Earning Junction Review: Pro’s Vs. Con’s

By | October 21, 2015

Name: Earning JunctionEarning Junction Review - Is It a Scam?

Website: www.earningjunction.net

Type: HYIP/Revenue Sharing

Price: $1, $5, & $10 adpacks

Rank: 57/100 – Borderline Legit!

What Is It?

Earning Junction is one of the most recently launched revenue sharing program that allows you to both earn and advertise at the same time. The way this is done is through making an investment into its adpacks. These adpacks in-turn not only allow you to re-gain back your investment, but to advertise to others within the Earning Junction network.

Now it might sound almost too good to be true. The ability to gain both traffic with an added profit on top of your investment is really all an internet marketer could ask for. But there are downsides to this and the biggest one is the involved risk.

When joining these kinds of revenue sharing programs its important to properly evaluate the website before making any rash decisions. While some revenue sharing programs have been able to successfully last in the past, I would say that the majority have easily ended up shutting down. In this review I’m going to make you more aware of these risks along with my own personal experiences with a few HYIP’s.

Price of Adpacks

But first, lets get into some of the finer details that are involved with this program. That first one being price. Here is a good solid indicator that Earning Junction is definitely looking to be as legitimate as possible. With adpacks starting at only $1, you actually get a nice 130% ROI here with a $1.30 return and you can buy 500 of these so your $500 return could result in $650.

Earning Junction Review - Is It a Scam?

Earning Junction’s Silver Pack costs $5 per adpack with a 140% ROI and the Gold Pack is a $10 adpack with a 150% ROI. Just like the Starter Pack these two packs also have a maximum purchase amount set at 500 and 1,000 total adpacks. The price here is actually something I’m in favor of here, as I’ve seen too many revenue sharing products that attempt to pointlessly offer adpacks of up to $1,000 each and more!

How It Works?

Take note, that any and every revenue share platform is not really selling you these adpacks, but rather the opportunity to advertise, while earning money on the side. That way if and when anything happens to the program, they are not obliged to pay out any withdrawals.

In addition, selling you “advertising” is a way of saying that their a legal business selling a legitimate service. So the question of whether you can truly earn with Earning Junction is a yes. But we have yet to go over the real risks that are involved with these kinds of programs; risks that nobody ever told me of and are rarely ever to be found on the site itself.

When you buy any adpack in a revenue sharing platform, you’re really just buying a position in a line of people waiting to get paid out. Let’s say you invested $100 with a 150% return on investment..

This investment should accumulate overtime until it hits $150 and the adpacks then expire. You can then decide to use this to purchase more adpacks OR use it to withdraw. Now take note here, that Earning Junction has implemented a very high 40% repurchase rule. While this may not be in favor of the individual himself, it may allow the program to last longer.

What do I mean by last longer?

I mean its ability to sustain. Something most revenue sharing programs have a very hard time doing. In order to sustain and in order for the company to payout the $150 instead of the original $100 investment, it needs a constant flow of income into the program.

So if ever the program stops getting new members or begins to find the amount of deposits decreasing, it’s going to have a lot of trouble paying out both its old and new members alike.

While some may end up leaving in profit, other members might find that they didn’t even get a chance to recoup their whole investment. It can be very irritating, but this is the reality of revenue sharing and I was truly in shock to find out I’d once lose an entire $500 investment in one day.

Just like that, the program went out of business!


  • Opportunity to earn money online
  • 8% Referral commissions
  • Price of adpacks are affordable
  • Has their own Facebook group


  • Not the most ethical means of making money
  • Risky endeavour
  • Can shut-down at anytime
  • Needs a large investment to make anything substantial
  • Advertising is also ineffective

Earning Junction Overview: Pro’s Vs. Con’s

I’ve tried weighing out the pro’s and con’s for you, but if one thing is certain, it will always be a revenue sharing program. So no matter what, there will always be an element of risk. A lot of the programs sustainability will depend on its growth over the coming weeks and months.

But let me tell you, I like how they introduced their own Facebook Group. A lot of times it is very hard to trust companies without a name or reputation with your own money and investment. So the fact you can see what’s actually going on and be able to chat with its owners is hugely beneficial.

The other thing I want to mention that is pretty cool is its multi-tiered affiliate program. Meaning, you’ll not only get 8% commissions from your first level referrals, but a 4% commission as well from the referrals they recruit. On the contrary, if the site does happen to go down, you’ll end up losing everything you worked for!

In regards to the program disadvantages, they kind of outweigh the pro’s, in my opinion.

First it’s not much of an ethical way of making money and I’ll tell you why. All the profits in these kind of programs depend on one factor and that is money coming in from its newest members, which are then cycled to the older. In other words, one person’s gain is really just another person’s loss and if they come in at the wrong time, then there goes their investment.

In addition, you would need a very large investment just to make anything substantial. Remember the example from earlier? $500 just to make $650 – that’s only a $150 profit, not to mention the 40% repurchase rule just dramatically weakens the amount of profit you’ll be getting, at least in the short-term.

Nonetheless, that’s not to say you can’t make money with Earning Junction and in my opinion, I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon… I think. As long as they can effectively grow the business (which also will depend on its affiliates by the way), it’s possible they can stay around for the next year.

Then again, nothing is set in stone and I just want you to know that.

I believe when we look for an online business, we can find something that we can really work with without having to worry whether they’ll still be around. This means a program that is reliable, consistent, and proven through out time. What I am referring to is affiliate marketing, which has actually allowed me to move away from these HYIP’s and make money by helping others. If you have an interest in online marketing, than I guarantee this one is for you!

Thanks for reading my Earning Junction Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below in the comment section area.

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2 thoughts on “Earning Junction Review: Pro’s Vs. Con’s

  1. John

    So in other words this is a pyramid / ponzi scheme. I thought those where illegal?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      They should be man, but it’s their advertising service that makes it legitimate. As a result earnings are not guaranteed and is really just more of a bonus to the advertising you purchase. It’s disappointing how they don’t make you aware of the risks ahead of time.


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