Elite Marketing Pro Review – $1,997 Scam?

By | November 30, 2014
Product: Elite Marketing Pro
Owner: Tim Erway
Website: elitemarketingpro com
Price: $197 per month, or $1,997 Yearly, 
        Including Upsells.
Verdict: Scam!
Rank: 20/100

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?

Elite Marketing Pro is a system developed by Tim Erway that places much of its focus on targeting the everyday internet marketing “newbie,” by offering an all-in-one lead capture system. In short, Elite Marketing Pro is not unique nor original in anyway. There is barely 0 difference between this system, Empower Network, iPAS, WakeUpNow, etc..


So It’s Just Another Same Old MLM Scam?

That’s right..

And we ask ourselves why 99% of internet marketers continue to fail. Simple really. It’s all a result of products made, developed, and sold for the purpose of the developers.

Elite Marketing Pro in-fact does an excellent job with their inner pyramid scheme network, almost as well as Empower Network in-fact. As they too, offer you your own little blogosphere once you’ve become a member!


What Kind Of “Cool” MLM Products Do I Get This Time?

Honestly Nothing Special!

Your good old capture pages, your below average auto-responder system, your own blog, and even some high-quality, over-duplicated content used to refer more and more leads to Elite Marketing Pro.

As you can tell, there is nothing truly unique about Elite Marketing Pro. And the chances of you using these articles on your own blog or website will be 99% subject to complete penalization by Google, thus having you thrown away money for absolutely nothing!


And What About Elite Marketing Pro’s Upsells?

Oh yes, they have plenty of those as well!

Here are the latest few being offered:

-Posting on Purpose for Profit:

For just $47 what you get are some additional products teaching you how to write your own blog posts, along with other marketing methods, to help you increase your number of daily leads.

-Predatory SEO:

For an additional $297, Elite Marketing Pro will give you access to 10 step-by-step video instructions on more advanced techniques on how to setup an SEO ready website to get additional leads, sales, and referrals, essentially on autopilot.

-Instant Authority Article System:

Pay an additional $97 per month to get your own 30 free articles per month to post on your website/blog. Remember our mentioning earlier of article/content duplication! Can you even imagine such a product would go to such lengths to sell you 30 worthless pieces of articles that will likely never get to see the light of day? Not cool..


Don’t Let The Sounds Of 100% Commissions Attract You!

It’s true, there is no ring to that sound! Given the possibility you might be spending $1,997 before you even know it, the 100% commission part does not matter. Why? I’ll tell you.

Unless you can use all the information and tools in such an unseen highly-effective manner, with a patience that can stretch from 4 to 6 months, just to see one or two referrals come in, if even done right on your own, this is all 100% Useless!


Careful When Researching Elite Marketing Pro Bonuses!


I’m sure if you do enough research you will see the above upsells being promoted as some sort of bonus if you sign-up through them, regardless of whether they are advocating the product or not.

Point is, the majority of those reviews are a result of their sole affiliation with the Elite Marketing Pro product. I promise you, I have no affiliation with them, and that is a result of finding the best online marketing training in the world.. In-fact #1 worldwide.


What’s The Difference?

The difference between products like these and the one I am in is HUGE! And your ultimate decision will truly decide this “make or break” point for you in the online world of internet marketing. It’s time for you to realize the immense difference between MLM/Pyramid-Scam like opportunities, and opportunities that can provide you with something REAL.


MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing!

The reason why so many people will spend money on products like these and fail continually is because they will just never get it right. They keep on looking for this one way out, this one secret, this one RIGHT method..

Trust me, I was there. And It SUCKS!

That’s why I’m HERE to help you get out of this mess and help you start fresh, regardless of how long you’ve been online for. If you’re truly ready to be your own entrepreneur, and not having to spend fortunes of money on products that is unable to truly mentor you nor coach you on your way to success, from start to finish, you are in the right place.. In-fact the best place!

Interesting Fact:

Did you know before the production of Elite Marketing Pro In June of 2013, Mike Dillard a partner, created a similar product called Magenetic Sponsoring, and was sued as a result!

