Feeder Matrix Scam Review: How Does It Work – Turn $1 Into $100,000?

By | December 15, 2014
Product: Feeder Matrix
Website: feedermatrix.com
Price: $1.95
Overall Rank: 40/100

In today’s review we’ll be covering one of our cheapest online earning products yet, feedermatrix. My review of this opportunity was inspired from the very beginnings of my online marketing venture only 2-years ago. While I never found myself being so privy to this company, I was becoming increasingly fond of feedermatrix.

The more online marketing techniques I became aware of the more I came across a particular growth in the many feedermatrix teams; growth that had been spurred by many unique Facebook Groups, other social media forms of advertising, and feedermatrix blogs that have made their sole effort and focus on this company.

Nonetheless, we’ll be going over the pro’s and con’s of feeder matrix, what the opportunity has to offer, its sustainability, and myunbiased overview of the feedermatrix company.

Feeder Matrix Review: Use Of a 4 by 4 Matrix System

I believe that Feeder Matrix may as well have become one of the very first matrix systems I was introduce to online. However, I never truly understood how a matrix system worked until I later joined a similar but yet different opportunity – GlobalAdShare.

The way it works is very dependent upon a downline system, meaning you earn off of your highly consistent ability to recruit and train your referrals.

Part of the reason I stayed away from joining Feeder Matrix was its very low cost. Much of my intuition led me to believe that joining an opportunity for only a buck seventy five would be a total waste of time, hope, and money. Below are some con’s I’ve listed:

1 – The cheap cost of Feedermatrix gave me a sense it would most-likely be some kind of scam.

2 – Being so new to the internet marketing world I was still learning how to make a strong online presence – thus without a successful blog, website, or even a youtube channel that was getting much views I realized how immensely tough it would be to make a living or income out of Feedermatrix.

3 – Sustainability. This became a huge and personally growing accepting factor when it came to my choosing of which opportunities to avoid and which to accept.

Feedermatrix gave me the impression it would not be sustainable at all and that the result, if I were to be successful with it, was that the company might not have the proper funds to pay out. Thus, my reason for the avoidance altogether of Feeder Matrix.

Feedermatrix Claims:

By spending $1.75 you can simply turn this into $100,000.

While this does not sound like such a bad idea, is this as realistic as Feedermatrix claims it to be?

Nonetheless, by simply recruiting “340 members into your downline,” your total Feedermatrix earnings would come out to be $99,447 in profit!

An Online Earning Alternative: My #1 Recommendation!


Is this legit? Lets look at Feedermatrix Downline and Compensation Plan:

Feeder Matrix 1st Stage:
– Your 1st Tier Pays: 4 Recruits x $1.75 each = $7
– Your 2nd Tier: 16 Recruits x $5 = $80
– Your 3rd Tier: 64 Recruits x $10= $640
– Your 4th Tier: 256 Recruits x $20= $5120

Once your 1st stage of Feeder Matrix is complete, the referrals from your downline thus enter into the 2nd stage.

This is where things might get a bit confusing and tricky. So I will do my best to give you a gist on understanding how it works.

Once you have recruited your first four referrals, you must immediately upgrade your position to the 2nd tier in order to get paid by your referrals. Thus, as their sponsor you have to pay $5 from the initial $7 you earned in tier 1. Now in order to continue to earn in your 2nd tier your referrals from tier one must do the same thing.

However, since your recruits are still in the 1st tier you must be willing to also help each of your 4 also recruit 4 additional people. As soon as 1 of your recruits finishes tier 1, and moves down to level 2, is when you must upgrade to level 2. Therefore, he or she must also be willing to pay $5 along with you to keep him or her from bypassing you and going up to the sponsor above you.

Hence, you must continually recruit and make sure to upgrade before your downline upgrades to avoid being skipped.

So now say your initial 4 recruits have managed to get 4 more each, that equals 16 total recruits x $5 each in the 2nd tier, equals your $80 in profit. This however, is still all dependent upon the fact that those 16 referrals will decide to upgrade to level 2.

After that is complete, you upgrade to level 3, costing you $10, which goes up three levels in your upline -> Sponsor #3 Earns Your $10 -> Sponsor #2 -> Sponsor #1 – That is the person who ultimately referred you. Hence, that is in basic terms how Feeder Matrix works and is thus, a lot more complicated as you can see now, then at first sight.

How Do You Earn In Tier 3 (Example #3: Feeder Matrix Earnings):

Works like this:

Essentially you will earn $10 from the referrals made by your first 2 Tier Referrals. So that would be equivalent to your 4 referrals x their 16 referrals= 64 people who have now decided to upgrade to level 3 of Feeder Matrix. $10 x 64 Upgraded = $640.

As you see the payouts become much higher as the ability for you to get your downline to consistently recruit essentially becomes increasingly difficult:

Feeder Matrix 2nd Stage:
1st Tier: 4 Recruits x $40 = $160
2nd Tier: 16 Recruits x $80=$1,280
3rd Tier: 64 Recruits $160=$10,240
4th Tier: 256 Recruits x $320=$81,920

Hence, total compensation would result in approximately $99,500.

Now while this may seem like a truly attractive opportunity, there are as always strings bound to be attached. You see with Feeder Matrix, and similar to many MLM products out there, much of your reliance on earnings depend much more upon your sole ability to recruit, which for one thing I believe is very tough in itself.

An Online Earning Alternative: My #1 Recommendation!


Second, you must realize that most people you refer to Feedermatrix won’t be as serious as you might want them to be. The end result is that you end up finding yourself quite alone as you try and start building up your team.


Feeder Matrix Team Build Opportunity

As with any network marketing opportunity, Feedermatrix puts you in charge of building a reliable team – one that is willing to go above and beyond. Thus, solid recruitment of high quality referrals do not only depend only on yourself and ability, but upon every single recruit as well.

