Ewan Chia’s Autopilot Profits E-book Scam.

By | January 16, 2015

Product: Autopilot Profits

Owner: Ewan Chia

Type: Affiliate Marketing E-book

Website: www.autopilotprofits.com

Price: $37 Membership Fee

Rank: 0/100

In this review we’re going to take a look at one of Ewan Chia’s latest affiliate marketing products online. It’s called “Autopilot Profits,” and in this review we’re going to find out whether this is a potential worthwhile investment to help you in getting started with an online income.

So What’s Ewan Chia’s Autopilot Profits?

It is a product that claims to focus on helping and assisting individuals online by showing them what affiliate marketing is really all about. This product by Ewan Chia claims to have been recently launched on January 15th, 2015, when in-fact it has been out for almost a year now (first red flag already!).

Moreover, within his sales page he goes on to make a lot of over-exaggerated claims that has gotten myself and others to question the true legitimacy of Autopilot Profits.

Some of Ewan Chia’s most noticeable false claims are very evident upon first glance, as his tagline immediately states that “This Autopilot Income Machine Just Made $3,460.25 in 24 Hours… And I Never Even Touched IT!” In addition, his claims of you being able to create an online income by setting up your own “Online ATM Machine,” is just literally, over the top.

It’s the result of his exaggerations, his constant show of Clickbank income proofs, fancy cars he claims to buy once every month, and complete lack of giving you any idea of what you’ll be doing, which truly calls out for the overall skepticism involved with his product.

The way Autopilot Profits Income Machine is advertised is no different, unique, or original from some of the many products I’ve personally bought and tried in the past that could ever make me become a fan of Ewan Chia’s approach.

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Claims That Make Autopilot Profits Feel Like a Scam:

Additionally here are some of Ewan Chia’s personal claims that questions how this product could ever work to begin with:

#1 You Won’t Need a Product.

#2 You Won’t Need a Website.

#3 You Won’t Need a Domain Name – “unless you want one”

#4 You Won’t Need a Hosting Account.

Now in my experience these claims tell me a few things about Ewan Chia, and that is, the majority of his online income clearly proves to come from selling online marketing newbies his very own products such as this, Autopilot Profits.

He knows and realized that through his experience, one of the most lucrative ways to making money online is by doing exactly what all these “online marketing guru’s” are doing today – promising others:

– Fast money.

– Easy money.

– A personal guarantee of online success (through his 41-page e-book that is!)

Telling People What They Want To Hear..

Essentially that is what Ewan Chia’s Autopilot Profits is doing, simply showing and telling people what they want to hear. Telling his audience that he has a magical way of allowing you to earn money within the next 24-hours by purchasing his product, in which he gives no sign or telling of what it is about.

Why Hide Its True Purpose?!

Like most products out there who hide beneath the curtains simply waiting for you to press the buy now, only to find out that what’s waiting for you on the other end is some kind of measly technique most people would have avoided altogether to begin with.

Ewan Chia says, you don’t need a product, nor a website, but a domain name, “if you want.”

He then hints at the use of a capture page, which essentially is what will become your “money page.” With these facts in mind and understanding exactly how the affiliate marketing world works, it can be easily concluded that Autopilot Profits is completely intended to be purchased with certain blackhat unnaproved techniques to get you to sell more of his own product.

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What Ewan Chia’s Autpilot Profits Product Consists Of?

Honestly, it is possibly one of the all-time worst $37, 41-page e-book I have yet to see.

It lacks complete instruction, is basic at best, and is literally based upon you spamming article directories with nonsensible re-worded blog posts to get your traffic.

It lacks any sense and gives no direction at all in how affiliate marketing truly works. I truly believe this product has trashed Ewan Chia’s own reputation as any sort of legitimate online marketer.

Autopilot Profits Is Not Legitimate?

Ewan Chia’s method does not work to teach you how to properly market yourself as an affiliate over the long-haul. Instead his lame e-book simply teaches its buyers how to use a lame capture page and obtain highly unethical traffic to it so that people can simply enter in their e-mails, in which you may then promote Clickbank affiliate products.

Ewan Chia expects that his so-called “secret traffic technique” is all being driven from article directories with his highly unethical use and methods of spamming them with use of pre-written blog posts. These stolen articles are then re-written for spamming purposes by the use of an article spinner (or what he likes to call a “an auto blog generator?!“)

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Worth The Price?

For $37 I don’t see how Ewan Chia’s Autopilot Profits could ever, ever be worth the cost. He is not teaching you how to setup a website nor does he provide any legitimate method of gaining quality traffic and though he claims you don’t need a domain, nor hosting at first, there’s a reason for him saying “unless you want one,” because essentially that is how affiliate marketing works in the first place.

Without a domain name and without reliable hosting you’re destined to find yourself struggling to get any quality traffic to begin with. So many online marketing Guru’s, since the latest evolving advancements in various capture pages, are almost now coming to emphasize the fact you no longer need a website to make an online income! But, this is proven to be absolutely false.

In order to create a reliable online income and business, it is of vital significance you have a domain name, you have a website, and you have hosting.

But, do you need a product?

No, not at all! That’s why affiliate marketing does in-fact work, and happens to do so very well, just not by using Ewen Chia’s truly awful e-book.

Ultimately, your success all comes down to the approach being taken.

Autopilot Profits Overview & Verdict!

In this case, Ewan Chia’s approach lacks everything needed and necessary for you to become a successful affiliate marketer. He emphasizes the use of rewording blog generators and mass submittals to article directories, while using some real crappy capture page to obtain people’s e-mails and begin sending them Clickbank products, such as Autopilot Profits itself.

Online Scams

Rank: 0/100

If you truly want to become an affiliate marketer than it is more vital you have a proper mentor in place, or some type of training. Instead all Ewan Chia is doing here is cheating you out of your money for a measly $37 40 page e-book!! My recommendation, stay away, and maybe…

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