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By | December 27, 2016

Product: EldiBuxEldiBux Review

Website: www.eldibux.com

Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Price: Free With Upgrade Options

Rank: 40/100 – Poor.


EldiBux PTC Review

EldiBux is a paid to click website, similar to Clixsense, Neobux, and many others. These are “free to join” sites that allow you to simultaneously earn and advertise almost effortlessly. With almost 40,000 members to date, it looks like EldiBux is doing something right. But does this mean that this is the right site for you?

In our review, we’re going to take a quick peek at EldiBux and the purpose of using this site in the first place. Whether you’re an individual looking to earn a few bucks or someone who really wants to get their feet with advertising, you’re in the right place. We’ll be going over everything you need to know before deciding on whether or not you should spend and invest time on PTCs.

Here at affiliate-sale, we have reviewed many of PTC’s over the years. The biggest, most common similarity among them, is that every service they offer are almost identical. From the website layout and design to the ways you earn and advertise, you’ll find almost no difference across most PTC’s.



The biggest reason for their popularity is really due to their ease of use.. Not having to pay anything to join and begin earning has helped turn EldiBux into the attraction that it is. The ability to quickly request a cash-out and withdraw money right into your payment processor is another reason as well. One problem concerning EldiBux is that Payza and Perfect Money are the only two accepted payment processors. PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, and Bitcoin, are not accepted.


EldiBux has the following 4 membership options to choose from:


#1. Free:

As a free EldiBux member, you don’t need to pay anything. There are some heavy limitations, mainly in regards to the number of direct referrals you can bring to the site. With only 50 direct referrals, it’ll be hard to make the opportunity worthwhile.

One of the biggest things I did not like about EldiBux was the heavy emphasis placed on “renting referrals.” For example, upgrading your membership can potentially give you a lower “recycling price”, lower “referral deletion” price, and lower “fees for losing RR.” Let me just say that renting referrals is one of the worst things to happen to today’s PTCs. You can rent as many referrals as you please, but at the end of the day, you will rarely come out on top!

All your rentals will either leave or cost you more than you initially invested in. No matter what kind of strategy you use, this just is not worth any of your time. So perhaps my biggest dislike of EldiBux was the fact that the biggest affect their upgrade options had is on this broken rented referral system.


#2. Party-Time: $20 for 30 days, $55 for 90 days, $100 for 180 days

As an upgrade party-time member, you’ll have increased your direct referral limit from 50 to 200 and rental referral limit from 50 to 300. Again the biggest difference here is in your number of rented referrals and increased earnings from ad clicks.

Extended Ads: From $.005 -> $.02

Standard Ads: From $.0015 -> $.01

Micro Ads: $.0002 -> $.001

Mini Ads: $.0001 -> $.0005


#3. Full-Time: $35 for 30 days, $95 for 90 days, $150 for 180 days, $290 for 365 days

Only differences to really be aware of are the referral limits.

Maximum Direct Referrals: 200 -> 500

Maximum Rented Referrals: 300 -> 800

Earnings from ad clicks remain the same.


#4. Businessman: $230 for 90 days, $430 for 180 days, $800 for 365 days

The upgrade to Businessman is an odd one! With this upgrade your direct referral limit is upgraded from 500 to 100,000. Rented referrals are increased from 800 to 8,000.

Earnings from ad clicks remain the same.

Should You Upgrade?

The only scenario in which I’d recommend upgrading is if you really needed to increase your limit for direct referrals. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. You will see that randomly upgrading your account isn’t going to make you a whole lot more money. More importantly, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to recoup your investment. If you’re doing it as a way to increase or make money with their rental referral system, I would not advise it.

The one other thing I noticed about the membership options were the allowed withdrawal limits, which I found peculiar.


Maximum Withdrawals:

Free members – $4 withdrawal limit

Party-time members – $20 withdrawal limit

Full-time members – $30 withdrawal limit

Businessman members – $60 withdrawal limit

Withdrawal limits aren’t something you tend to see enforced a whole lot among PTC sites, but what remains clear is that even as a Businessman member, the absolute most you could make with EldiBux is $1,800 per month, and that’s at the highest level. This isn’t even taking into consideration the extremely pricey membership, which I’ll list for you again.

  • 90 days – $230 membership price
  • 180 days – $430 membership price
  • 365 days – $800 membership price

If you’re going to use any old PTC, why not go with something reputable that does not enforce withdrawal limits like Clixsense? Better yet, why not avoid PTC’s to begin with. Clicking on ads for a penny each simply isn’t worth your time and attempting to refer people to a site who are just going to end up leaving are the TWO reasons why PTC’s will never become a big enough earner.

As I promised however, I wanted to briefly go over the ways in which you earn and advertise with EldiBux, especially those who are new to the PTC scene.



Aside from a mediocre referral system, there are a few different earning methods with EldiBux. The main and most important one of these is viewing advertisements. This is basically a wall full of ads you click on for an alotted period of time. It could be 10, 30, or 60 seconds. In exchange for your time, you get paid a certain amount of money. The amount of which you get paid depends on the type of ad you clicked. But the one thing that is certain is that earnings are at an absolute minimum.

We’re talking earnings that range from $.0001 to $.001. Is clicking ads worth your time? Nope. Is it right to refer individuals to spend time on a site like this? Not in my opinion. Even though there other ways of earning like a MinuteStaff and OfferWall that pay you for doing small tasks and surveys, you’re still only getting pennies.



Perhaps the best use anyone could make of a site like EldiBux is with their advertising service, allowing you to promote an offer at an extremely low price. The benefits of this is it allows you to test out your offers and promotions and see what’s working and what isn’t. Then just maybe, you can get a return on your investment, finally!

  • Paid to Click Ads – $.40 for 250 credits
  • Fixed PTC Ads – 1 day ad for $3.20
  • Login Ads – 1 day ad for $.80
  • Paid To Sign-up – 10 credits for $2.00
  • Featured text ads – 150,000 credits for $1
  • Banner Ads – 20,000 credits for .80



My biggest wish for any PTC is for them to be more effective! I like being able to see this “free to join” opportunity available to so many of its members. But there were some several key issues here I didn’t like. Too much emphasis placed on the old rented referral system, pricey membership options, coupled with a maximum daily withdrawal limit makes this a site I don’t believe is worth fully investing your time in. It’s fine if you wanted to go “part-time,” and earn something small in the meanwhile. Otherwise I don’t think it’s a site you should spend a ton of hours on.



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