Experts Academy Elite Online Review 2014 – Brendan Buchard $1,997!

By | October 26, 2014
Product Name: Experts Academy Elite Online Review 2014
Owner: Brendan Buchard
Overall Rank: Scam, or Legit?

Preface: In my following review, we’re going to take a look at the pro’s and con’s of the Experts Academy Elite Online system. Then, take an in-depth look of what exactly it provides, who it’s for, what it’s for, and finally, if the price of Experts Academy justifies the product as a whole. By the end you will have my final verdict and rank, along with any possible product alternatives to consider.

Let’s Begin?

Experts Academy Elite Online System Review

What Is The Experts Academy Elite Online System?

The majority of the time, I like to look at the owner of the product, and see whether his reputation is valid and how he’s been spoken of by the online marketing community.

Brendon Burchard seems to have some fairly extensive experience. According to online research, Brendon Burchard has been teaching the same product, Experts Academy utilizing Live Seminars for approximately four to six years now.

Our First Good Sign!

This proves to be noteworthy as we move forward with our review because Brendon Burchard is not attempting to hide behind a product that may not be effective.

Despite the products potential effectiveness, his confidence in branding himself with one product for such a lengthy amount of time gives us an upper hand to work with as opposed to actual online scams, usually switching from one brand name to the next as a foolish attempt to hide its reputation.

Experts Academy Elite Online.. What Is The Basis of This Course?

Experts Academy Elite Online System Review 2014

Brendan Buchard – Experts Academy Founder

Mr. Burchard has developed this into a “home study program.”

Essentially, this product is very unique and in a way different and better than many of the ones I’ve seen out there today. By nature it seems to be much more professional. With that said, experts academy seems to be more tailored to more experienced individual online marketers.

Experts Academy Elite’s primary focus is in training you to become a highly effective leader, coach, author, and highly-professional online marketer. From my personal perspective this product looks to be highly-tailored towards specific individuals who are interested in using their own voice to come out on the internet, fetch other interested leads, and mentor them towards a similar type of online marketing opportunity.

What’s Included In Experts Academy Elite?

20-Disc DVD Home Study Course

Marketing Modules – A 4-week online video course teaching you how to develop effect marketing campaigns and strategies.

Promotional Partnership Modules – A 4-Week Online Course and Q&A calls teaching you ways to attain affiliates.

Remember how I mentioned the importance of truly having to use your voice! – Finding partnerships with JV, Fortune 500 Companies, Not For Profit Companies, and additional Major Organizations.

Two Tickets To Experts Academy LIVE – An event usually consisting of around 1,000 people every year, which originally costs $4,995. As an Elite Academy Expert, you will get these tickets for free.

Seems like a nice little incentive for joining the program that is also very relative to what this product teaches.

How Much Does The Experts Academy Elite Home Study Program Course Cost?

Get ready, and hold on tight…

We are looking at an astounding $1,997! 

Before you go let us go over why it is my sincere opinion Experts Academy Elite is not a scam. By doing so I would like to delve in further into the type of online marketers this product is truly for, and who it’s not for!

My verdict with The Experts Academy Elite price stands to be FAIR! Now before you drop down dead on your knee’s, just give me a minute to better properly explain. (p.s. If you can continue bearing with me for the next minute, I may have a nice little surprise for you!)

Who Experts Academy Elite Is For?

– The Experts Academy program is a VERY excellent additional course for marketers WITH  the proper experience and knowledge, and who have already attained much previous success. Essentially, The Experts Academy program, in a way requires you to be showing up PREPARED:

Think of it as an actual College/Master Degree course BUT in the field (“best field”) of ONLINE MARKETING – newest, most high and long-term paying career, yet underestimated and undervalued as a result of previous scams, similar to: “Mom at home makes $3,678.74 per day” type capture pages. A.K.A the #1 leading cause in having driven many dedicated marketers, far away from where the very real aspects of successful marketing can actually be taught – which in today’s world is HIGHLY LIMITED!

To me, the Experts Academy Elite, is simply a high-ticketed product that can help with online marketers who are in the RIGHT position. It can be also for those who may have possible.. hit a plateau within their marketing, or are likely interested in expanding their operations, creating it into something bigger!

That is the GREATEST thing about online marketing by the way – The overhead costs are SO very limited, that knowing how to properly “open” your own website, and turn it into the busiest traffic road in town, can really lead you to creating a very strong empire… Much faster than any Brick & Mortar as well.

The PROBLEM, is it all lies within not knowing how nor where to start the process.. Not being given tasks, or responsibilities, thus making it extremely difficult. As supposed to Brick and Mortar, you simply find a location, purchase the place, and PHYSICALLY, rather than MENTALLY, begin to create your dreams…

Can you see the difference now between the Web and a Downtown Convenience store? Can you see the endless possibilities and the opportunity of never having to expose your weaknesses, until your ready? Who says you have to start your online business by creating YouTube Videos standing in front of a camera?

Back To Business! THEREFORE, this all goes to say, The Experts Academy Elite course is NOT for newbies, nor even intermediate marketers who might know a thing or two.

