Extreme Wealth Mechanism Review – PLR Scam?

By | January 14, 2015

Product: Extreme Wealth Mechanism

Owner: Rick Thomas

Website: Extremewealthmechanism.com

Price: One-Time $197 Fee

Rank: 10/100

What Is Extreme Wealth Mechanism?

Concisely stated, Extreme Wealth Mechanism by Rick Thomas is a system based on affiliate marketing, but used with a unique twist. Unlike more popular and convential type of affiliate marketing based platforms, the Extreme Wealth Mechanism places most of its focus on P.L.R type products.

What’s PLR?

I’m glad you asked!

PLR is simply an abbreviation for Private Label Resell Rights on products. They are intended to be produced, created, and sold for the sole purpose to be resold to online marketers. This then allows you as the affiliate to re-brand the promotional marketing material in pretty much anyway you like and see fit.

The thing with PLR however, is the product being sold, never actually differs. That is, the product remains unchanged, regardless of how many affiliates the PLR product is being sold to. This as you may or may not know, can cause an assortment of potential issues.

To get more information on Private Label Resell product rights, click here!

Extreme Wealth Mechanisms Use Of Only a 3-Step Process?

It’s true, and as-stated the Extreme Wealth Mechanism has been claiming it is a worthy process of using as it can be rinsed and repeated. That is for everytime you make a sale with your own PLR product, you can simply scale your affiliate marketing campaign, to higher your number of sales, and income.

While this may initially sound like a somewhat plausible and sound idea, the reality is it will take more horsepower to get where you want to be in terms of income earning ability. Even then there is no guarantee you’ll be able to rinse and repeat the process.

Let me explain to you why!

This 3-step system process, while it may outline the entire overview of the idea doesn’t necessarily mean anything when it comes to the actual affiliate training.

Here are some potential problems you may find yourself encountering with Extreme Wealth Mechanism:


#1 – First in order to get your hands on a legitimate noteworthy PLR product within your affiliate niche is one thing. While they do go cheap for the most-part, doesn’t mean the product will be of quality.

Usually, with PLR products sales are final once the purchase is made. Nevertheless, it’s impossible for you to know what other affiliates out there could potentially be using the same product under a different name.

#2– Even so, going about re-branding also requires some heavy work on your part in terms of artwork, creating an effective sales page, and other possible graphics.

#3 – Many people who initially begin to use this process tend to simply slap up a copy of the product onto a one time website with nothing but a simple page and a process for your buyer to purchase the product. This essentially has the potential for two additional problems: 1 – Product Content Duplication, even worse, 2 – Complete lack of Traffic!

In order to make anything, and I mean anything to happen online, especially concerning occasions that claim to allow for your ability to rinse and repeat a process for more sales, requires incoming, guaranteed flow of traffic!

Can a 3-system Process Provide You The Necessities?

Not in my book, atleast. That’s one thing I definitely know for sure. Unless you are highly experienced, have faced tremendous success as an online affiliate marketer setting up your website alone.. well that’s one whole task in itself!

Getting traffic, an even bigger and time-producing task as well!

Finally, getting your actual traffic to convert, a whole new ballpark. If you do not have the essential mentorship and coaching to do all this, I believe you are going to find using the Extreme Wealth Mechanism to be a very difficult and time-wasted endeavor.

Especially in this situation where your reliant upon your one and only PLR product. If you happen to be using the same exact copy of the sales page given to you, and is most-likely being used by even just one, or hundreds of affiliates out there, will call for Google to penalize your website giving you zero chance to rank and get your proper traffic.

Extreme Wealth Mechanism Overview

While there are more than enough reasons which make this product to look like an outright scam, I believe its important to reiterate why it is so.

Here are the facts as to why:

– Rick the owner, makes over-exaggerating and susceptible claims of how one can go about making “thousands upon thousands of dollars” a month with his system.

– While this is surely possible, it cannot be with his system as flaws within the PLR market are well-known to cause such problems. Thus, in order to make sales you have to avoid any duplication and have content that is original to your readers. Otherwise, your likelihood of achieving “automated” sales is not so likely!

– It’s also proven clear why Rick has provided a system for only a one-time $197 fee. As he has stated, all you need to do is follow a specific set of instructions, using only 3-parts, while being able to replicate everything exactly.

From my experience, replication simply never pans out to work, ever! If it’s not the consumer who is weary, well then it’s Google. This is therefore, not a system I recommend in the least. It is overpriced, and over-valued, and has proven to me as a guy trying to make a living by creating a system he could not make work for himself.

Verdict = Scam!

Rank = 10/100 

(For Effort!)

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