EPS Prosperity Hotline Review: Make Money Processing E-mails?

By | March 21, 2015

Name: EPS Prosperity HotlineEPS ProsperityHotline Scam Review - E-mail Processing Job

Website: www.EPSProsperityHotline.com

Price: $25 Membership Fee

Rank: Not Recommended.

What Is EPS Prosperity Hotline?

EPS Prosperity Hotline is likely one of the first potential money-making products I have found claiming earnings of $750 dollars per day in guaranteed income by the simple “processing of e-mails.”

One of EPS Prosperity Hotline’s most ludicrous claims is stated as the following:

“When you process 40 Emails, You Will… Easily Earn $1,000 Per Day.”

Therefore, the primary objective and purpose of this review is to go over the features of this product, and its overall legitimacy. Whether or not you can really make money by the simple act of e-mail processing is highly debatable, let alone $25 for each one!

If that were the case, wouldn’t everybody be doing it by now?

Price Of Getting Started?

In order to get started with EPS Prosperity Hotline, you will need to pay an up-front $25 getting started membership fee.

Earning claims are up to $25 per each processed e-mail and requires you to be working through the hours of 7 am through 10 am.

In addition, the company says you can get started without any necessary experience. The real concerning question about EPS Prosperity Hotline is why must you initially pay for a $25 membership fee, for work that already claims to have you pay $25 for each processed e-mail?

Online scams tend to work this technique in all the time, and as a result, there happens to be some big catch or string involved. The rest of this review will be going over precisely that.

How EPS Prosperity Hotline Works?

Essentially how this works is, you are given a job requiring you to post up to three pre-written advertisements onto Craigslist, each one in a different city, everyday. The high the number of messages you post per day, the better your chances in earning money.

Therefore, EPS Prosperity Hotline will recommend that you open up more than one Craigslist account, allowing you to post more messages, within additional cities. Take note, that this job requires you to spam the heck out of Craigslist.

What happens from there, is as you post more pre-witten messages, the more advertisements you will have on Craigslist, with your personal e-mail address linked to each one.

As people thus, respond to your EPS Prosperity Hotline messages, you will be held responsible to return an e-mail to every consumer on there who has requested information in return. Hence, EPS Prosperity Hotline can be considered a complete Ponzi scheme, offering no real value, product or service in return, other than you getting people to pay you $25, to do the same thing that you are doing.

Therefore, the more potential EPS Prosperity Hotline jobs/opportunities you post, the higher your chances of obtaining potential candidates. The chances of individuals with a desire of doing the same thing as you, and paying to get into some schemish opportunity, is slim!

EPS Prosperity Hotline Overview

Moreover, the whole purpose and objective of EPS Prosperity Hotline is to have you build your own illegal “business,” to get people into paying you money, for a simple potential job opportunity in return.

The chances of you being able to make a full-time income and/or living with EPS Prosperity Hotline will definitely be difficult and in my opinion, not worth the time nor effort.

Main reason being, you have to take into account that what you’ll be doing all-day, everyday, is posting spam messages onto Craigslist, which you can likely get in some kind of trouble for. The kind of spam messages you see when browsing that same Craigslist, and know beforehand, to avoid at all costs, showing some fake number and/or address at the bottom, with an extremely generic message.

So you’re still looking for a way to make a legitimate online income?

I happen to know the perfect opportunity for you. At-least it has been for me, and I don’t where I would be without it today. For more information, check out this in-depth review here!

Thanks for reading my EPS Prosperity Hotline Scam Review. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below!

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