Ebates.com Reviews 2014 – My Honest Consumer Review

By | December 20, 2014

Ebates Consumer Reviews 2014Product: Ebates
Website: ebates com
Opportunity: Cashback Rewards
Price: Free to Join!
($10 Gift Card Bonus On Sign-Up)
Rank: Legit – 90/100

In this following review we’ll be going over ebates.com by looking over its pro’s, con’s, benefits, disadvantages, and potential for cashback rewards, coupons, and rebates.

What Is Ebates?

Ebates is a company geared towards online shopping, and works towards the incentivizing of the consumer buying process through desktop and mobile shopping. Since it’s tremendous growth, many have been asking whether Ebates is a legitimate place to shop online, and how much money can be saved.

The whole point of Ebates is to offer worldwide consumers the incentive of buying goods through their online shopping center that you would otherwise elsewhere.

Thus, the company’s vision is greatly focused on being the middleman between the consumer and the company.


What Kind Of Companies Does Ebates Work With?

Just about any and every big-named company you can think of. Ebates is almost like its own Amazon but used for big-named companies selling in-place of strictly individuals.

Ebates has nevertheless become immensely beneficial to consumers not only to assist in savings, cash back, and coupons, but by rewarding its free members as well.

One of the biggest surprises to most Ebates consumers is the fact that the entire shopping center and all the benefits that comes along with your involvement doesn’t cost you a thing. As a result of the wide growing involvement companies such as:

-Under Armour
-J. Crew
-Old Navy
-Best Buy

Along with thousands of others, which continually offer anywhere from 1.0% to 20.0% in cashback! The Ebates company also offers a Deals Of The Week section, allowing you to see the most popular and trending deals among consumers, along with the best savings.

For example, you can currently see on the Ebates dashboard, that the company Ashford is offering both 80% off Swiss Watches, along with Free Shipping, while Orbitz is offering 15% of nationwide hotel stays!

As you can see, the possibilities with Ebates is endless, and is only bound to grow even better with its rising popularity and true legitimacy, giving consumers the best buying experience they could ever want.


How Ebates Works So Well?

Ebates being a company founded back in 1998, started as highly legitimate company by two Deputy District Attorneys whose mission was to prosecute online scamming – including fraud and identity theft.

Eventually they grew their online business into its own secure shopping center that could work on a win-win basis, by getting paid by big-named companies for all the products bought using Ebates, while simultaneously using that money to profit the buyers using cashback rewards.

How Do You Get Paid By Ebates?

Each time you make a purchase using Ebates, you can either get mailed a check for the amount of money you spent, or get a transfer to your PayPal account. The company even offers you the choice to send that money to your favorite charity if you wish. Currently, with over 1,750 of the world’s top online stores affiliated, Ebates is able to continually payout these bonuses and cashbacks worldwide!


How To Get Started With Ebates:

Getting started with Ebates is a very simple, no-brainer process!

In order to sign-up you do not need to give out any personal information whatsoever, except for a Personal E-mail Address & Password; something I believe is what makes the Ebates platform so secure!


Ebates Overview:

While some may seem to think that Ebates might be some sort of scam, I can tell you first-handedly it is completely legitimate, and is being continually sponsored by thousands of the biggest known companies in the world, including even Amazon and Groupon as well!

Since having found Ebates, I’ve found my shopping experience become much more enjoyable, simple, and great to just browse around every now and then. I highly recommend Ebates, over any other shopping platform online.

Especially with it’s growing legitimate reputation, it’s easy to see this company becoming one of our new norms in the world of online shopping and consumerism!

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