Experts Academy Elite is FOR those simply ready to take up new challenges, while keeping in mind that while failure is truly inevitable, the ultimate win, becomes the true cause.

As the title already properly shows and explains, this is a product for those willing and reaching to hit the next level, to become a true “EXPERT” within the online marketing field. Its for marketers who are finally determined and ready to no longer have to stand behind their websites and strategies, and find a way to use that voice for many various reasons.

Experts Academy Elite Online System Review

These could maybe include:

– Making interviews with other similar bloggers and writers within their niche.
– If they are in the network marketing field, this could be to get a team on Skype, and create a highly effective networking team.
– A true natural desire to taking efforts to a new level of success.

Today’s High-Ticketed Online Marketing Products..

While many seem to denote the high-ticketed $1,997 price, I find it highly reasonable for established marketers, most-especially given the fact that it gives marketers the highly-encouraging feature to begin implementing their own creative ideas. With the online as the platform and a market of over 2 billion people and rising, I believe that Brendons format of live seminar teaching is an amazing way to give those marketers the special one-on-one help needed to move forward.

Needless to say, only very few marketers have really made it to such a level where they can begin to entertain this idea of creating and establishing new, bigger, and exciting partner relationships with large online companies.

Here Is A Great Example.. Wealthy Affiliate- potentially one of today’s highest reputable affiliate success programs for ALL Starting Members.

A product that’s been established since 2005! Possibly even a year or two earlier.
First founder – a guy named Kyle, who very soon after co-founded his team with just ONE other man, goes by the name of Carson. Now the ingenuity of this duo began to build something of much greater lengths, than it had initially started out. They soon came up with the first most CREATIVE IDEA that I instinctively believe might just make one of the greatest historical mark in the history of online marketing!

Nevertheless, by utilizing the internet, all they had needed from there, was a bit of execution. Step-by-step!

Many get the feeling that creating a website and turning it into a LEGITIMATE online business can be.. too intimidating, frustrating, too complex! But that should never have to be the scenario, which is exactly where Wealthy Affiliate comes into play.

A platform that has gone through stage after stage, hurdle after hurdle, in order to develop one of the world’s most respected learning platforms for newbies just like myself looking to get started, for free?

Yes, for free!

Without the seminars, without the live chatting, without the trainings and discussions, no way I could have ever made it out of the gutter, and begin utilizing online marketing as the one career I had always wanted! For me, Wealthy Affiliate gave me that chance and opportunity better than any other product out there.

Wealthy Affiliate’s product versus Online Experts Academy differs in SO MANY ways, but for a very legitimate reason.

Wealthy Affiliate’s tayloring towards “newbie” (0-3+ years in online marketing) requires a very exclusive platform that can be used day in and day out. It requires a platform inclusive of the many wide and various growing features, for example the consistent new developments of affiliate marketing training, and ability to simply open your own wordpress website.

Thus, it is because Wealthy Affiliates highly desired need and demand within the online market, that allows them to offer free trials, and even a very low $19 first month cost. Nevertheless, Wealthy Affiliate has played and continually is playing a huge instrumental role in the growing success of my own and thousands of other online marketing affiliates.

Maybe think about giving it a try,

and see how great it could really work out for you as well!

Let’s Conclude!

Experts Academy Elite is not your everyday type of product out there. Although, many products do offer programs, even for Amazon that can cost an upward of $4,000 (and are COMPLETE SCAM by the way), that has no affiliation with regards to Experts Academy Elite.

It is my true belief, what Brendon Burchard is offering, is more than an exceptional price. In addition, I very much agree with his methods of advertising. He is very upfront, very honest, and explicitly tells you first-hand, don’t waste your money if you simply don’t even know what your marketing plans or goals are.

In order to find success with Experts Academy Online, you MUST be achieving success, and you MUST be ready to take immense action, that is getting out of the shell, and using that voice, proving your accomplishments, and taking it further with the help of Brendon Burchard and his Live Seminars.

If You Are Like ME, with merely 2-years of experience (if that even!), please make sure to check out my alternative. I stand behind Wealthy Affiliate, and as you most-likely have noticed by now, could never allow someone without the proper experience to go ahead and purchase a $2,000 course.

Even if it were so, Brendon will most-gladly give back your money within any given 30-day period; another great feat included in Experts Academy Elite.


Final Verdict: Legit!

Recommended For Highly-Experienced Marketer’s.

  Overall Rank: 80/100

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that it has covered just enough information to help you moving forward in your next step. Also, please do feel free to contact me at anytime. Simply leave a comment, and if you’d like, I would always be more than happy to connect with you and e-mail you, regardless of your expertise.

My goal here is to help others achieve success! With affiliate-sale, there is nothing but trust and compassion for my everyday visitors and readers. Greed does not belong in this picture, and does not fair well with the true long-term success achieved by those determined to rely on proper training, and themselves, to fulfill the amazing achievements by todays highly-regarded and hard-working entrepreneurs.

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