EasyHits4U Review

EasyHits4U.com Product Review

Name: EasyHits4U
Price: Basic Easyhits4u Membership – Free.
           Premium Easyhits4u Membership – $7.95/Month
           Ultimate Easyhits4u Membership- $19.95/Month
Overall Rank: 95/100

EasyHits4U Traffic Exchange Overview

What is EasyHits4U, and how does it work?How EasyHits4U Works

Essentially EasyHits4U is one of today’s most popular traffic exchange websites on the web. It is also a portal of gaining lots of great traffic, as well as an excellent way to help your website, affiliate links, youtube videos & media to gain increasing exposure. Basically how EasyHits4U work is, every time you view a website, for a 20
second minimum, you earn one website view in return to your own website:
–> whether it be an affiliate site, a personal blog, or an online business.
Moreover, EasyHits4U utilizes two methods for viewing:

  • The 1st is by a 1:1 (1 to 1) ratio, where after you view a website for 20 seconds, you earn a credit, or token, to allow your website to be viewed in-turn.
  • The 2nd method is by a 2:1 (2 to 1) ratio, where instead you can choose to view a website for 15 seconds, but must view 2 of them, in order to have 1 visit in return to your own website.
This is also known as a manual T.E., otherwise known as, Traffic Exchange. In order to prevent bots and spam, the EasyHits4U system utilizes an anti-captcha system, so that everytime you surf one website, you must click on a correct answer (e.g., a #, phrase, or picture), which then in-turn allows you to rack up as many traffic exchange credits as you like.
EasyHits4U Splash
This is particularly beneficial to people looking for greater, massive exposure to a particular website!

EasyHits4U- The Good & The Bad

The Good

PRO #1 : An easy, and simple way to boost rankings authentically to your website,EasyHits4U Benefits
while allowing for massive exposure.
PRO #2 : An additionally excellent method to connect with other EasyHits4U members. After knowing how to connect with people, you can then begin to message your audience, a certain kind of promotion, your website link, basically anything you want, at no cost!
PRO #3 : The additional option and ability to make money simply for surfing websites, although minimal, you get around 10 cents for every 100 pages you view. In essence, it is a win-win situation!

The Bad

CON #1 : The potential of people spamming you in their messages with constant promotions, and trying to get you to sign up for some sort of program, though this does not happen often. And if it does, you can simply disconnect with that particular member anyway.
CON #2 : It can be somewhat timely to surf through a lot of websites in order to gain a good number of credits for people to view your website back. At the same time however, it’s very simple and easy to do, and an excellent way to use during your spare time.

Who is EasyHits4U For?

EasyHits4U is and can be used for and by a wide range of people, including but not limited to:EasyHits4U Networking

-Online Marketers (both affiliates and mlm)
-Website Creators looking to increase their website views without spending a penny.
-People looking for an additional option to the traditional PPC (Pay Per Click) method to gain unique visitors to a website, or affiliate link.
– People simply interested in surfing the internet and online websites!

EasyHits4U Tools & Training

 EasyHits4U tools are fairly extensive, especially due to the fact it costs you absolutely nothing to join!EasyHits4U Marketing Tools

The mere ability to connect with hundreds, even thousands of other people, and connect with them, message them, is unbelievably valuable.
Moreover, it is an absolutely wonderful alternative to people who are constantly paying affiliate and online marketers to message their e-mail lists (also known as Solo Ads) for their new promotion.
If more marketers knew about EasyHits4U, I think that this would easily replace many, many of the paid traffic methods that are currently used everyday!
EasyHits4U Facebook Testimonials

EasyHits4U Support

EasyHits4U is essentially a community on its own.
However, I am fairly positive, EasyHits4U offers personal support just as well.

EasyHits4U Price

    • Starter Membership: Free Forever.
    • Premium Membership: $7.95 per Month.
    • Ultimate Membership: $19.95 per Month.

Final Opinion & Verdict of EasyHits4U

EasyHits4U is simply a must-have website and tool for any online marketer. It surprises me how many people overlook EasyHits4U as simply another Traffic Exchange program. The thing is, it is more than that!
Once you look deeper into what you can do with the amazing, creative tools inside, you will be surprised what you can achieve, even just by simply sending out 100 messages a day, while simultaneously having your website being surfed by thousands of various visitors day after day.
Nonetheless, this is one of my all-time favorited promotional tools, that I will never go without!
EasyHits4U Traffic Exchange Review

Verdict: LEGIT!

   Overall Rank: 95.6/100 Points!

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6 thoughts on “EasyHits4U Review

  1. Gaurab

    Very helpful review. Thanks Peter for the insight about the website. This website is better that normal websites as it generates not only traffic but genuine viewers which the auto surf websites do not have.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Gaurab and I definitely agree with your point of view. I also like how it allows you to message and connect with other members on the platform!

  2. nic

    I fell upon your site by accident. I have a website that sells handmade jewellery. would there be any benefit to using this type of marketing. what other marketing would you recommend for selling physical products

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Nic! Unfortunately using EasyHits4U will only hurt your website by increasing the bounce rate and dramatically decreasing the average time spent on your site. In addition, traffic exchanges really aren’t very beneficial unless you’re promoting some kind of way to make money online. Even then because everyone is doing the same thing, it isn’t very effective. One way you can make your website stand out is by increasing exposure through SEO and search engines like Google. To do this effectively, you’d want to consider starting a blog on your site which will greatly increase the number of people who visit your site on an everyday basis. There is a great product called Wealthy Affiliate that can help you do this and would highly recommend regardless of whether you have a website in place yet or not!

  3. Roland

    Great review Peter! I didn’t know they had an anti-bot captcha feature.
    Now that I know I may have to start using it again. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Anytime Roland!!

      Appreciate the comment. You def. should use it. And don’t forget to connect with others on there!

      You can truly build some amazing relationships when utilized correctly. Find me on there :)


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