E-Poll Surveys Review – Too Many Problems..

By | May 16, 2016

Product Name: E-Poll SurveysE-Poll Surveys

Website: www.epollsurveys.com

Price: Free to Use

Type: Online Survey Panel

Rank: 45/100 – Borderline Scam


What Is E-Poll?

When I first started using E-poll, I was really happy with the whole registration process and the ability to literally fill out a survey as soon as I had confirmed my e-mail. What I didn’t like was that it told me I was getting “100 points,” and the reason being because I didn’t exactly know what those points would be getting converted into. Now I know you can convert them into cash or gift cards, but I didn’t how many points each gift was equivalent to.

Nevertheless, I took my first E-poll survey and the survey I filled out was related to the kind of cable I use, the times I watch T.V. and on what days, and the type of T.V. shows I like. It was actually a fun survey to fill out and I kind of enjoyed it. What I didn’t like most about it however, was the fact that the questions seemed to feel a bit redundant and repetitive after awhile and soon enough, filling out the survey just began to feel tedious.

I feel like that is the biggest drawbacks of sites like E-poll and other survey websites. Filling out the surveys can feel like a very tedious process. They ask things like on what days you watch t.v., at what times, how often, the type of t.v. shows, etc.. After awhile you feel like you don’t even know the answers to the questions anymore.

Let me show you an example of exactly what I mean (e-poll survey excerpt):

E-Poll Surveys

I was at a point where I felt like I was taking the SAT’s. These questions just kept going on and on. If you don’t mind filling out surveys like this, then take out some headphones and start playing some Spotify or iTunes, because you’re really going to need it. Other than that, I guess the survey wasn’t too bad. It actually wasn’t as long as I expected.

When I went to back to the E-poll survey dashboard, I really was unimpressed with the entire site. It was so bland and outdated, that I didn’t even really want to do anything more with it. Compared to other survey sites that have a lot more tools and is a lot easier to navigate, E-poll survey just completely failed in this area.


E-Poll Survey Rewards

More importantly however, was the fact that the 100 points I just earned from filling out my first E-poll survey was not (I repeat, was not) showing up in my E-poll account, which IE-poll Survey Rewards was really bothered by. Maybe it was because the system hadn’t updated yet, but either way, I find that to be pretty

Afterwards, I took a look at the rewards section and was astounded by what was being offered, and not in a good way. You need exactly 3,750 points just to receive a $5 gift card. I simply couldn’t believe it. I had spent all that time filling out a cable survey for a mere 100 points, and I would need 3,650 more points just to make $5!

That’s almost like having to work overtime at a full-time job. Just to receive a $30 gift card you would need 18,750 points.. Divide that by 100 points and that is equivalent to filling out nearly 187 surveys, give or take depending on the points rewarded.


So Do I Recommend E-Poll?

The answer couldn’t be made any more clear. I don’t recommend e-poll in the slightest. It will take forever just to even get to earning a $5 gift card reward, let alone one that’s worth $10 or $15. Combine that with the issues of a poorly designed platform, points not showing up in your account, and surveys that take up a lot of time and E-poll is not worth it.

I feel like that’s become the case with the majority of survey companies out there nowadays. I really feel like they just take advantage of all our time and effort to pay us very little in return. I still haven’t really found a survey company where I would go out and brag about the money I was earning. But if I do, I’ll let you know.

Other than that, make sure to stay away from this one.

Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding E-poll’s survey panel? If so, please leave them below.

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