FastCash.Biz Won’t Help You Trade Better!

By | February 21, 2016

Name: Fast Cash


Price: “Free” with a catch

Type: Binary Options & Trading

Rank: 0/100 – Scam.


What Is It?

This latest binary trading product called FastCash.Biz claims to hold the secrets to unlimited wealth, hence the name Fast Cash Biz. It isn’t surprising they’ve come up with a name like Fast Cash. It almost screams out “get rich quick scheme” right away and is nevertheless, a product that I find to be devious in its tactics and misleading with its information.

This system basically consists of a binary trading product that claims to predict binary trading signals to let you in on which options are the best to trade on. But is Fast Cash Biz legit ,and can it make you money? While you can certainly make money with binary trading, Fast Cash Biz isn’t going to help you do that because it’s software is totally bogus, along with all the fake testimonials that go along with the product.


How Much Is It?

The first area this product tries to get you in on is the price. They claim that you can sign-up completely free, when in-fact you really need to pay a $250 minimum deposit in order to fund your account and begin trading. It’s unbelievable how far these guys go in trying to convince you that the product is legitimate. Just take a look at the testimonials and fake checks.

FastCash.Biz isn’t the only product of its kind to do this. There are binary schemes all over the internet similar to Fast Cash Biz that try and guarantee you that same thing. Sure the software itself might be free to use, but you’ll still need to make a minimum $250 deposit. They even claim to give you a $10,000 matching bonus to trade with. But that’s only assuming you put up $10,000 out of your own pocket. Isn’t it also ironic how the software itself is supposedly free, when they make claims of it being able to turn you into a millionaire?


99% Success Rate?

But more importantly, Fast Cash Biz claims to be earning the average person $10,000 a day. What they don’t tell you are the many risks involved within binary trading and that this result is in no way typical. Even though you can make money with binary trading, you can lose just as much, if not more. In order to make money with binary trading, you need to put up money. It’s a risky situation that binary products like Fast Cash have done a pretty good job exploiting.

Fast Cash Biz is explicitly lying to us telling us here that their software is 99% accurate. Just about every binary trading product I have seen to date tries to claim they have the best trading software out there. The truth here is that every one of these binary trading softwares are exactly the same. There isn’t the slightest difference between any one of them.

In addition, these softwares cannot predict any binary signals. The only thing these binary softwares are good at doing is taking your money and dispersing them on trades for you.. In other words, FastCash.Biz won’t be making you any “fast cash” anytime soon.


FastCash.Biz Red Flags

Fast Cash Biz has a number of red flags that are worth pointing out and really point to the fact it’s a complete scam.

#1. User Testimonials – Claims that it can make you millions of dollars in only 90 days time, which is a huge red flag of the Fast Cash Biz system. Any product that tries to claim it can earn you millions in just a few months only means that you’re more than likely going to lose money with the product.

#2. “2 Fast Cash Biz Spots Left”- Why would there only be 2 spots left and how come every time I’ve revisited the site, it tells me the same exact thing. It’s nothing more than a marketing ploy to instill a fear of loss. It’s pushing you into thinking you should buy it soon before it sells out. But don’t worry, the product isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

#3. Activating Your Broker Account – This is the biggest red flag of all insisting that you join with their broker account. This is what really solidifies the fact that Fast Cash Biz is a scam and the reason why is because this where you’d be depositing that $250. In-turn, because you signed up with Fast Cash Biz as your binary broker, they resultantly end up with a nice hefty commission on each and every deposit you make.


Can It Make You “Fast Cash”?

To summarize this product, it does not have the capability nor resources to earn you a legitimate income. In-fact the majority of binary trading products I have seen promising to make you quick cash, always ends up in bad news. Binary trading itself is a very difficult way of making money and can be seen as nothing more than a 50/50 gamble.

It’s easy to see why so many binary products have come out in recent years and that’s due to the number of individuals who end up losing with the system. Turning to a product like Fast Cash isn’t going to help you recoup your costs or become a millionaire in 90 days.  It’s no different then products promising to make you money at the push of a button, claiming you don’t need any experience at all. In other words, this one is a scam that should be avoided at all costs.

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