I can’t believe what some people think others will fall for. The sad part is fall they do or these types of “biz opps” wouldn’t be around very long. Hopefully, your insightful review will stop people from being taken for a ride by these scammes!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Haha yes it truly is “one of those”! I believe it will help in preventing others who are looking into and contemplating upon this opportunity Carla. Many people are searching for Dubli reviews, while 90% offer the same old insight of something along the lines of “Join Now” for pure profit, the other 10% explains the reality with Dubli and why it should not be trusted! This is what I believe to be for the good of the people :)


  12. Tim Bartrum

    wow, this is a great article! Dubli sounds like a massive scam which must be really annoying for people who sign up to these things without realizing.. I like the way you’ve shown a clear comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Dubli. Very good article and I’m sure it will help lots of people :D Wealthy Affiliate is the best!!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Haha yes indeed. Thank you Tim. Very kind of you my friend and I’m so happy to hear how great your Wealthy Affiliate Journey is going! There is none other like it and so glad to have you onboard.

      Thanks for your comment on Dubli and glad to helped point you in the right direction. Imagine the difference it is making right now in our lives and what life would be like without it. Wealthy Affiliate is unique and one of a kind which is why it is only going to help maximize and strengthen our online success in the many upcoming months :)


  13. Michelle

    Multi-level Marketing at its finest! I had not heard of Dubli before, so this is a new one for me. Too many false promises and it won’t last long. Unfortunately, too many people are going to lose before that happens. Thank you for the heads up! :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Absolutely Michelle!

      Anytime.. Surprised you have not heard of Dubli, but we both know how much safer it will be to stay away from such scams preventing genuine online success these days.

      Thanks, and your welcome for the heads up :)

  14. Randy Wood

    Wow Peter. Sounds like they take the cake. Any company that makes charges to anyone’s cards and then tells them why after are most definitely a scam. That is if you can even find out why. I ran into that once before. Not cool. Thanks for this review. Randy

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Well that’s not so cool either! I would hate to be a victim of something as schemish as that. Sorry to hear about that. Good thing you found Wealthy Affiliate. No better income opportunity out there I’d say ;)

      Anyway yeah, Dubli Network is as bad as it gets. Whats new with todays greatest scams anyway.. They just seem to get worse and worse don’t they! Thanks for the input Randy and am happy you were able to find my review on Dubli!


  15. Cathy

    Wow, what a stark difference when it’s being compared side by site with Wealthy Affiliate. The table said it all, doesn’t it. Honestly, it doesn’t even deserve 10/100. I would vote for the lowest point.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      You make an excellent point here Cathy. I’m surprised I could even find it in me to rate Dubli even a one out of ten. The earning opportunity is not only useless, but practically not there. It’s more like the Dubli employers are the only one’s benefiting off this crazy ponzi scheme!

  16. Gary


    Thank you so much for this review on some folks I had not even heard of to date.

    They sound like they had something decent going at 1st but like so many decent things
    the good disappears as soon as MLM gets added.

    In this case if they are building the Pyramid Opportunity off gambling revenues that is way out of bounds on a lot of different levels.

    Thanks for the awesome info, keep up the great work, all my best,


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Exactly Gary! You are right on point with your comment. It looks like you found some good attention-grabbing information within my post, which makes me very happy to see.

      You know Dubli really did seem to be going off on a great start at first, but things all took a change as soon as the Dubli Network Company not only went public, but global as well. I assume that these tactics were all an initial foreplay of what they knew they were going to soon implement.

      Thank you for the amazing and inspiring comment!


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