Fast Income App Review – What’s This All About?

By | July 10, 2015

Fast Income App ScamName: Fast Income App


Owner: Jon and K

Price: “Free” With a Catch

Rank: Scam!

What Is It?

Fast Income App is a binary trading product claiming to help you make $1000’s by trading alone. In-fact the lady in the video even goes on to claim that she made $1.6 million in the last year and that it’s not even a lot of cash.

More importantly, she tells us that the platform does not even involve trading! Something I found to be ironic, given the disclosure below which states otherwise. My advice is to stay far away from Fast Income App as it is nothing more than another binary scam.. A type of scam that has now infiltrated just about every corner of the internet.

From showing off fancy cars to big mansions, the Fast Income App uses nothing but shiny objects to lure you in like a fish. Don’t take the bait!

How Much Is It?

This is something that we see over and over again. They claim that this app is completely free only to find out that you need a $250 deposit just to get started.

Fast Income App Scam

This deposit is then taken and dispersed into various binary trades with no guarantees that you’ll win.


How It Works?

With binary trading, you can either win or lose. It’s pretty much a 50/50 chance. The more you trade, the more you’re going to see that you’ll lose as much as you win. It doesn’t matter what “app” or “software” your using.. And it doesn’t matter which trades you put your money on.

The fact here is simple. These binary trades are so volatile, and so short-term in nature, that it’s impossible to go on a winning streak. The Fast Income App tries to claim that its software can minimize these risks and increase your chances of winning. By using this software, which is completely fake by the way and does nothing more but take your money, you can profit.

Unfortunately, time and time has shown again that these types of softwares only lose you money.

So Why Are They Promoting It?

The owner Joe has created the Fast Income App for the sole purpose and intent of his own selfish greed. He has no intention in helping you make money. His only desire is to see you deposit that first $250.

By doing so, guess what?

He makes and takes about 75% of the commissions. You end up losing, while he ends up walking away with your money. The reason Joe has created the Fast Income App likely stems from the fact that he himself had struggled trying to make money the binary options market. As a result, he’s now exploiting the binary trading market by selling you his own BS product.

Fast Income App Overview

In short, the Fast Income App is nothing more than another online marketing scam. It’s outrageous claims and flashy use of cars in the video should serve as proof that this presentation is nothing more than a lie.

Binary options alone is not even a reliable nor effective way to making money online. It’s more of a gamble than anything. Your chances of winning are just as great as losing and barely anyone walks away with a profit in hand. All it consists of is you guessing which way a trade is going to go. It is impossible to predict this and the Fast Income App’s claim to do so is something we see time and time again in the online world.

If you want to make a legitimate online income, check out My #1 Recommendation. This will help get you started on the right foot without having to worry about being wrongfully scam. Fast Income App is just something I would never endorse because I fully know and believe that these types of softwares and scams can never do you any good.


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