So while you may be able to get 1 out of 20 who have the capability in recruiting many people for your downline, the chances of him or her training those people in the proper fashion and getting them to continue in completing your downline can be exceedingly hard… and for the most part out of your hands!

Therefore, in order to succeed with Feedermatrix, you must be truly devoted and truly willing to have a marketing plan in place.

Yes, the compensation structure here truly makes it look so much easier than it really pans out to be, as a person will need to create potentially a facebook group, or maybe a weekly webinar, something that will properly motivate your team of recruits to go out there and do the same thing you’ve done and are teaching them.

Without that ability, the truth is you won’t find yourself going very far. I find that in many of the cases with Feedermatrix it is the low $1.75 cost that makes people simply purchase and leave immediately as soon as they figure out how much harder it is in reality.

Hence, the reason for Feeder Matrix and its sustainability to this day!

My Opinion Of Feeder Matrix & Overview

Nonetheless, I truly disapprove of Feedermatrix in their disclosure of telling people how simple the opportunity is. But, not merely by telling, just by even showing that by spending $1.75 you have a potential 6-figure opportunity at hand. Thus, allowing for its years of sustainability.

Question is, whether Feedermatrix is a scam or legit way of earning?

My Overview on Feedermatrix is as follows:

Verdict: Legit- Not Recommended
Rank: 40/100

The rank could have been higher, if not for the program itself and great lack of essential resources and tools. There is essentially no training whatsoever involved in the opportunity. Hence, in order to earn you must have everything implemented yourself; that means how you expect to train each of your recruits, a platform that can continually recruit people, and essentially your own online marketing structure to give your Feeder Matrix referrals the incentive and motivation to basically follow your lead.

The product at hand here is thus, intentionally geared towards online newbies since the Feedermatrix company already knows and are aware of the high failure rate, and low consumer retention percentage. It is no surprise that people barely find themselves making it past the second, even very first tier level.

An Online Earning Alternative: My #1 Recommendation!

To conclude, Feeder Matrix gives you the mere sensation that all you really have to do is get people to sign-up and earn. But I believe it to be much more than that, which becomes the cause for concern. It’s the whole ability to train, and persistently communicate with your recruits that really makes this opportunity seem essentially more impossible than one might initially think.

Thanks for reading, and feel more than free to leave any comment or question below for me to answer!

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12 thoughts on “Feeder Matrix Scam Review: How Does It Work – Turn $1 Into $100,000?

  1. Tomas Bishop

    One day I was chilling and my dad came home telling me about an opportunity our neighbor recommended. It happened to be Feeder Matrix!

    I thought since it was a neighbor recommending it, it might be something worth joining.

    I looked at it and it all sounded perfect. Of course I was down for turning $1.75 into $100,000

    Did i get close to making that much? No, not at all. In fact, I didn’t make a dime. I didn’t know how hard it would actually be getting sign ups. I just thought I could talk to a few friends on Facebook and things would take off.

    Feeder Matrix isn’t beginner friendly and in my opinion is a pyramid scheme. Don’t expect any type of help from Feeder Matrix, all they have for you is some ads to post around on the internet. I really wish it was as easy as copying and pasting ads everywhere, but it’s not.

    $1.75 down the drain :(

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I know right! That’s how I felt as well when I first started internet marketing. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Turns out I was wrong and to legitimately make money online, you need a product that’s legitimate.

      The problem with Feeder Matrix is that it doesn’t teach you the process of going about and getting those sign-ups. Simply posting ads around the internet definitely does not work. At-least it was only $1.75. But as you said, Feeder Matrix could be considered a pyramid scheme as your $1.75 basically just goes to the person above you and so on.

  2. Sandi

    Peter, you’d done a great job breaking it down and showing that Feeder Matrix is just another MLM that involves so much complexity, selling to friends and family, scamming others and to me, it’s not worth it. I can imagine it would be incredibly hard to find enough downline who are willing to scam their friends and family in order to make anything from this scam.

  3. Al

    Hey Peter, thanks for your comprehensive explanation of FeederMatrix. The very definition of a pyramid scheme if there ever was one!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Al, I most certainly agree with you. Feeder Matrix makes the opportunity sound SO much more easier and legitimate than it actually truly is. Can’t believe this company is still alive! Must be all the extremely cheap $1.75 payments that makes it so attractive to people.

  4. Srijan Bhardwaj

    Hi Peter! It’s a great article. You have covered all the aspects of the Feeder Matrix! I loved your post! I am bookmarking your site right now!

    All the best for your future endeavors! :D

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Srijan!

      That’s so greatly appreciated.. I am flattered by your compliments and am glad to help you better understand how this company works. With that said, I believe this company is not worth $1.75, let alone a single penny :)

      Thank you so much for wishing me the best, as I wish you nothing but success as well!


  5. Nicolas Ganea

    picking wealthy affiliate helped me really build my own website, and even when I am stuck, there is always someone standing by to help.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good to know Nicolas, things are going so well.

      Do you have an opinion on my Feeder Matrix Review?

      Was it helpful..? Could I have done better?

      Thank You Nicolas!

      Keep up the good work, you’re def. heading in the right direction :)

  6. Muriel

    Hi Peter. Great article you wrote. I love how you broke everything down in easy to understand content. This product makes me think of the so-called pyramid schemes.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Muriel. Greatly appreciate it. Yes, Feeder Matrix is certainly one of those Multi-Level Marketing opportunities, at its most finest. It truly has become the epitome of what you have described as a pyramid scheme. Essentially it offers nothing but a potential opportunity of earning, but without no compatibly training, resources, or tools. I really do not recommend it!


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