Eden Traffic Review: Is This Revenue Sharing Platform Legit?

By | December 27, 2015

Name: Eden TrafficEden Traffic Scam Review

Website: www.edentraffic.com

Price: Varies

Type: Revenue Share & Advertising

Rank: 73/100 – Borderline Legit.

What Is It?

Eden Traffic is an all in one advertising center that’s very similar to Traffic Monsoon. They sell both advertising solutions for your business, while allowing you to earn an income off the site itself with the use of adpacks. Whether or not Eden Traffic is legit, really depends on how long the program will last. It’s great to see that they’ve focused on building up their advertising selling services, which will hopefully allow Eden Traffic to sustain in the long-run.

Eden Traffic Advertising Plans

There are a variety of advertising plans that’s provided by Eden Traffic and whether or not the advertising is actually effective really depends on what you’re promoting. They provide Traffic Ads, Login Ads, and Cash Links, but one thing I disagree with are how expensive some of these packages are.

For example, they sell 50,000 login ads for $390 and 50,000 visitor credits for $229.95. The good thing is if one of the smaller packages are working for an offer you’re promoting, then it could be worth considering buying one of the more expensive ones.

Eden Traffic Adpacks

There are 8 different Eden Traffic advertising packages and these are what qualify you for revenue sharing. They start at only $2 a pack and can also be bought for $50. The more you spend on an adpack, the higher your return on investment will be. However, one thing that the website states is that these aren’t “shares” that you’re purchasing. Meaning that however much you do tend to spend on these adpacks no profit is guaranteed.

Same thing goes with Traffic Monsoon’s revenue sharing service, which implicitly states that what you’re buying isn’t an investment into the websites services, but into your own advertising. This is due to the fact that the programs longevity can’t be guaranteed. The profits being dispersed completely rely on how many new members are coming in and how much they’re spending. If they’re not spending any money, there is no profits to be made.

10% Affiliate Program

One of the nicer things about programs like Eden Traffic is that they’ll offer you 10% in commissions from your referrals, off of all purchased advertising services. Whether it’s through the revenue sharing services or a simple login ad package, a 10% commission is added to your account.

I would say that the only issue with this is the fact we can’t exactly tell how long Eden Traffic will last. So if you spent a majority of your time attempting to get new individuals into the program and they end up not paying out, that wouldn’t exactly be a good thing.


  • Opportunity to earn & advertise
  • Affordable advertising packages
  • 10% First level commissions
  • Can earn as a free member


  • Can be risky
  • Profits aren’t guaranteed
  • Advertising’s not always effective

Eden Traffic Overview: Scam Or Legit?

One thing I respect about Eden Traffic is the transparency they use and the fact they tell us that what you’re purchasing is advertising and not company shares. The fact they don’t mislead you into thinking otherwise, makes Eden Traffic more trustworthy and legitimate than a lot of other revenue sharing services online.

On the other hand, this doesn’t help to minimize the risk in anyway. Profits will always depend on how many new members have come in and how much they’re spending on a daily basis. It’s nice to see that they placed some caps on how many adpacks you can buy, so that no given individual can go above the maximum and end up taking away all the profit.

If you’re interested in starting your own online venture by beginning with a revenue share, Eden Traffic might not be a bad way to go. But it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting into and that a simple $2 adpack isn’t really going to help you profit. Another one I’d recommend is Traffic Monsoon, but if you’re not into risking away your money, check out affiliate marketing, which is what I recommend first and foremost.


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2 thoughts on “Eden Traffic Review: Is This Revenue Sharing Platform Legit?

  1. Adel

    Hello Peter!
    Objective and informative in a very good manner, but could you provide more info like payment proofs or if you have a video link on Eden Traffic. Do you advise getting involved?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      It really depends Adel on whether you know what you’re getting into. There is no say to how long Eden Traffic will actually last. So there is risk with every investment that you make. To add on top of that, it can take awhile to be able to recoup your costs. If you have some extra money to spend, it could be worth a try. But if you’re not willing to put your money on the line, I’d personally stay away from it. You can always take a look at a more legitimate way of earning such as Wealthy Affiliate if this doesn’t pan out.


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