Interesting Fact #2:

Elite Marketing Pro has recently implemented an all-in-one MLM marketing package released to be only $1,997!


Elite Marketing Pro Overview


verdict- MLM scam

Overall Rank:


Well Now What? “Good Question…!”

Category: Affiliate Marketing MLM Online Scams

About Peter G.

Hi I'm Peter. I'm 27 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

9 thoughts on “Elite Marketing Pro Review – $1,997 Scam?

  1. Kristen

    I would like more info on WA. I am a new to network marketing and I would like to get my product out there. Is WA right for me?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yeah, definitely Kristen! WA consists of you building a website, creating content, and then leveraging that to get traffic from the search engines. It’s a great way to build a business regardless of whether you have your own product or are trying to sell products as a third party affiliate. The key to WA is that it shows you what you need to do to get traffic and can help any business or individual out there. Join here for more information!

  2. Lori

    I have looked at Elite Marketing Pro as well. However, what they do have vs Wealthy Affiliate is the opportunity to promote your own business, so you can choose not to buy into the 100% commission affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate sounds interesting, but I don’t see the opportunity for leveraging or growing your own business as well as participating in affiliate programs, which is something Elite Marketing Pro offers, so no need to pay out $197/month. I would be open to hearing your response!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Not quite sure what you mean Lori. But one of the main reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate is exactly because I knew I’d be able to scale my business. It’s because of WA, I see a rise in traffic and income every single month. There is a huge opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate, which teaches you exactly how to start your own website and scale that into a full-time business.

      Most of the training is based on you joining affiliate programs and incorporating that into your website. If you’re referring to starting up your own affiliate program, then you’re going to need a whole lot of start-up cost, time, and investment, whereas with WA, you don’t need anything besides your monthly membership. There is a huge opportunity at WA and I wouldn’t overlook it. My opinion for you is to hold onto your $1,997 before making any rash decisions. I appreciate your input!

      1. Lori

        Thanks Peter for responding to my comments. I realize I was a bit unclear…I am not interested in starting up my own affiliate program. I guess I am just a bit unclear on how it all works.
        Would you be able to weigh in on the time commitment required to provide a steady, worthwhile income. I see the average income is $118…per week?

        1. Peter G. Post author

          I have no idea what the average income at WA is Lori and I wouldn’t bother looking at it. Everyone that I know who actually puts in the time and effort into WA succeeds. There are plenty of individuals who join WA thinking they’ll make money within a week and stop working it as a result.

          In terms of time commitment, if you set yourself up on a proper schedule like I did and complete the training and tasks week by week, you should begin seeing a nice income within 3 to 6 months. I’d say 2 hours a day would be great for starters and then you can fine-tune it from there once you’ve completed the training.

  3. Geraldine

    Thank You Peter for this Rich EMP review! You didn’t hold back anything.
    I was Just about to register a while ago when i saw your website on Google, so i decided to stop by to read The review first. Empower Network also has an incredibile way of enticing You into their “Ferrari.”

    Whatever, Wealthy Affiliate still feels BEST!
    Have a wonderful journey to success! Meet You in WA.

  4. sharon dodge

    was about to buy in to elite marketing alliance through a woman who has been a leader for quite awhile apparetently very successful in elite marketing program. One of the things I realized is that it was important FIRST to see if others had written about it. I am bothered by the “old school’ products licensed by the business opp, which is really an op to sign more people to the business op, and it feels like a pyramid scheme to me. The other thing I noticed is that the same people are in all the calls and testimonials as last fall. No new successes! Same inner circle I suspect. Let me know what you think privately please!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good catch there Sharon! I don’t think any product trying to promote themselves for $1,997 should include upsells.. Let alone upsells to other products. This says a lot about what Elite Marketing Pro’s intentions are. If it’s not working out or your getting a bad feeling about it, don’t bother with them. If you already paid for it then you can at least take as much away from them as you can. I know they teach you how to build a list (something I still haven’t done!) and a sales funnel which can be useful in the near future.

      Anyway I just want to say how much I really like your website! Looks really awesome. You should take a look at Wealthy Affiliate if you get a chance Sharon :)


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