EZ Wealth Builder Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | April 8, 2015

Name: EZ Wealth BuilderEzWealthBuilder Review 2015: Scam Or Legit?

Website: www.ezwealthbuilder.net

Price: Free Trial – Pricing May Vary

Rank: 63/100 – Borderline Legit

What Is It?

EZ Wealth Builder was recently in prelaunch, as of January, 2015. Surprisingly enough the company has made some major strides as an MLM marketing company and has especially gained quite the leverage by its number of visitors and vastly growing promotions.

But, whether EZ Wealth Builder has been pre-maturely built around pure hype or not, is what this following review is all about. MLM schemes tend to run this way, and after the majority of individuals find themselves struggling trying to make any money with such products, is when they decide to leave it all behind.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will have a better sense of whether or not, you can use EZ Wealth Builder to your personal advantage by helping you in ‘building’ your own full-time online income.

How Much Is It?

The majority of individuals start out by joining EZ Wealth Builders Free Trial. From there you are given the option to upgrade your membership from any one of the 3 possible upgrades.

EzWealthBuilder Review 2015: Scam Or Legit?

The prices start cheap, but then rise to a more high-ticketed priced product; a popular and significant feature that can be found in todays various MLM marketing companies.

EZ Wealth Builder Membership Levels:

#1 – Free Trial (starting at $0) – You get 100 text and banner ad credits.

#2 – Starter Membership (starting at $9.99) – You get 10,000 text and banner ad credits.

#3 – Pro Membership (starting at $99) – You get 150,000 text and banner ad credits.

#4 – Master Membership (starting at $299) – You get 500,000 text and banner ad credits.

As you see, each EZ Wealth Builder membership level, gives you a certain amount of disposable text and banner ad credits.

Starting with just the very low 100 credits at the Free trial, the number takes a quick and sudden leap to 500,000; that is, half a million text and banner ad credits with the concluding Master Membership level!

In addition, each membership level will automatically place you into a 2 by 10 forced matrix system, allowing you to earn an income for each appropriate level.

What I Like About EZ Wealth Builder

#1. Typically at this point, I would call this product a flat out scam. However, its growth and hype could make for a strong case in proving me wrong. The first aspect I like about EZ Wealth Builder, is its free trial.

The majority of today’s MLM schemes won’t offer a free trial in a million years. That’s because they like to come right out with their greedy and selfish attitude. In this case, you are getting 100 free credits to try out and put to use, thus giving you a better sense and knowledge of what you’re getting into.

EzWealthBuilder Review 2015: Scam Or Legit?

#2. In addition, I like their membership pricing. It makes sense. Like many of today’s MLM products, you don’t need to go all out! If the product works for you, great. If not, time to move on and try something else.

Either way, any one can easily get started with a simple $9.99 membership, and upgrade to Master at anytime, giving you more than a handful, of text and banner ad credits. EZ Wealth Builder gives you the feeling that they know what they’re doing and what they’re offering for how much. To the more experienced, it may be highly valuable, but to others, not so much.

#3. I’m usually no fan when it comes to the use of forced matrices, positions, cycling, and all that fluff. In this case, EZ Wealth Builder seems to add this in as a side benefit.

Usually we see products that like to revolve their entire product and compensation plan around the use of a matrice, only to see it clash in the end. In this case, EZ Wealth Builder seems to do a pretty nice job, as simply adding this as icing on the cake.

What I Don’t Like About EZ Wealth Builder

#1. Similar to most MLM companies today, EZ Wealth Builder comes in strong; almost too strong, for my liking claiming to see “How Easy It Is To Build Yourself A $170,000 Income With Our Powerful Marketing Product.”

I am sure this is doable by many very highly-experienced marketers. But they likely make up the 1%. Everyone else (myself particularly included!) will have great difficulty in achieving this kind of income so quickly. Moreover, it is clear as sky, that this overly popular statement, is used for the mere purpose of attracting attention.. Who doesn’t want to make money online??

EzWealthBuilder Review 2015: Scam Or Legit?

#2. One of the strongest disagreements I have when it comes to this EZ Wealth Builder review deals with the actual product itself.. You see, this product acts as a genuine replacement for advertising services, like Google Adsense. But, in my opinion, such circulated advertisements may not ultimately reach your corrective audience.

This may be the reason to why they offer hundreds of thousands of credits for more expensive levels. Conversion rates are likely a lot lower than you would see elsewhere.. But, in the end, I guess traffic is traffic. Although, one of the most important aspects you must consider while going into this product, is knowing how well your product will convert, or even at all (especially if it is your e-mail list you are trying to grow!). Are individuals logging on there to buy a new weight loss product..? Or, are they logging on just to find one more online marketing product in the huge haystack of the other thousands they have seen?

Total Ads Served To Date = 654,662,800.. Yikes, that’s a lot of advertisements!!!

#3. The last item on this list is the absence of training. Majority of people looking to get into the MLM business NEED this.

Training is not only important for new knowledge and ideas, but even helps their sense of mind, and personality. It is so important when tackling this kind of opportunity, as it requires, more patience, and consistency, then almost any other opportunity out there! However, the rewards are substantially greater than any other.

EZ Wealth Builder Overview

Whether or not EZ Wealth Builder can be represented as a scam, is truly one tough question to answer. We can even go a long way to asking ourselves whether we are in this, because what we want is to gain a $170,000 income, starting with just 2 direct referrals.

I swear, if not for the mere use of this one statement, we may be able to move forward in making the verdict, that EZ Wealth Builder is a legitimate product offering a legitimate service.

However, that is not the case. The simple use of the tagline changes everything. Making promises it cannot keep and really undermining the face value of EZ Wealth Builder. It gives you that kind of vibe that maybe these advertising credits are essentially useless as they’re being shown to a completely inappropriate audience.

Nonetheless, atleast EZ Wealth Builder is built around the one most important aspect of all when it comes to this kind of marketing: Traffic! Traffic is the true king, foundation and underlying basis of where the majority of your success will spawn from as an online marketer. In my opinion EZ Wealth Builders shortcut, simply won’t cut it for most. As a result, I would much more highly recommend seeing you become a part of My #1 Product of all time – Wealthy Affiliate!

I will leave you off by giving you my sincere hopes of you joining the best program for you needs; not for money alone, but for the road ahead, and for you to have success in whichever product you choose to assist you :)

Thanks for reading my EZ Wealth Builder Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, regarding anything, please leave them below!

2 thoughts on “EZ Wealth Builder Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Larry McKay

    It is an was a scam lost every dollar I had invested. When I complained my account was deleted

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Larry, thanks for sharing your experience on EZ Wealth Builder. Wasn’t a big fan of the services being offered either. Not to mention their income claims weren’t very genuine.


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