Fast Money Method Review – Smells Like a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme!

By | July 28, 2015

Name: Fast Money MethodFast Money Method Scam Review


Owner: Jacob McAvoy

Price: “Free with a catch”

Rank: Scam!

What Is It?

One of the things that annoys me most with the Fast Money Method by Jacob McAvoy is the fact he introduces the product to us going on and on about how he’s been able to earn a $20,000 income with some simple software. The fact he doesn’t even go into detail about how he went about making this income online makes this product seem that much more skeptical.

The Fast Money Method uses a method that is actually getting increasingly popular these days. It’s called, binary trading and there have been loads of scams online attempting to exploit this market with their secret softwares, tricks, and loopholes into an industry that is way too secure.

How Much Is It?

To get involved with the Fast Money Method you’ll need some startup capital. More specifically, anyone who is looking to get started in the binary trading industry, you will usually need a minimum $250 investment just to get started.

How It Works?

In simple words, anything that sounds or looks to good to be true is usually the case.Yes, they don’t promise you’ll make millions, but a $20k monthly salary is close enough to what sounds like a get rich quick scheme.Fast Money Method Scam Review

Nonetheless, here is what I’ve been waiting to show you..

Fast Money Method Scam Review

This image is from a recently released product, titled the Apple Mobile Bot by the same exact owner! You would think promoting one product that scam people from their money is enough. But in this case, he is doing nothing more than drilling down on trading and making money trading on Apple.

The reality here is that it doesn’t matter what you choose to trade and it doesn’t make a difference what “software” you attempt to use!

Regardless of the trades you make, this attempt to try and predict in which way the stock is going to go is impossible. The market is just so short-term and volatile in nature, no one or software can increase your chances of making an income in the binary trading market.

Furthermore, the fact that the same exact individual has made a new product based on trading just comes to show how he has been unable to successfully profit with binary trading. This also comes to show that he is using other consumers and individuals to profit by earning a commission by becoming your binary broker overtime you make a deposit.

Fast Money Method Overview

We usually see the same people creating and promoting the same old binary marketing scams. In this case, we see atleast two instances of Jacob McAvoy trying to lure people into his binary schemes either through promising you fast cash or by trading with Apple.

The main issue here lies within the fact that he completely avoids explaining that you can essentially lose your entire $250 deposit in a flash. Can you make money? Sure, but the chances of losing are just as likely and that is the biggest catch when it comes to these binary products.

I personally like to rely on earning a steady stream of income. Sure, it requires some work and its not exactly a way to get rich quick, but it works! I’ve written a full review on a product I’ve been using for almost 2 years now, and recommend it above and beyond any other online product I have seen to date.

Thanks for reading this Fast Money Method Scam Review. If you’ve had any experience with this product or would simply like to leave a comment, please do so below.


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