Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | May 30, 2015

Name: Evergreen Wealth FormulaEvergreen Wealth Formula Review: Scam Or Legit?

Website: www.evergreenwealthformula.com

Owner: James Scholes

Price: $97

Rank: 75/100 – Legit

What Is It?

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is built to teach you how to create affiliate websites and your own mailing list. The product will walk you through the process through its own training videos. Essentially, that is really the only training medium involved in The Evergreen Wealth Formula, which I found to be a downside.

Additionally, you’ll find that┬áJames Scholes tries a bit too hard to oversell this product, especially when trying to fool you into how you can make $1K a day affiliate marketing formula. Despite some solid training inside the Evergreen Wealth Formula platform, one of the biggest cons is that he claims you’ll be making $100 a day in only 30 days time.

How Much Is It?

Evergreen Wealth Formula is sold at a reasonable price. For $97 you get access to the entire members area, consisting of: Introduction, Setting Everything Up, Getting Traffic, Advanced Marketing, along with a few Bonuses. In addition, James Scholes makes sure to exclude any upsells or extra fee’s.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: Scam Or Legit?

What You’ll Be Learning

One of the great things about Evergreen Wealth Formula is that you can expect to be taught a legitimate way of making money online. Although, the income claims are not exactly warranted, if done right may be a reasonable and expected income over the following six months.

As an affiliate marketer of Evergreen Wealth Formula you will learn how to find your own profitable niche, how to pick a product, how to find and use affiliate links, how to begin building your website, and most importantly, how to start gaining traffic so you can begin to make some sales.


– In addition to learning how to build your own affiliate marketing website, you’ll also learn how to build and manage your own e-mail list, which is a huge and important factor when it comes to the online marketing world.

– Contains appropriate learning material that can help you to become a full-time online marketer within a year.

– The price is reasonable and the absence of upsells is another huge advantage to Evergree Wealth Formula.

– Most importantly, this is legitimate material. I believe affiliate marketing to be the best and most appropriate way for any aspiring affiliate marketer to getting started online.


– Evergreen Wealth Formula may not live up to the more advanced and sophisticated affiliate marketing platforms, like Wealthy Affiliate.

– Courses and training are all entirely made up of video. So if you forget a piece of information and need to look it up, you’ll have to rewind through the fairly long tutorial once again.

– Makes income claims that are not warranted – James Scholes overhypes the product by claiming you’ll be making $1,000 per day using his formula. That is not always the case, and to say we’ll be making $100 in just 30 days from now really weakens the product and factors like trustability.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: Scam Or Legit?

Evergreen Wealth Formula & Final Recommendation.

While Evergreen Wealth Formula is surely a better product than most online marketing products out there today, it still has its flaws. Nothing is perfect after all, except for maybe Wealthy Affiliate.

Nevertheless, James Scholes does a pretty good job explaining the ins and outs on how to get started with affiliate marketing. Although the product fails to have that community and discussion aspect that can be seen in Wealthy Affiliate, for a course entirely made up of video, does a decent job in explaining how to get started.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate will offer you so much more to help you get on the right foot as it did with me. Including 24/7 live chats, weekly webinars, more in-depth and detailed training, with 100’s of both video & written training courses, Evergreen Wealth Formula is really no match for one of its greatest competitors to ever live!

In addition, they are more honest, truthful, and have thousands of affiliate marketers ready to help you at a moments notice. This is something I find to be essential when getting into this business. Without this community aspect, I may have given up, but thankfully the support and vote of confidence will always keep you going. If you’ve really had your eye on The Evergreen Wealth Formula for quite some time, I recommend that as well. It can really be a matter of preference for most, but if you’re unsure, WA takes the cake here!

7 thoughts on “Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. khanya

    Hi Peter. I was surprised at the amount of training you find at evergreen wealth formula, but I was AMAZED when I got to wealth affiliate…the training is indubitably out of this world. I started following the training and already in less than 25 days my website was indexed into google, meaning that I’m doing something right.

    And we should meet up sometime in Vegas,during the conference or I’ll find you inside.

  2. Nicole

    I’ve tried evergreen wealth formula. It didn’t work out for me. Some of the information is outdated and can actually hurt your business. For example, back links don’t work anymore. You’re more likely to lose your google rankings.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Definitely agree with you there. Backlinks are outdated and aren’t really used as a signal or ranking factor by Google anymore. Really appreciate you sharing this information here. If you’re looking for something that is kept up to date and can help boost your rankings take a look at WA.


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